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  1. Am I shocked by the way some of these fans are acting ...HELL YES . And I don't completely blame them really, I personally think some of these actors management companies should also be blamed . If they would stop portraying their celebrities as an idol to be worshipped or an object without flaws ,I think it would snap some of these rabid fans out of their fantasies. They should know that these people are human first, a person, who is flawed and can make mistakes (as long as they don't go to the extremes with their mistakes.. E.g sexual abuse, harassment and the likes that falls under this category), then all should be well. In my part of the world , yes the celebrities have fans but they are not worshipped like they do in k .ent and expect your so-called biase to dance to your tune cos you are a fan /fans of theirs . You say trash on a celeb IG page ,you will be bashed personally by the celeb except he /she decides to be a bigger person. I am always shocked and angry when I see Korean celeb having to apologize to his or her fans cos they broke up or started dating someone, do cringey things to those teenage girls in order to portray them as an ideal person which the actor as an individual might find cringe worthy all for the likes or ratings... Fine ,you have an image to protect but its should neverr be to the extreme whereby these people have to lose their own identity, like seriously, its their lives so let them live. I know they all need fans to make money and for the management to make profits but its a give and take process, you provide entertainment, I as a fan decide to like what you are offering and follow all your projects. I believe all these rabid fans are just trying to project their own inadequacies on these people and live their own unhappy lives through them which makes them forget that these people are humans and have feelings too and that they are not as perfect as they are portrayed to be...sigh. All these fans needs to be sensitized and have their mindset changed about their biases ,its not fair to these people when they can't pursue a relationship or do anything in the public eye without being bashed or condemned. And I think the management companies also needs to start doing better for their people. I wish everyone happiness and I hope MY will have the the bravery to pursue a relationship with whoever she wishes without any fear and if its with KJW ...well guess I am a successful fan..hahaha..... Life is too short to dance to anyone tune especially those narcissistic keyboard warriors (that's what we call them in my part of the world)......unhappy people hiding behind the protection their gadget provides to spread unhappiness. Let's spread love please and wish them well
  2. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/her-private-life-series-review-episodes-9-16/
  3. These two .........I can't just move on yet, wonder how they are both feeling now..sigh
  4. I wish these two will get together already......I will be the most successful of fangirls if they do but will definitely respect their decisions if they don't. But I am kinda of scared that they might actually care enough for each other but decide not to pursue the relationship due to different reasons on both sides , which would be very sad.....I believe life should be lived and enjoyed ....and it's so rare to find someone that makes you laugh this much( cos these two sure enjoys laughing so much its contagious) but what would be would be right? I just pray that if they are meant to be ,they don't miss out on each other and regret it later (life is full if regrets already, no need to add more)........ I love the way they love themselves, it makes love so beautiful. I will still be lurking here,thanks to everyone.. It has been a joyous ride, first time joining a ship and I am glad I joined a very mature ship.......off to the sunset we sail.....hahahahah
  5. @jeonghyang,thanks for the mention And kudos to all the recappers ..your effort is highly appreciated. There is nothing more I can say to qualify this drama that you have not all used , but all I can say is "Beautiful". I had tears in my eyes while reading the recaps and this drama made it the first time in a long time that I don't cringe at all the lovey dovey going on in the drama......a standing ovation to all the cast and crew. This drama has taught us that love is a beautiful thing ,that its patient ,peaceful ,not jealous or envious .....its has shown that love is everything good on this earth. It has also shown us that no matter who you are or what your past is ,you can also find a love that will be all yours .....wow. It has been an amazing journey with you all and I won't trade it for anything ,like someone mentioned above ,"let's not cry cos it has come to an end but we should all smile cos it happened and we are all here to savour it". This type of love story comes along once in a blue moon and I am glad we are all here to enjoy it. I wish the cast and crew can read all our comments on this thread and know that they are all appreciated and in case they are reading ....I want to say a very big thank you to them for giving us a beautiful love story that will stay with us for a very long time. I was lucky to be able to share this beautiful drama with my colleagues at work and they can't all wait for the last episodes (lucky me). Thank you all once again and I pray we all find our own Ryan Gold that will look at us and cherishus the way KJW looks at PMY....like she is the best thing since chocolate cake....hahaha Oh !!! And that proposal is everything a woman can hope to hear from her beloved ....it was so sincere ,beautiful and emotional, even without the ring and bending of knees ,it was perfect... Whoever wrote those words deserves an award. Newsflash: KJW is a revelation and PMY is gorgeous... If they should decide to get married in real life (I don't want to use date cos they already dated in this drama...hehehe) I will be the happiest of fangirl( my very first time shipping a kdrama couple).
