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  1. I completely agree. It's not like we are comparing who's better with PMY. Some fans just take it too far. Can we just all get along and respect each other's fandom? BTW the bts is so cuuute! I wish it was longer though. I miss LaBit so much that all I had to do was check this thread then rewatch and repeat the cycle LOL
  2. Will definitely read it for sure! Rewatching the episodes now because I miss them sooo much. Is there any news about the DVD?
  3. I just finished watching the finale! As always they never failed us and that kiss in the end! Very beautiful. It showed how happy they are and made us fans of this drama share with their joy too. Very pleased with how it turned out. Can't believe it's over but the memories will surely live on! Found new friends here in the forum that share the same fangirling ways as I am, not to mention stalking the page LOL. It has been a wonderful journey for all of us! I know they won't be able to read this but I thank all the casts, director, producer and the mastermind of their pairing! May you be blessed a hundred years for bringing us LaBit and making us giddy! I hope there's another BTS for the last ep!
  4. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode! Have you guys seen this vid? It's so beautifully made I actually thought it was real LOL https://youtu.be/C5vTB4fVmyo This! I thought this scene was so real that I don't know if it is still acting. That kiss looked way too natural. Gonna miss these cuties when the drama's finished
  5. The BTS got me blushing lol. I always live for the bts and wipin each other's tears lipstick etc. How would I recover from withdrawal from this two next week
  6. I'm happy with how this episode turned out. Not complaining about the bed scene etc. I think the essence of the episode is about Ryan and his mom-at least they're not siblings as I thought they would be lol. But on a serious note, if we think about it the whole Ryan and Mom thing wasn't too draggy and there were just answers straight away. I don't complain about DM and RG being intimate since their relationship is much deeper than that. I would not get my hopes up on the remaining episodes but as an avid viewer I would support whatever outcome that they're going to show and appreciate all their efforts in making this show worth watching. As I have mentioned before we've all been spoiled with the kisses and sweetness they've shown but the drama is bringing us much more. But dang KJW is so damn hot I want one for myself
  7. Yeah i feel like SA is adopted and is DM's brother. My mind is so blown lol
  8. Great ep! Confrontation scene was intense. I hope everything will be resolved at tonight's ep and not leave us hanging for another week. We've been pampered so much with kisses hugs and cutesy scenes in the past eps that it's not a complete ep without it . Anyway, when can we get these lovebirds say their I Love You's?! Been waiting since forever LOL
  9. Hope someone can help us get through the page so we can increase orders for the dvd. This pic is soooo cute!!
  10. Couldn't agree more! When I first followed him around ep 3-4 his followers in IG was 446k. I'm sure after showing that he can do Rom-Com apart from all the other genres he can do effortlessly, He'll gain more fans (I kinda regret not religiously stalking him prior to HPL). And I know there was a post here somewhere that includes him, PMY and the show on the popularity thing (Please enlighten me) Pardon my overthinking, but in 1:01,Maybe it was just me but I felt like it was not part of the script at all. https://youtu.be/Vwquy42RBVs
  11. Tried changing thru vpns but still won't work. It might have been deleted? Anyway i'll just rewatch the raw vid for now. Can't get enough of these two cuties
  12. Hi, I can't seem to find the vids Is there any way I could watch it or is it a private vid?
  13. Gosh I love this couple an awful lot! So much chemistry with these two, and the way MY pushed him on the couch and their adlibs are so heart fluttering
  14. Gahhh the bts is so short though I know it's 4 mins! We can clearly see their oozing chemistry and their cute adlibs! Still not enough to make me survive til next wed though LOL I felt like the 1st half of the drama was all about Deokmi and the 2nd half for Ryan which is all good for us at least they aren't just showing the problem of one's character like other dramas do. Hopefully everything will be resolved smoothly, the suspense is killing me but I love it!
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