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  1. So far I am quite enjoying so now I’m onto episode 7 and I can’t stand the shady mum she’s absolutely horrible and she’s not even trying to act that she’s not I have a feeling she’s that’s killer I like Jenny but she should try standing up to her mum and telling her enough is enough.. I like that main guy who likes Jenny he seems really smart! Also, I noticed that in the first house where the mum and daughter lived the house was the same as in Gangnam Scandal which I thought was funny
  2. Thank you! So just finished watching episode four wow that women is crazy kidnapping a girl and making her think she has all these illnesses and allergies! Going to keep watching it feel intrigued
  3. So I just started watching this drama and I just finished watching episode two, I’m so confused with what’s going on Jenny’s mom seems very odd, just wanted to ask does it get better is it worth watching it? As I am unsure if I like it or not
  4. What an ending! Absolutely loved this drama although it has left me frustrated so many times, still loved it! It really seemed like KNJ wanted to do better and pay for all his sins it was such a bitter sweet ending for him although he died in a way I think he became a butterfly that followed them to the hospital and was at CHo Aeras orphanage, in a way it’s letting the audience think he is somewhere peaceful and is finally happy! I guess in a way he repayed for his sins and realised his mistakes by giving his eyes to OSH dad which was a beautiful gift that he gave like he knew he was going to die and in a way I guess he was ready to be at peace I’m glad Cho Aera has her own orphanage although she has been one of the biggest villains in the show, she has lost a lot two she lost both her sons, her dad killed KNJ dad, she was living in a loveless marriage she was driven by greed and revenge in the end she finally realised the important things in life, she is living to provide love to other children the same way she was unable to give that love for KNJ especially when she abandoned him and when he was close to her she never realised who he was.. although she was absolutely horrible she is trying to do better Okay im so confused how is OH Jemma just out of the hospital all fine now, just a few episodes back she was laying in the bed unable to move, I mean what.. and of course chairman Oh is responsible for their parents death to be honest I’m quite happy he was stabbed I mean after everything he has done a sad death alone seems still a little too nice for him! I’m also confused if OSH mum did also have relations with his uncle I don’t think that was explained very clear... never the less still loved the drama PSH was so cute this episode the way he was acting around OSH was absolutely adorable made me so happy to finally see them be a little happy family, throughout the show they have been through so much, finally they get to enjoy the happiness that they deserve! I’m so happy he became a chairman he definitely deserves all the good things! The scene of him giving a watch to OSH brought us back to the beginning of the drama that watch has been like their promise of love in a way, a watch especially made for his left handed wife Although I joined this thread quite late, I really enjoyed interacting with you all and reading your comments, I really hope we will all meet in another comment section watching a new drama
  5. Another fantastic episode! Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow, there’s too many loose ends though to tie it all in 33 minute episode I honestly have no idea how they will do it they better show us OSH, PSH and Gun living happily together! That talk between OSH and KNJ was sweet I liked how forgiving she is and how he admitted that he can never hate her he admitted his obsession with her and what led him to it ... although I don’t sympathise with KNJ after all he has done throughout this whole episode he was apologising to everyone he knows what he has done wrong and wants to make up for it, I kind of hope he does survive the surgery I liked how CA apologised to OSH family she seems to regret the way she has been behaving I think her and KNJ finally realised that they were both blinded by revenge and that they also ended up destroying people who never deserved it. If KNJ survives I hope they both move somewhere far away and start a new life redeeming for their sins bitter sweet ending for them That chairman Cho seriously needs to go away! Ugh how disgusting is he really hope he either ends up dying in finale or is sent to prison for a very long time no sympathy for him he is doing it out of his own greed! While CA and KNJ are complex they have their reasoning behind their revenge even if it is not the right way to go around
  6. After I finish with my college work for this year will need a new drama only watching Left Handed wife for a moment as I get too distracted was thinking of watching shady mum in law but unsure, will be sad to not be able to talk to everyone in this thread as this was the first one I started talking in and everyone here is so friendly !
  7. So KNJ and PSH are working together then we have Esther and OSH working together... well then seems like we have some interesting teams here, wonder what will happen in the end 2 more episodes left are they really going to let off KNJ, Esther and CA that easily they deserve some sort of punishment I understand they “turned around” but still doesn’t make all the things they did go away! Hope to see a happy family scene seems like we haven’t really got that! And PSH seems to barely spend anymore time with Gun we need the little family together ! Hoensty hate that chairman Oh guy he’s a sure as hell is a devil in this show! I’m surprised PSH secretory forgot that chairman Park had a camera hidden in his cane could have proven that the bad guy is guilty and get him locked up All I’m hoping for is for the next episode for all bad guys to be finished then the last episode everyone is happy etc! They better not leave any loose ends !