  6. What a beautiful episode.... Many thanks to all the recappers . I live for all of kJW tiny facial expression...its always so on point .Not to forget PMY's too.....I doff my hat to both of them,they made love so easy and I love the way they love each other (if that makes sense). PMY easily portrays the contentment a woman shows when she loves and she is equally loved back( easily portrayed in the morning after pillow talk) ,if this is how true love is like , I want some please This drama has everything I have always wanted in a romantic comedy and I am so gonna miss it. Wish them both the best in all future project and KJW should please not stay away for too long ,he should ride on this wave and strike the iron while its hot. How wonderful would it be if Mr and Mrs smith can be turned into a drama and they are both casted in it.........heavenly
  7. @Pmyonly thanks so much for this, I wonder why people just derive satisfaction in putting others down in order to make you biase look great. They have forgotten it takes two to tango and one person can't carry a whole drama no matter how good he or she is. If PMY is acting with an actor that's not so good in acting , her professionalism won't have shine this bright...... Life is too short to watch a drama you don't like or an actor you don't care for ,no matter who is acting with them. If acting is easy ,then all of us would have been an actor...... P.s I enjoy reading all your comments
  8. Like seriously.....with all due respect, we don't care.......they both shine and complement each other beautifully. If you think his role has been done a thousand times, I will suggest you go read all the articles being written about him and how he already raised the bar for future kdrama male leads...... *Peace*
  9. Let me join in the game Kim Jae Wook swagger is my welfare. I love the way he walks.......I dont want to be too greedy and add his hair ,will leave that to someone else
  10. I have been thinking his signature hands in the pocket in this drama could be because of his hands always turning red. Therefore, in order to avoid people noticing it ,he kept putting his hands in his pocket especially when he is with DM. The hand in the pocket is not distracting one bit, I sorta like it cos I personally do it often and I am a woman,so definitely no big deal. And come to think of it, it makes him more charismatic and sexy ,so its a bonus. Excited for today's episode.... Yippee
  11. Anneyeong chiguls ....a lurker unlurking because of these two and all I have to say is wow. I have never been one to ship kdrama couples in real life and I have never even done that before nor check their shipping threads but this two brought me out .....like seriously. Fine I know they are professionals who knows their onions but common,with all the chemistry going on here and laughter, acting can only take you to a certain pace. In psychology ,you can use a person's body position to know what they are feeling or if they like someone and from these two ,you can see that they are always leaning towards each other ,like they just want a touch. Also their laughter is so heartfelt and deep throated and that can only be caused when someone makes you so happy ,that you can't believe your luck. Just like the chemistry of Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt in Mrs and Mrs smith....that made people speculate that something is really going on with those two (which later happened for real), I see same with this couple. They might not be dating as at now but I bet you there is mutual affection on both sides which if nurtured could lead to something beautiful. I know Koreans artistes are always so careful when it comes to dating to avoid unnecessary scandal but these two should just get on with it and from what I have read and come to know about KJW, he doesn't seem like someone that gives up easily. He looks like someone that will pursue whatever or whoever makes him happy without caring about image or what people will think of him(through his agency might think otherwise, money has to be made) but he looks adventurous and he looks like someone PMY would really need in her life cos though she has a bubbly personality, she seems too careful and never seem to really let go and just enjoy herself unencumbered(life a celebrity I guess). All in all its good to see these two happy cos they make me happy (first time feeling like this for a Kdrama couple). I might admire their acting and togetherness on screen but I have never wish so bad for a couple to make it real. And since the weightlifting fairy couple could come out and date in public ,I see no reason why these two can't (they are more older and mature) so I am sure they would be able to handle anything that comes their way if and when they decide to declare that they are dating I wish them all the best and I hope they find each other if they ever decide to make it work and if they don't ,I pray they find someone that will bring so much laughter and happiness into their life. P.s and that look KJW always give PMY, gosh. It has been the highlights of the show for me ...its like she is the best thing that has ever happened to him....fighting!!! I appreciate all your comments and gifs, they have been making my day in these tiring days
  12. Thanks to all the peopIe that did live recapping, you are all awesome and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I also think DM mother was the one that abandoned Ryan(the back and the voice of the woman in the dream sound like DM's mum), and since they mentioned the death of a brother ,its possible Ryan was part of the reason DM brother lost his life (probably through a child's play that went awry) which led to DM 's mother abandoning him and saying she is not his mother. This guessing game is giving me headache all I want is for Ryan to be happy forever, with DM of course . Dear writernim ,no unnecessary angst please ,else someone is gonna flip a table and come for you like Danearys did for kings landing
  13. Yaayyy....few hours to Wednesday. HPL has made me so eager for Wednesday that I don't know what to do with myself while waiting for new episodes... Now I am always stuck to my phone ,refreshing pages that has anything to do with HPL , the power of lyan with a R
  14. Oh my God @NaYouSabi?, your post is hilarious and I totally enjoyed the conversation... You are a genius. Couldn't stop laughing... Keep it coming
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