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  1. What an episode was that! I’m so glad KYW was released but seriously DS needs to stop I mean is she that stupid to realise he does not want to be with her, she’s literally trying to force a relationship with him HUNNI YOUR MARRIAGE IS NOT VALID ANYMORE MOVE ON! Ugh what is Im Miran planning now she’s a coward, she ran away and is now chilling eating food like nothing happened, why can’t she just go to jail and serve for her crimes like normal people if she is feeling so sorry and keeps apologising. Now I can see DS going even crazier, both parents making siblings go beyond crazy I mean KI isn’t that bad but he is completely loosing his senses and I fear we will see a completely different side to him especially now that his dad is gone. Still I can’t get over the fact how both siblings are so shameless the way they’re acting you’d think they are full siblings, I mean neither of them willing to move out from the houses even after all their parents done nope want to stay and ruin people’s lives more. Like ugh I want to dislike KI but there’s still some good left in him but it’s slowly disappearing. Also, love how when Ji Min goes home there’s paparazzi but when KYW comes they all gone like okay that was quick. We have 10 episodes left we still don’t know and what still needs to happen: -What Mr Jung is hiding about KYW dad -What is Miss Jang hiding (the housekeeper lady) she obviously got something -How they planning to get SW and KI divorced - DS needs to leave KYW the hell alone -Im Miran and KI dad need to be punished -SW and KYW need to finally get back together!!
  2. What an episode! I swear DS and KI both acting psychotic still have hope for KI, but DS seems to have completely lost all senses... like TY JUST KICK HER OUT!! Another amazing episode for Ji Min and Grandpa moments they’re so cute together grandpa seems to care a lot about Ji Min and vice versa.. I’m glad that grandpa went to see his grandson TY I really hope with time they will manage to work things out, he seems to be regretting what he did to TY or more like what he told Choi to do! Now that everyone knows the full truth there needs to be some action, TY needs to get yangji group, SW needs to get divorced, Miran and Choi need to get punished! JE she’s a wicked witch, her friends seems to be nice though. If you’re married you shouldn’t be going around trying to keep your ex love from marrying other people, I mean you got better things to do like looking after your son!
  3. Ah yes Left Handed wife that was one stressful drama as well! I always try and see a good side, KNJ did end up redeeming himself in the end especially after all the evil things he did. I’m sure KI will redeem himself too unlike KNJ who started with a revenge plan on his mum, KI wasn’t actually a bad person he even wanted to confess to his mum about the switch but SW and his dad in a way brought out a different side to him. It still seems like he hasn’t lost the good in him, but we will just have to wait and see what happens. DS is a lost cause now while KI can still change
  4. Can’t believe how selfish KI is becoming I get it he’s hurt because he’s been deceived but I mean seriously you know what your dad is capable of, it’s like saying he’s okay with Ji Min and SW getting murdered like Mr Hwang DS is having a bad influence on her brother! The whole family is so messed up I really want Ki to redeem himself I believe he is able to change but his relatives keep messing it up...
  5. Just watched the new episode in subs ugh this drama is just sooo frustrating! Absolutely hate DS she’s crazy, she seriously seems like a sociopath now, no sense of remorse or anything she thinks she’s entitled to keep TY! Can’t he like kick her out of the house or something they aren’t married anymore just get her out of there she should live on the streets with her mom without taking any of the stuff she bought of TY money! Also JE telling everything to DS is just so manipulative I mean girl you’re married let KI be some women be all crazy especially in these dramas! Let TY and SW be we don’t have many episodes left I’m so glad the grandfather knows everything Ji Min is so intelligent though precious bean hopefully nothing happens to him and his mother KI just put them in danger once again I really don’t think his father will just let them live in the house without getting a divorce, he knows his dad is capable of murder I mean he tried killing TY and with the use of himself and his mother the killed Me Hwang which is horrible... I really want to see how everything plays out but at the moment I’m just so frustrated nothing is getting resolved at least now everyone knows who the real grandson is now, I loved how shook the good troop was that TY knew about the DNA test after all they are the regulars at the DNA clinic they should start the hair pulling business and get those DNA results for everyone true professionals
  6. Why the hell is DS always standing by the door does she have nothing better to do with her life literally someone walks in she’s by the door
  7. For some weird reason I’ve got a feeling that SW will end up getting pregnant again but OTY like he said he wanted a proper family so I think they’ll have more children. I know the doctor said that she can’t have anymore kids but miracles happen especially in K drama world
  8. I love how you keep calling her Duck but you’re right about the difference about the brother and sister and the main leads they aren’t selfish like them I mean they are super clingy hiring photographers to track them
  9. Miran needs to just go now she wants DS to get pregnant again so TY wouldn’t leave her! This is beyond a joke now has she not realised what she done she already ruined TY life now she wants to force him to stay with her horrible daughter too! I’m intrigued what Ms Yangs true intentions are she said that she thinks Choi is a horrible person so clearly she doesn’t really want to side with him. SW mother in law is also absolutely horrible HE JUST LOST A CHILD AND YOU GO AND HIT HIM!!! Then she goes and hits her daughter in law too, if her lover was still alive but she still had to marry a guy she doesn’t love bet she would behave like SW have lost all respect I had for her. Honestly, TY you don’t need a family like that full of contradictory, horrible people I mean the grandad ordered to kill him so could say a murderer too. SW and TY should just take Ji Min and move far away from everyone. See that bear that the kid was holding for some reason I think it may have a listening device in it if it was gifted by Ms Yang or have a camera in, may be far stretched but it just seemed weird how he was looking at it. ugh can’t wait for next week I need SW and TY to fight together! It was so nice how she stood up for him in your face Ki! And that little lunch talk they are growing closer together they truly love each other something KI and DS won’t have due to their parents evil deeds.
