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  1. Well in this part HaHa was really comparing Lee Moo Song and Noh Sa Yeon relationship with KJK and HJY love line...because at that moment they were talking about the MUD episode where HJY visited him and his friends in LA and KJK tried to teach her how to swim and in the end they sang together....both KJK and HJY are singers and they were at the best moment of their LL in MUD and RM
  2. I felt like KJK was pushing SoMin to the handsome guest to much!!!...I want to believe it is just for the show...but sometimes KJK make me believe he has friendzoned JSM...
  3. Well..she knows that everyone is waiting for SA Couple so I doubt she won't even try to make a move on KJK to be honest...
  4. I think KJK now is not pushing ChanMin LL in real life or the show anymore....he knows they are just close friends not more than that...I think SeChan can have a little crush on JiHyo but nothing serious... In this episode KJK was all smiles with JSM...really the glances they give each other sometimes give that romantic vibe....but other times I feel he treats her like SeChan or KwangSoo and I am worry that he already friendzoned her...
  5. We had plenty of good and sutil kookmin moments on this episode...I am so happy just to see them together on the same team... It is good to see SoMin being considered a good friend to KJK by his other friends... I felt a happy KJK just for being near SoMin...he was kinda sweet with her...he was mad with her just like what?...2 minutes???? SoMin and KJK ARE THE BEST when they talk about love and relationships....
  6. KJK was over the moon with JSM dancing!!!... He was all happy and supportive...so chatty trying to catch her attention... I bet he liked what he saw....JSM was so pretty,cute and sexy!!!... her dancing and body were hot!!!!... He is used to see her only being cute and funny but not that sexy...JSM was so happy giving all her will on that dance and doing her best in all games....
  7. KJK was all smiles with SoMin on today episode...he loves to tease her...he always suspects her first...the way he just smiles to her is so sweet!!!... he really adores her...
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