  8. Now that was a fun episode! Was fun seeing KNJ and PSH working together for once was nice to see the original bad guys team up against the worst of them all! I’m glad to see that PSH being a doctor still comes in handy even though he doesn’t seem to want to go back to saving lives no more CA has done a 360 turn from wanting to take Aura and plotting evil plans to get revenge on the Park family to helping them now and needing their protection! Glad KNJ is doing the same now maybe it will be a way to redeem themselves in the last 3 episodes Bye HY never liked her she’s hienstly such a snake she’s all like I love KNJ I want to marry him to giving daily reports to her father about him and his mother Esther seems to really want to be involved guess she’s really bore of playing a nanny, no one can keep Esther and her love for drama and plotting down In all seriousness this drama should’ve been called something along the lines of The Amnesia Trio, Left Handed Wife and Face Swap Husband, The Great Memory Loss, The Common Amnesia, Wife and Husband loss of memory
  9. What an episode! KNJ is officially a psycho he still wants to take over Aura even after his mum was nearly killed DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS THE GUY NEARLY KILLED YOUR MUM WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! He seemed to have lost some brain cells during that accident a year ago. I like the fact that CA is trying to redeem herself although it won’t be easy to do that with the viewers especially all the horrible things she has done! I’m so glad I was right when I wrote my comment last time where I set that CA might give her shares to Park family and leave to go to US with KNJ seems she did have that plan in mind! OSH mum can’t seem to stay out of trouble she always end up doing something with her impulsive decision making! Overall it was a good episode but there’s only 4 episodes left and chairman Park gets shot are you actually serious! They better not make the ending rushed or give us 2 minutes of happy ending !!!!
  10. So KNJ is back to being crazy and obsessed with Aura group again is he for real he’s about to die and he still wants Aura Cho Aera was right to try and take him to US to get surgery instead of focusing on Aura and letting her son die once again... honestly when will KNJ stop being crazy he finally has someone who loves him aka his mum but nooo he’d rather die and fight for Aura PSH is amazing made me so happy he saved Cho Aera a person who tried to ruin his life, killed his mum and abandoned him when he was a baby that just shows how much compassion he has some people need to learn from him cough KNJ cough cough Cho Aera HY dad is an action psychopath can’t believe he is using his daughters like that and more than likely killed his previous wife’s just to become more powerful ! He will start coming for PSH now since he stopped his evil plan to kill Cho Aera gosh hate him he better not touch PSH as he deserves to finally be happy there’s not many episodes left like c’mon let him finally be happy with his family!!! I really hope that Cho Aera ends up giving her shares to Park family and flies to US with KNJ or something, but I think in this episode Aera seeing OSH family in the hospital foreshadows that KNJ will be helping OSH dad get his sight back
  11. Aura group is the hottest thing in town everyone wants a piece of it, if this was set in Joseon Era everyone would go to war over it like trying to win the crown or something KNJ seems to be suffering really badly feel a little bad for him he doesn’t even seem that bothered about Aura anymore and he tried to help OSH dad and didn’t seem to want to cause any harm to OSH family, Aera is about to loose another son after all the evil things she did she lost everything can’t believe she still thinks she will be able to claim Aura group is she crazy I mean an exposed murderer and well kind of broke person trying to take over ... sorry hunni but don’t see that happening unfortunately I’m so happy that OSH was released from the prosecutors office while HY and KNJ won’t get off that easily as there is basically no one who could get them out or pay off a prosecutor again what a shame... in other news feel bad for OSH family when things start to look up something bad always happens I really do hope everyone’s theories are right and KNJ will redeem himself by giving OSH father his sight back
  12. Jemma your husband Daniel is here laughed so much at that part poor KNJ he seems to be very disoriented, after all the evil deeds he is done guess that’s his punishment. Can’t believe they arrested OSH do they really think this is the way to get back at her, especially after they were the ones who fed her lies that she’s Oh Jemma what a joke the evil guys seriously don’t seem to be creative anymore The family reunion was amazing Gun is so cute! I really hope everything gets sorted out soon! Would say poor Esther but she’s so greedy she should be thankful they are patting her love in that house instead of always trying to act like a total gold digger! I mean yeah she did help, but she has done so much horrible stuff that she honestly does not deserve to be “paid” OH father seems determined to take down Aura I mean we only have a few episodes left and they are introducing a new villain I just hope they don’t make the ending too rushed
  13. Todays episode just like yesterday’s was amazing loved watching bad guys getting punished enjoyed every second of it, aw poor KNJ asking why that happened to him lol I mean considering your past history and your present actions gotta day that karma is coming for you ooops loved how OSH is standing up for herself and her family reunion was amazing to watch they are all together once again finally everything is setting back to how it should always have been Cho Aeras shocker reaction was so funny she’s like I didn’t do it yeah you did stop acting innocent
  14. Today’s episode was absolutely amazing, was funny how they were all celebrating and OSH is just smiling to herself like nahhh you all going down soon the breakfast was hilarious PSH pretending to be in shock and scared while secretly laughing knowing what’s about to happen, HY and KNJ faces were absolutely priceless KNJ playing the hero protecting his wife while HY just runs away was also absolutely brilliant poor KNJ got beaten up and is also suffering from a metal inside his head I guess karma is well certainly not favouring him Aw poor Choi Aera she’s about to get played in her own game and how stupid is she for giving those borrowed jewels to Chen the whole exhibition and the jewel thing is going to turn all against her basically they are all super broke now and are about to get punished, loved OSH smile when she was looking at her father in law painting the final piece was she’s like you’re all going down, can’t wait for the next episode Also let’s hope OSH can come up with a good story to tell HY why she calling him father a little slip up oopsie they’re all about to go down anyway so it doesn’t really matter I suppose
  15. What an episode! I love OSH acting all betrayed about them keeping secrets and all concerned about PSH father missing her acting as Jemma is absolutely amazing OSH and PSH are an amazing team love how KNJ, HY and CA have no idea what’s coming for them they think they are so smart funny that as they are the ones about to go doooown love a double agent Esther look at her running in out of breath to share that gossip Can't wait to watch their dowfall should buy popcorn for that at least this time there was no awful spy hiding behind a tree spying on OSH Look how cute KNJ is being his love for OSH is making him blind he screwed himself over now he gotta deal with the real bad guys
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