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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!! Can somebody shout Hallelujah!!!!!! I have been a lutker and silent supporter of the wintergarden couple but this final episode pulled me out of lurking . I am ecstatic, overwhelmed, gobsmacked(I have used all adjective in my head to describe how I am feeling). I commented on twitter few days back that Dr Garden is gonna stay back cos of love ,since life isn't really that complicated and I am so glad he did. I need to bottle this feeling .......omg!!!!!!!!!
  2. This comment reeks of ignorance... The rate we go just to prove a point is alarming. Are you saying people are not meant to make mistakes or a bad choice and when they do ,they are not good enough? We learn through life experiences n the mistakes we make. I would even be weary of people like jeong won ; people who are indecisive n scared to put their heart out on the the line. Although I am not married ,being a divorcee or a single parent is nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't make them a lesser human. There is something called Timing in life and it's not every one who gets it so when life gives second chances ,you grab its by the one lock of hair on it's head (like Kairos ,the god of opportunity in Greek). And a person who decides to go after a divorcee or single parent knows what's best for them ,their decision. Why lose a good man /woman just cos he or she has made a mistake before?. Cheers to the divorcee and single parents and fulfilment and happiness unto those who choosed them.
  3. At the cafeteria scene where Chil Hong was telling them about IK sun doctorate degree ,I noticed IK sun immediate asked Song Hwa if she was aware about IK sun applying for a doctorate degree. Does that mean Song Hwa has a close relationship with IK sun and I wondered IK jun would ask her that?
  4. Erm, how do I start? This is my first drama of this writer ,never watched any of the reply series or the prison playbook. So I wasn't even aware that there is a ship , fan war or signs to look out for which I guess has been their signature from their previous work. I came in because the I am a fan of YYS ,Jkh and JJS and I have been impressed bybthe story so far, how simple smd relatable it is. I didn't even know we were bf or gf hunting until I read the soompi thread...lol. Which brought me to the fact that I couldn't help but fell in love with doctor Jang and feels that she n J.won would make a cute couple and I am glad with the dev. so far. Since everyone has been looking for hints to support their ships, I'd decided to drop a little of mine that made me think this ship is gonna sail that's if it hasn't already. 1: I believe the writer won't waste much time on giving screen time n showing reactions from both of them when they are together... Which got me thinking that maybe there is really nothing complex about their relationship but just two people who started on the wrong foot n are gradually finding their way to each other. 2; the writer has made it a point to focus on the way they both greet each other which is always formal n the greeting has always been from Dr Jang compared to the other characters. This form of greeting has made it obvious to the change that has occurred when jeong won later greeted her and it has to come in an informal mode coupled with a smile, why will the writer do that? Is that not a way for her to say " look the hints are in front of you already, no need to look far and incase you miss it cos of non Korean speakers ,let's Ik jun also say something about it, call the viewers attention to it. 3: what made me support this ship finally was the chocopie exchange; it was unnecessary but he still did it anyway and for someone he claimed not to care for, coupled with the glances he gave her before pushing the chocopie towards her. 4: Also if jeong won doesn't care for Dr.Jang at all, he would have stopped IK jun with his persistent interrogation about his feelings for her since they are good friends and he won't have hesitated to call IK jun off. It would be lazy writing and so unnecessary if it was later shown that he didnt really care and it has only been done to mislead us. It will also look bad for IK jun character; cos that means he is blind as bat when it comes to his friend feelings and not empathetic enough in lieu if a better word. And the guy already has so much hate so I believe the writer won't want to add that to his flaws.( wish I had him as a friend ,maybe my love life would have gone better ...l I have other thoughts but most of it has already been mentioned by others n I haven't even watched episode 10. Hurray to whichever ship sails since I haven't been watching cos of ships whatsoever but for my own enjoyment. So it kinda funny when we are trying to proof which ship is gonna sail.....no offence to anyone please. I love the 5friends banter and I can't wait for the day they would have to perform for the whole hospital.... New crushes are gonna be formed I am sure . Also IK jun is a tsunami and I kinda relate to his character.... The one who makes others laugh but people doesn't notice when they are sad or have something going on with them. Going forward ...impatiently waiting for the next episodes.