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  1. Yep.... KJK tried to avoid the skinship, he was not that active to play a love-line with HJY...he was nice and active playing games...but I felt in some moments he was not that happy as he was with SoMin...just my delulu... I liked so much the HYJ and KJK love line on previous years but SoMin is just so soft and sweet girl that her smiles and glances to KJK melt ours hearts....their personalities I thinks match a lot.... With SoMin, KJK is protective and sweet but he is kind of shy and soft when he has skinship with SoMin like she was a cute little girl... I don't know anymore...he likes her...but not if in a romantic or platonic way....he is sweet with her but sometimes I feel he treats her just like a little sister .... I am kinda confused...but I respect their personal lives and loves...
  2. Really...in this episode KJK and HJY were all time together, smiling, joking talking and their skinship is no joke...they are really really close friends...so different kind of skinship with SoMin...I don't know...KJK is so friendly with JinYoung and I won't be surprised if these two have something going on....Aahg...I am confused now...jijiji..
  3. I don't think to tag KJK to all this issue is a good idea...He can't do anything at all...and only can give extra stress to SoMin and KookMin can have more pression to not interact with each other.... At the end I am sure SoMin and KJK are close enough to support each other on/off SNS... It is better to show SoMin and her family how much we love them.... Let the haters alone with all that nasty feelings...remember karma...
  4. I have the same feeling that SoMin made her book all by herself, without her agency financial support and marketing support....maybe KJK is really an investor of it, so maybe that is the reason why he is promoting the book and Writer Jeon... Lately I see a more smitten SoMin towards KJK...he looks to involve on the ChanMin LL that he seems not that playful with her...I don't know...I am starting to see a sibling's relationship than lovers between them...
  5. I know HaHa loves KJK and JSM a lot but I really feel he does not want them as a couple...I think he deep down wants KJK with JH...HE IS THEIR MOST AVID SUPPORTER for years!!!.... So now he is doing his best to push the ChanMin LL for real...so I guess he still has some kind of hope for SA couple.... SoMin outside RM is saying she and SeChan are not a couple...they don't love each other more than friends...so HaHa is getting annoying for pushing too much the LL...in latest RM episodes even YJS scolded him for forcing LL too much....
  6. Exactly...I am starting to feel that KJK really sees JSM as a little sister and he is really trying to match her with SeChan for real!!!! I don't understand anymore!!!
  7. With KangHaNa again I am starting to feel that someone is leaving soon...maybe after Running man 10th anniversary on July....so they are trying to introduce the new members gradually...maybe JiHyo or SoMin are getting married so the show needs a new girl member....
  8. Exactly!!! I kinda like the ChanMin LL but not the way they are pushing it like every 10 minutes!!!!
  9. Yep...like ok...we get it!!!!..they are in a LL but they don't need to act it like every 10 minutes on every episode...hope RM brings more male guests to be partners with SoMin and SJH...
  10. Exactly!!...KJK knows a lot of handsome young guys (celebrities or not) so lets see if he really helps her to find Mr.Perfect!!!...(for example I hope he can formally introduce her to Hwang Chi Yeul....yes I ship her with him...jiji) Really KookMin is so confusing now...sometimes I feel they are just only good friends...but some of their interactions made me think otherwise...SoMin shows more her interest for him sometimes....
  11. Personally, I feel SoMin is the jealous type when she is really interested in the other person...so if she really has something going on with KJK it would be hard for her considering how popular he is...almost in every show he has a loveline or some girl is interested in him...and KJK is naturally kind and gentleman with every girl he knows....moreover he will be tied with SJH almost forever until one of them marry someone...so...yes....SoMin must love him so much and trust him a lot if she really wants to have a relationship with him...