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  1. Click the flag beside the name to report this hater. How pathetic and too threatened to make a new account just to spread hate. She must be so nervous now about her ship and could no longer control herself. Ji Oh was even in relationship with Married Woman in WW Also when Hyun Bin was asked, he said IF HE REALLY LOVES HIS EX GF, HE WOULD ASK HER TO COME BACK TO HIM AFTER SHE BROKE UP WITH ANOTHER MAN.
  2. I want that tea spilled soon..... I am super tired reading their bash against us BinKyo supporters and especially to Kyo. Hyun Bin, if you read this, please do it soon, do not repeat SeGa days.
  3. I agree with you Maya. Different folks, different strokes and cannot be generalized as a whole. Some fans prefer to retaliate to bashers of Kyo by also spewing hate, which is not good. Fire vs fire = Full Blown War. That should not be the case. In fact, we have no right whatsoever to intrude on personal lives of these celebrities. We should just express support without fanwars and focus more on our own lives. Be like Song Hye Kyo always calm and silent.
  4. I know right. As someone with Legal background I would not even post on this thread in the first place if there are no credible bases.
  5. Very nice to hear this analysis from a long time Hyun Bin fan. Among the things I love about the fans in this thread is that many are long time individual fans of both and are posting here to show support for them. Since basically we are individual fans, we are not deluded into creating stuff in our minds that do not really exist in reality. We are not also imagining different personality traits than what they really are in real life. As long time avid fans, we know and we have observed their personality and behavior for many years. Since we are also individual fans, we have long moved on from BinKyo oncam chemistry and the driving force why we are here is that we observe BinKyo 2.0 is very possible.
  6. Of course Binnie is protective and won't let Kyo go near him since COVID 19's incubation period is 14 days. But Baby R can represent Kyo. I have observed a lot of coincidences today but cannot post because of many eyes lurking. Dear BinKyo, hope you announce soon.
  7. I was nervous and excited to see the thread on popular page. I thought this is it. That D-day has finally come.
  8. New Song Hye Kyo pics for Suecomma Bonnie Fall/Winter 2020 Campaign “Between“
  9. Now is not the first time Kyo's friend posted about Hyun Bin, wayback 2010, that friend was promoting Secret Garden. Has stopped posting anything about him after the break-up. So what's the reason behind the new posts?
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