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  1. welcome aboard to new joiners. we are all here with common ground, we all love PPC so let’s have this forum happy and our ship enjoy the cruise. Thanks to all beautiful bts sharing@twoparkcouple also to @quietobserver recap reminding us how PPC inspire us. PS. @jingjaja by mentioning those bracelets makes my PPS heart so happy. Happy Friday!
  2. the first account mentioned was set on private while the other one I remember her because I sent her messages since she’s posting some photos and videos she shouldn’t.
  3. with PPC doing drama in 2020, hope both will be well received by audience and award for their acting.
  4. you two are good on storytelling and describing the scenes which makes all our hearts flatter. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more scenes for both Korean and Japanese BTS/DVD version.
  5. really proud of him. He deserve all the blessings and recognition. He is a self-made actor! looking forward to Itaewon Class! Fighting PSJ!
  6. maybe the neighbors share and exchange food and comfortably watching movie together. (wishful thinking)
  7. same question, do they have same fashion taste? do they shop together? imfluence each other? Not sure if Justin Bieber has those items as well. lol
  8. i am really curious how can they manage not to be caught on airports? I even remember that Peakboy, WooShik and PSJ went to Japan early this year. Or are they also late post?
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