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  1. During Encounter airing around November or December, some shippers went to Daejeon and Appa Song told them Kyo she was always tired filming Encounter she wants to end filming soon. Now it turned out SSC were already separated at that time. Maybe Appa Song did not know about it yet but the fact was he issued false statements as Kyo not liking her drama. She cried at the drama wrap party. She has listened to songs from the drama after it ended and read books featured it in. She even made Cha Soo Hyun her profile pic. And who most likely told Appa Song these wrong info? None other than the ex who told these lies to his family.
  2. Thanks @sunflower91_ Elle interview was post Encounter drama interview. Between Jan 25 to 31 I think because Encounter finale was Jan 24. SHK did not have post finale press interviews she instead had Elle Magazine cover as post finale interview.
  3. Can someone translate please her full Elle Interview? She gave so many hints about status of her life in that interview. Like when she was asked, choosing among your past drama characters, which shoes would you like to fill in right now? She answered Oh Young because she was blind but already starting to see towards the end.
  4. i have read in Weibo that some Chinese fans are asking for more info about the event because they want to attend.
  5. I agree 100% She has always been honest that's why I love her and she has been giving us hints since her Elle interview and all of her ig stories and actions that follow. (Trips abroad, etc) I had been preparing for this time to come. To be honest. BUT, Not this quick I thought they will keep the pretense until the last Season of his drama finished airing in September. and I definitely never expected her ex to act that way. I never expected he would feed her to the lions by filing the divorce and announcing to the media in such a manner. Quiet divorce, my foot!
  6. SongSong Instagram accounts admin stop fabricating stories. The depression of your followers when SongSong divorce will be final will be for your conscience. Be responsible to your followers. As of now their lawyers are in the process of settling how to divide their properties. Also their income from their projects and CF while married. After these will be agreed upon, the process would be fast. No more talks about feelings, Kyo has moved on. She was melancholic way back Dec, Jan but when she deleted her private ig last Feb she never looked back. Her photos on public ig were kept before for public image. Now, she will delete it once divorce is final. She just doesn't want attention for it now. Everything she did creates attention. No wonder she loves to watch One Spring Night, the story of the second couple living on pretense they're happy together is relatable to her.
  7. The actress lead of Queen Seondook is a divorced woman she married a Samsung Heir and like SSC their wedding was called wedding of the decade but they divorced. The husband was vindictive she was barred from doing endorsements with brands affiliated to Samsung. But she was able to survive and her career even flourished after the divorce she became lead of Queen Seondook and many other popular projects. Fighting Kyo!!!!
  8. If I am not mistaken I think the actual photo was taken a day before his birthday. Sorry to bother but please explain more what is this? It seems nobody other than you notice this one. What is that spot?
  9. I am certain she wants to play a lawyer. If the script is good there is high chance she will accept this. She doesn't mind nega KNetz comments she has always received bad comments from them whenever she has a new drama but her dramas became successful both domestically and internationally everytime. My worry is the script. The writer Kim Roo Ri has only written one and it wasn't even a full drama. She only wrote a one episode TV movie "The Ace" for SBS before. It's a legal thriller movie.
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