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  1. I decided to be an active poster on this thread not because I am a hardcore delulu shipper but because I believe they have something special going on right now. That OST post of PSM and Kyo's reaction was an eye opener which leads to several discoveries that slipped our notice due to CLOY hype. Kyo also followed his stylist and who in their right minds would follow someone who posts plenty of pics of your ex? Not unless she has current official work with Bel which is none. Their business relationship ended a decade ago. They may laugh at the squirrels but for me that was a distinct clue since Kyo is not like some actresses who do mass liking. Why not like Swans and Butterflies in the posts of her friend. Why squirrel only when those animals are clearly part of their love story? Wayback in December also, there was a mysterious old dog in her IGS with a blue heart. Was that Soul? The dog he gave her that she returned to him many years ago? SHK is a deep and honest person. She shares her innermost feelings like hints of a break up with those sad poems from later part of 2018 to early 2019, it made rational minded Kyonatics be aware of the situation which was laughed at by SSC shippers but turned out true after all. So why was she posting Especially For You, Try Again and True Love last December? For sure not for ex-h. If you checked one of her closest squad's IG, she deleted several fanwar comments but retained a comment that ex-h is no good. There are other clues. Strong clues at that, but cannot be posted in public. So before you rant and say we are being Delulu, I tell you this, we can leave here anytime we want, if BinKyo reconciliation is just delusion. We are not obsessed shippers. As long as we have clues they are together, nothing can stop us supporting their real life love, because they deserve to be happy.
  2. I agree. They are also different persons now. Older and wiser. I would not call it going back to the past but meeting each other again in the future. Think about it like this: Two persons were walking together and at some point they went on separate roads. They never expected that in the future, as they kept on walking, they'll find each other again at the end of the separate roads they took...
  3. I agree on this. I would not call myself a shipper but a supporter. I made my own investigation and I conclude there's a great possibility. I want to support Kyo she deserves it after everything she'd been through. I had some bad feelings for HB because of what happened between them in the past but when I saw SHK squad and him together during his stylist wedding, I told myself maybe I was wrong about Hyun Bin before.
  4. Squad likes to give crumbs or hide it? She put music to cover the voices but fans can still recognize.
  5. I hear Kyo kept talking and talking like the Woodpecker that she is in a Squad's IG and who is that guy who seemingly agreed with her at the end of the video!??????
  6. Well well well what does it mean. That post of a squad and why were they all MIA.
  7. BinKyo are not dating accdg to the rabid bashers on Twitter who always insult Kyo saying that she should leave HB alone since he's dating the latest costar haha LOL 1. Why did PSM suddenly tease Kyo? Wasn't it distasteful for a bestfriend to suddenly tease you in public of something related to your ex? The caption was long and difficult love and the lyrics were about lovers reconciliation. Why did Kyo laugh like a usual reaction of a shy girl for being teased? Wasn't she surprised being teased on something related to someone she broke up with 10 years ago? 2. Why did Kyo followed back his stylist? Yes she used to be her stylist too but I am sure she would understand if Kyo won't follow back because who would want to follow someone whose main client is your ex with latest pics of your ex on her instagram? 3. After not doing such thing for a decade, why did Kyo's friends are now openly supporting his projects, comment praises and uploading dramas of Hyun Bin? 4. After avoiding anything about Hyun Bin, why did Kyo suddenly liked the pics of Squirrels his endearment to her on and off screen. She is not the type of person who likes everything she sees on IG. On the other ship being real said the bashers: 1. Why did HB deny many times and strongly worded during the last denial. "Was never and are never dating" He could just follow SSC (how ironic haha) style of we are just friends hanging out excuse, but he didn't. 2. On set closeness, compare it with several BTS of his other dramas and other KDramas nothing unusual for co stars doing a current drama or movie spending time together on set whether Korean stars, Hollywood or other countries stars. If all set friendships mean something then all delulus in all threads here in Soompi Paradise are dating then LOL 3. Grocery shopping - first off, it was one year and 7 months ago no more follow ups, longer time has passed even than the entire length of HB and KSR's relationship LOL. I did not say he dated his latest costar though, because as they said they were with other people. CLOY scriptwriter lives in the US and it is a fact that several meetings will be held before deciding on tv or movie projects and if they spent time in the US it is normal if you happen to be in the same city with friends from your country at the same time. 4. Body language wise, its not Hyun Bin who initiates skinship with all his co stars including latest costar, except with Kyo. Watch videos without your colored lenses aka biased eyes clouded not by cataracts but by too much delulus. 5. Liking spree of his latest costar - fan service to thank the stans for the time, money and effort voting for them hoping for some Baeksang skinships which did not happen since Bin was so distant not only physically but emotionally as well LOL. FYI service vans from Parking Area to red carpet area and the guards were arranged by Award organizers, Clothes brands were sponsored normal for co stars of a hit drama, HB hurried home after the event. As pointed by others here, ship all you want but do not insult and harass Song Hye Kyo because we have enough objective reasons for BinKyo2.0 PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE PICS
  8. Unlike the other ship, we did not go here to just push the ship because we like them, but we are here because even if we were not shipping them, even if we did not expect them together again, there are a lot of coincidences that made us curious. After about two months of investigation we come to this conclusion supported by rational facts that indeed BinKyo comeback is Real. #InGodWeTrust this love will be forever this time around.
  9. OMO! I have to add this to the list haha. I saw this before but I never bothered to research and anyway who would have thought of BinKyo connection back then. This was around the time Kyo had a soundtrip whole night and posted IGS of an aging dog with blue heart. I agree we are waiting for the Panda.
  10. What Kyo liked: May 2020: 1. Happy Deer (La Biche as her French Friend called it) - Kyo once changed her old IG name to La Biche Kyo in Feb 2019 June 2020: 2. Courting Squirrels - Hyun Bin's endearment to her 3. Happy Bird - She was called a woodpecker bird by her friends for speaking too fast. 4. Bee on Sunflower - Hye Kyo is Sunflower that is why her Korean Fans call themselves Hyebaragi (Korean for Sunflowers) Therefore I conclude, SONG HYE KYO IS IN LOVE and since she liked a Squirrel, we know to whom.
  11. Be careful of spies who pretend to like Kyo and BinKyo
  12. Dispatch is quite a tease Talked about his drama with pics of him and his co star and made their shippers delulu Wait, they include that weibo pic with cryptic greeting Be Careful of the Cold and has coincidence on Kyo's post that day ehem. They are playing with Squirrel Army's hearts also haha. Going back to Dispatch, did you all notice that on the topic of marriage, they used his stylist wedding and said it became a HOT topic. They did not elaborate that the reason it was hot topic in China was because of the Song Hye Kyo connection. Hello Ms Ellen's Dispatch connection hahaha