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  1. Consistency is the Key. Even without project Kyo is still reigning in new Hallyu Wave Survey #SongHyeKyo is 4th among the actors/actresses but the FIRST among the Actresses!! According to the '2021 Overseas Korean Wave Survey (as of 2020)' released by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  2. Yup this was what I learned why Encounter was not in Netflix. I need to see more Song Hye Kyo Netflix dramas. Thanks @twtwb
  3. When I left this thread around October I was already thinking the crumbs are all shallow and may not refer to BinKyo at all. But since I was the one who made the list of coincidences and so I think I need to post the conclusions about it to lay issues to rest. PSM WW OST - can be because she recently watched WW. Her style is posting old dramas and movies she watched. Kyo following Belmakang - they may have met again recently because Belma is close to these group of stylists close to Kyo. They were once his styling students. Trees - already e
  4. I left the thread few months ago and I came back to check today only and am amazed how people here are very openminded. Indeed only supporters not shippers. Happy New Year to all. Kyo has an inspiration ;) , as her fan, I can sense it. Love is all you need during Holiday Season as she said.
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