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  1. finally saw PMY’s latest Vlog, she’s sooo fresh in the morning. She hardworking and patient, made kimchi in bulk, how many hours do you think she spent? Her kimchi looks tasty :), what’s the review/feedback of the neighbor from 80m away?
  2. D-Day! Bring home the trophy dear Park Seo Joon! I missing the fun here, sorry for coming late.
  3. so true, it’s all worth it. before joining here, I’m a long time lurker. read from page 1 and even after 2 yrs this thread is still hot and active.
  4. @twoparkcouple i thought it’s Simba hahaha, nonetheless the new cf is so refreshing maybe because of the weather and the concept.
  5. Since you’re new joiner, I suggest to backread on this thread for you to learn more about PPC. Nothing to worry about, our couple is working hard and just being professional. It’s always up to you to believe or not if they are still together.
  6. A big applause to our couple for wrapping up successful drama, they both did a great job! onto the next project! wait, who from IFY will be on PSJ next drama? hahaha just notice the trend.. have you?
  7. She seems so happy with the last day of filming. Finally she can rest and have time for herself. She can also watch her drama at home with the neighbor........ opps dear neighbor, can you be very busy and not watch the bts and ify? seems episode 11 will be very interesting.
  8. oh dear PSJ, seems you miss someone, don’t worry she will be done filming in couple of days and the weather will still be nice.
  9. is that a code that he’s going to visit her? lol. Oh PSJ, promoting PMY’s drama, giving so much hint