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  1. Exactly!..he looked kinda angry...but he was one of the ChanMin LL supporters at the beginning isn't he??.... Lately he seems a bit more protective with her when SeChan is near her...I bet sometimes KJK must feel a bit frustrated because he can't be near her or be more affectionate with her or the fact she is supposed to play " the romantic frog role" with some male guest but never with him....and the fact that lately JSM is looking so beautiful,pretty and cute is not helping him to control his emotions or reactions...
  2. Calm down my friend!! I am a Kookmin shipper all the way!!!... I have been in this forum when it was 20-30 pages so Please stop the rude comments!!! I just mentioned other ship because in this episode JSM and SiKyung looked good together but only that!! I adore Kookmin couple for real...
  3. I hoped to see at least a jealous KJK JUST for a bit moment but no... SoMin was really excited to meet Si Kyung...she likes singers like him...really if KJK is not making a move on her, he needs to introduce SoMin to SiKyung...they kinda match.......... Just in case Kookmin is not working.... Anyways...the little hug and the glances JSM gave to KJK...were just so cute...at least they are close as friends.....
  4. No Kookmin moments They are returning to the other LL or simpley he is like ignoring JSM again...
  5. I didn't see much Kookmin moments this week... I miss them!!!... I don't know if it is only me but lately I feel Kookmin is getting apart...
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