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  1. If I am not mistaken I think the actual photo was taken a day before his birthday. Sorry to bother but please explain more what is this? It seems nobody other than you notice this one. What is that spot?
  2. I am certain she wants to play a lawyer. If the script is good there is high chance she will accept this. She doesn't mind nega KNetz comments she has always received bad comments from them whenever she has a new drama but her dramas became successful both domestically and internationally everytime. My worry is the script. The writer Kim Roo Ri has only written one and it wasn't even a full drama. She only wrote a one episode TV movie "The Ace" for SBS before. It's a legal thriller movie.
  3. Just to inform you that Encounter with average ratings of 8.6 and sold to over 100 countries will not be issued DVD without any valid reasons. Fans have been petitioning but it fell on deaf ears of Studio Dragon executives which is also same producers of Her Private Life. Same thing with Memories of the Alhambra and the Crowned Clown, these dramas have more than 8% ratings on the average as compared to over 2% of HPL and stars top Hallyu stars but despite fans petitions, no DVDs will be issued. Don't get me wrong I love HPL also. You can see my posts in earlier pages. But true that chances HPL will be issued DVD is very slim.
  4. About Kim Jin Hyuk's mom... That's the Asian culture. Parents interference with their children's relationships are very much alive up to this day and age. Consciousness on the difference in social status is also very much alive in Asia. On how they will interfere, that largely depends on the character of the person. On this drama, writer made Jin Hyuk's mom approach Soo Hyun instead of talking to him. It happens a lot of times. I have a high school friend in personal life who had a Korean ex boyfriend. The guy was studying in our country and became her classmate. They were in love. We often went out together with our group. After college, they talked about marriage. They suddenly broke up. My friend recently opened up to me around last year the reason why, that it was because the mom of her bf talked to her and told her how he would not be given share of family business if he marries her. Sounds like a Kdrama but it was true in real life.
  5. I hope to see them win Best Couple in upcoming award shows. TvN has no Award Show but there are many others giving awards before year end.
  6. Thank you. I'm still deciding whether I'll spend money on books I can't read hehehe. But I want to.
  7. GAME OF THRONES fan obviously from my username so I am conflicted with this drama. The costumes and production are very GoT. Story about childhood friends and kidnapping is not so much. But quest for power is. But Goodluck to SJK. I wish him success with this drama.
  8. As you can see in my profile photo, I am SHK fan and sorry you are wrong about Song Song Couple publicly dating and sending food trucks before. It was not the situation. SHK sent coffee truck to SJK movie set Battleship Island in 2016 BEFORE THEY ADMITTED THEIR RELATIONSHIP. It was so brave of her to send coffee truck to SJK despite loud rumors of them dating. They simply denied and passed it off as close friends sending support. SongSong did not also publicly date. They hid their relationship until wedding announcement in July 5, 2017 which shocked and saddened a lot of fans shipping them with other actors/actresses. Of course SSC shippers were overjoyed that their delulus were true. Now everyone knows they are married but, SJK did not send foodtruck to Encounter set and SHK also did not send food truck to Arthdal Chronicle's set. So, if the other girl will send food truck to KJW, it depends. We never can tell if dating or just friends. I hope only friends. I know they are only friends, but what IF LSG likes PMY I can't blame him as she is very lovable.. He sent food truck.
  9. If she won't send him foodtruck now in HPL but she did so in his previous drama, there are many possibilities : 1. They are no longer close now 2. She is jealous of PMY 3. She respects PMY and won't send foodtruck to stop any old rumors coming back between her and KJW
  10. The food or coffee or ice cream trucks are sent by friends and fans to cast and crew of the drama. It's a gift just like for example, you have a friend who is working hard daily and you want to send her delivery of McDonalds to her workplace. In Korea's film industry, they usually send food or coffee trucks to cheer the cast and crew at the filming site.
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