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  1. their faces are both pleasant, smiling and fresh looking. Almost same features if PMY have those cheeks during My Ear Candy.
  2. I think they are either on a private island without internet connection or they are decided not to be online for privacy/not to be traced. if they have icloud photos with geotag enabled they will definitely be traced. hahaha if you post on www it will be forever be there even if you delete them. delulu— I think VP Lee/PSJ is doing that blockbuster date with Kim Miso/PMY.
  3. even with those skinship / bedscenes, PMY still has a great feedback/comment about PSJ after the series. Meaning she is well taken care off and respected. Really hope they are enjoying their vacation now with more that weeks of hiatus on social media.
  4. someone created an account just to post here and gave us warning? who is now the rude, annoying and unwanted? Is she reading other threads? @butterscoth2020 You need to reprimand your younger cousin to use internet if you don’t want her to read sensitive and for adult topics. Internet has more of those than this thread.
  5. So excited to see PSJ again, he will show up on the stadium to watch his friend fresh from vacation with her girl. #delulu
  6. Thanks for the info. so PMY is really a ninja. Haven’t heard any news that she’s back in Korea.
  7. I thought PMY schedule in LA is only until 10th of July, please correct me if I’m wrong. But she’s not yet spotted on Korea airport? hmmm where are the they? I mean the Park Park couple? hahaha
  8. Following his dramas, interviews, PSJ is really awesome, as an actor and as a person, who wouldn’t love this man?
  9. hahaha I need to create new account as well with PMY photo as well. Seems he is lurking. Will he be a visitor as well on Soompi Bubi couple thread?
  10. Sunghoon is really hardworking. Hope he will be successful on all his endeavors. Thank you for sharing updates, really appreciate it.
  11. I am also asking my fellow PPC shipper that’s not here in soompi, they said that there are certain level before you could get in and I do not understand Korean Language.
  12. Today is the day for PSJ’s fan cafe! I do not know how and what’s the site, but some solid said there are lots of questions and requirements.
  13. while other thread is talking about us being salty, they are also talking how they do not like WWWSK and tandem of PSJ-PMY. I mean...preach what you teach.
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