  10. From the preview it does seem that TY is going to be talking to Mr Jung, honestly everything seems so messy right now don’t know what to expect Thank you @dramaninja for always posting previews, I can never find them when I try looking! From the videos posted looks like todays episode is full of action TY bio mum is absolutely horrible slapping both SW and TY! She’s so going to regret that, SW though absolutely love her go girl protect your man stand up for him the look on KI’s face though hunni she never loved you, she obviously going to protect the love of her life instead of supporting you
  11. That’s too long I need SW and TY just to be together already it’s so frustrating especially now considering he feels like everyone he loved has left him this is the perfect time to for SW to show TY that she does still love him and it was all for revenge. I don’t think TY will be able to take any revenge right now in his state of mind he’s not even looking after the company so I’m honestly not sure what route he can take now, yeah they will probably go away planning something and come back with something good to take them down. However, there’s also Ms Yang who seems to be hiding something and buying shares at the companies so I’m sure she’s up to something too.
  12. So finally TY is finding out the truth about his mother in law and that his wife lied to him which is going to give him for divorce. Also, everything is in set for KI’s succession so that’s not long till they get a divorce either then, however I do not think KI will be too please divorcing SW he is obsessed with her so that will be interesting. Now, TY and SW need to get closer as @joan0528 mentioned SW is unable to have kids, but I think she will end up having another child with TY and that child will be a girl foreshadowing the fact that Ji Min wanted a baby sister, at the time we all thought that’s Set Bul but maybe that will be another child between our pair. Lets not forget TY still has Sun Holdings and if SW wants to rebuild the group she will have to do it with TY and his company because let’s face it she will have nothing after divorce she is not from a rich family and will not have power nor the money to do any serious damage without getting herself or her son killed. Excited to see what happens in today’s episode all I know is that the grandfather and TY biological mum will regret everything they did. I’m surprised that his mum is not questioning her husband about lying to her that he doesn’t know who SW past boyfriend was. Also, everyone seems to talk so loud in that house also surprising how no one heard all the secrets yet. Overall need TY and SW back together they have been separated for far too long even in Left Handed Wife they had more cute moments and got together quickly.
  13. It makes me furious how they celebrated the child’s death as the means of winning shimmi foods that was disgusting I can’t wait to see the real revenge from TY unravel, after he learns the truth about Ji Min and SW well he sure as hell won’t want to be part of that family it will take a long time for the mother and grandfather to earn his forgiveness because sure they had no idea he’s their relative but that’s not a way to treat people even if you’re not related the whole family is wicked. I want SW and TY to team up and finally take revenge because what we seen so far was barely anything from their side now TY has nothing to loose and SW needs to get the hell away from there and get her son back
  14. Just got around to watching today’s episode, honestly heartbreaking although I’m not DS biggest fan I felt really sorry for her can’t imagine the pain of loosing your child. But the worst is for TY he seemed truly heartbroken he lost everything he loved the most first it was nearly his life then seeing the women he loves marrying to his enemy’s family, then marrying a women he doesn’t love and then loosing the one person he loved and adored dearly his daughter. I knew it from the start that his child will somehow now survive ever since DS found out she is pregnant as they had to create an opening for unleashing TY full revenge and allow him and SW be together. SW and TY already seem to be getting closer especially in that last scene she hesitated at first but she couldn’t help but embrace the love of her life when he is grieving, I do not think he would’ve allowed DS to be near him while he’s grieving. SW crying also shows the deep connection she has to TY and how horrible she feels about what has happened. KI absolutely hate him! Now he is going around taking her passports that’s theft I mean it’s not his! His attitude is also disgusting the way he spoke about getting rid of Ji Min like it was nothing was honestly sickening just to shut SW up. KI mother is also horrible I mean it’s a past boyfriend you can’t force feelings she should know this better than anyone. What an absolute contradiction especially since she married a guy she didn’t love either and was in love with her past boyfriend but no one treated her horribly or taken away her son! Mirin can not stand her made me angry when she lied to Ji Min about TY last episode, but the way she’s keeping so many secrets and still communicating with that idiot is unbelievable! I guess that was her karma...
  15. That’s true, but TY isn’t technically after the group he wants to take them down he has Sun Holdings which is doing well and in Left Handed wife all they had was Aura group Also, KI needs to realise he’s never going to be a lion he always seemed a little slow and not very intelligent so I'm not sure how he thinks he can be a lion, maybe be like his father an evil person who won’t have a happy ending. I have previously seen people discussing how DS hasn’t done anything wrong in regards sleeping with TY while he was intoxicated and was calling out for SW. In my opinion DS is extremely selfish she did take advantage of a man if a women had done the same thing and pretended to be okay the next day everyone would be hating on them saying what they did was wrong etc but because she’s a women people think it is okay. Yes, TY may of not said anything but he did seem uncomfortable afterwards. Also, when TY asked her not to look for his mum she selfishly said she needs to because she’s trying to understand her mother she didn’t do that for TY but for herself. Also, she constantly seems to be jealous of her daughter she even admitted that as long as she has SB TY won’t leave her. In my opinion she’s a horrible person may be a family trait seeing her mother and brother are all the same. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. SW character seems to be very complex she has had to make so many decisions that were not the smartest. However, she lost the love of her life because of someone’s greed and then found out she is pregnant she had to act quickly while going through grief at the same time, although I do not agree most her choices were positive, but everything she done was for the love, love for TY and her son. She dedicated her life helping TY achieve something before his death, then she had to look out for her son and take revenge for her son, in a way she’s selfish for not telling TY he has a son, but she wanted him to be happy. Some people may say she’s selfish but she’s been doing everything because of someone else not exactly for herself and her benefit.
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