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  1. KJK is so nice with both SJH and JSM...but he denies being attracted by them (as a women)... Lately he has been sooooo nice with JSM...and I like it!!!.... But I feel a bit strange that he shows that kind of interactions with a woman in a show where he is supposed to be the love-line partner with another!!!(mostly because he has been so protective of his love life all this time) Moreover being together with JSM is not being used by the show's benefit (as a official love-line). After Gary left I was waiting for Spartace to be official (because they have good chemistry) but that never happened( maybe because their were in private relationships with other people) But now....In fact being together with SoMin would be more problems for the show, but still he is caring with her... he has even talked about her in other shows like MUD...It is difficult to say if KJK really has some kind of romantic interest in SoMin or he just want to help her to be more popular like he has done with other donsengs...either way it is clear for everyone that KJK is closer with her than before.... I just want to believe he is opening his mind about love and relationships just like JaeSuk said...if he really wants to fall inlove and marry he has to do an effort and try to find someone to love...SoMin is younger than him but she is cheerful and easy-going and she really looks interested in being closer with him...in fact she seems to be a bit smitten with him but that is just my opinion....I love both of them and I really want they can have a good life...
  2. SoMin decided to follow him and get closer to him...she is friendly with everyone even a bit savage with LKS,YSC or YJS but she is kinda soft and girly when she is with KJK...she enjoys being with him....he could show some opposition when she said she would follow him,but he was chill about that...he does not ask her to pay anything even though they were playing against each other like LKS or any member would do....he has changed the way he talk,see and touch her...he is always a gentleman with women...I was kinda fan of SpartAce because he was so nice to JiHyo unnie, but he is now too nice with SoMin too...the way he behaves around her kind of remember me how he was with MoonGeunYoung or YoonEunHye ( the two of them were KJK crushes in the past )...
  3. I think it is a bit strange that nobody went with them since the beginning of the mission...and how those two ended together going for ice cream????...I bet JaeSuk and SukJin would love being with SoMin...JiHyo with KJK and HaHa are always together as well!!!!.... And KJK seemed so chill with like having a casual meeting with a friend...but at the same time he looked a bit shy with her and she was all smiles with him and being friendly with him...the vibe between them is always a bit different...and KJK seems being nice with her most of the time...he smiles a lot around her...she is happy being around him...and he likes having skinship with her, always trying to be near her or touch her shoulder or arm... I am waiting for his reaction when she has to be 'the RM playgirl' with handsome male guest!!!...jijij
  4. They were just hanging out together like if they didn't even care about the mission....KJK kept spending money with her...
  5. They look like a summer couple!!!
  7. A few hours ago KookMin were active on IG...they didn't interact with each other...BUT it is curious how they decide to update almost at the same time after a period of silence on IG...
  8. During the scissors,paper,stone game when SoMin and KJK won I was surprised with KJK 'cos his natural reaction was to hold SoMin hands but they tried to control their reactions...even LKS and HaHa were looking at them strangely...and when KJK lost to SoMin his reaction was so damn cute!!!...I can say he was smitten with her reaction too!!!...... And in the segment where JaeSuk was explaining how he pursued his wife when he said to his wife "do you want a cup of tea?" as a way to ask her out it felt similar of how SoMin asked KJK to meet
  9. Yep...KJK has to make a move on her!... they really look good together and I bet he finds her cute!!!!
  10. Yep...I noticed that he was a little jealous about her meeting with Soran leader without JaeSuk....he was like "you went alone yo meet him????"...jijiji...since the past episode he does not seem so happy about her fangirling over Soran leader....
  11. SoMin is soo sweet with him but I see he seems more serious with her in this episode... He needs to be more active with her...they are so cute!!!
  12. SoMin updated with 2 new pics...one about a romantic song...and other showing some "chicken breast soup"(acording with the Translator)...mmmm....I don't know what to think about KookMin anymore....maybe they fought or something like that........ Other thing I observed is that she has been active with Lee Dong Hwi posts...she has given him a couple of likes to his posts and he is doing the same...he even commented in one of her posts...he even liked some old pics of her before she followed back him on IG...I read he was in a relationship with a model but I don't know if he still is.....everything can happen!!!! And KJK has stopped updating his stories... Hope KookMin continue being close with each other!!!
  13. Now I am missing SoMin's update!!!!...
  14. Nobody commented on new SoMin upgrade IG...It felt like a depressing post...she seems heartbroken....I am bit worried about that... And in new MUD episode the Spartace couple was subtly mentioned today...a pair of little kids questioned KJK about if he likes SJH...well...that was kind of cute actually!
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