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  1. Been busy with life but still lurking here. Not much I can say, you guys has wrapped up everything I wanted to say. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I trusted KJW choice for his 1st - and watched 16 episodes of the drama - though the genre is not my cup of tea. HPL has been a light story with a cliche plot. However the director/writer managed to make it so refreshing. Thanks to our lead and the team to be able to pull each scene as if we're watching the reality show. And like Ryan Gold, I learn so much here, like lead fan service, watching BTS and "ship" the lead I would love to see KJW in a project like Great Teacher Onizuka, and PMY in something like Power Office Girl (I was one of those J drama fans!!!). I know they can rock this kind of role.
  2. Yes, I recommend you to watch Voice 1. You will never forget this dashing, hot & sexy psychopath, Mo Tae Gu! You may watch The Guest as well and you'll fall in love with father Mateo. Can't wait for the movie sequel for The Guest. Back to HPL, I strongly believe the ad-lib was by mutual consent. Both have so much respect towards each other and professional, which I doubt KJW will ad-lib and put PMY in surprise.
  3. It's a thin line between real and reel. Actors are normal people, sometimes they got carried away with their role. The kisses, of course, KJW (as Ryan Gold). This freaking hot guy even looking hot & sexy while kissing and hug a guy. Just wanna share, KJW has been very detail in interpreting his role. That is why we can see, his whole body is in sync with the scene and his character. Look at his eyes, it speaks volume, not to forget his other body language. And thank god, PMY plays it well. Like all said she is rom-com queen. ' And I like the actress who plays Choi Da In here. I think she is a good 2nd lead. The way she delivers her character is so neutral.
  4. Hello everyone, Finally decided to de-lurking. All this while I just read Soompi without an account. But this show really makes my heart flutter and STS everytime I remember their scene. Actually, I am not a rom-com fan. I am invested in more serious drama or crime action drama. The reason I started this drama is because of KJW. He was my crush during coffee prince and I've been following him since then (not really a die hard fan, but more to love him crafts). He is one of the rare artist if I could say - free spirited artist. He knows what he wants and would not go against his heart. As his follower, I believe he received many lead role offer before. But maybe this role really open his heart to try and BOOOMMM he becomes the epitome of k-drama hero. Ryan Gold represented K-drama male lead that I would always want - full of respect and with a superb EQ and KJW portrayed it very well till last 10th episode. While PMY compliment him well. I used to see her in Healer and yes, she is good. I don't really familiar with her, however, I'm so happy both work well and here we have splendid chemistry from both our lead. And for the longest kiss that they had..................... Ahem, it's feeling real tho. This is what two mature people in reality do. When I said mature, yes, it should be 30s If you took it as a lust, well love & lust always come together dear. So thank you KJW & PMY for expressing it very REAL
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