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  1. 50 minutes ago, YellowDress said:

    She did the arm cross during their dance rehearsal as well. When all the members teased them about the couple moves, and she turned around to the PD and camera men and did the arms cross. 


    Good memory, another arm cross when kjk is involved :approves:

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  2. Very interesting development.

    What peaks me is the different hand/arm gestures used in response to the possibility of having a 'special' relationship with either ysc or kjk.

    For ysc - the shaking of both her hands, which she has been doing consistently in other episodes when denying she was in a relationship with him.

    For kjk - the crossing of her arms resembling a big 'X'.  Coincidentally, this was used in ep 434 (time: 1:13:52) when she cautioned the other members not to 'cross the line' during their 'interrogation' as to who was the guy who refused lks's offer to introduce jsm.


    And yet, we continue to observe 'close' interactions between jsm and kjk in bts.

    The latest being where both of them heading-off to somewhere else (with her hand resting comfortably on his shoulder) while leaving behind the guests and lks.  

    To me that says a lot.  :approves:

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  3. 1 hour ago, Catch-22 said:

    So this was the most interesting scene for me (cat ear "truth" game).  Kookmin might not have played against each other but interesting stuff was said.  Spoilers with subs below.  This also includes my analysis of the scene above.

    As usual your analysis is Super Awesome!!!!!!!!

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  4. Hello everyone, found the following info super interesting.  We can use it to determine at which stage they are in :tounge_wink:


    The 3 Stages Of Falling In Love

    Stage 1: Lust

    During the lust phase, men and women release the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.  Oestrogen is released by women and initiates a feeling of longing for physical closeness.  Testosterone is produced by men and increases sex drive.  This establishes the first stage of falling in love.  At the beginning, the purpose is to have a physical relationship rather than an emotional connection, which is yet to be built upon.


    Stage 2: Attraction

    The second stage continues some of the feelings felt through lust, but incorporates more of the emotional impacts.  You will know if you have reached the second stage if you find your heart beating faster when around the person, you begin to feel nervous upon meeting them and you start to channel almost all of your attention on them.  If you hear someone refer to being in the ‘honeymoon phase’, they are likely to be in this stage.  This point in the process can instigate feelings of euphoria, but unfortunately it usually only lasts for a matter of months. 


    Stage 3: Attachment

    As the relationship becomes more established, hormones responsible for human bonding come into play.  Oxytocin is the main hormone responsible for the differentiation in this final stage of falling in love.  Working to create a strong emotional attachment, this hormone is released with dopamine – the hormone responsible for happiness.  As you have continuous contact with one partner, the levels of dopamine released alongside oxytocin provide a sense of reward and keep couples returning back to the same person.  This stage also establishes a sense of security and a need to protect the other. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, kookminclan RunningMan said:

    You remember kjk's anecdote where he tells his gf, "you watch the tv, i will  watch you". why does his anecdote here remind me of that?


    kjk observing jsm since 2018 and her reaction is the same.


    Wow his reenactment of jsm's dreamy face is priceless

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Happyjana said:

    Imagine that you ship kookmin just for fun, & now there is probability they becoming real :D. Sometimes i got goosebumps because of what we discussed in this forum before actually happened. Ex, they sang duet together in concert, jaesuk said how everyone push chanmin but the 'real' one is kookmin. Isn't it this what we always discussed before?:sweatingbullets: At least, jaesuk think the same as we're:lol:.

    Jaesuk joke abt kookmin wedding cause a chaos among RM fans. Even non-shippers started to notice about kookmin. I realized the amount of supports to kookmin increased suddenly. For some fans, what jaesuk said abt wedding is only a joke. But for me it is 'serious' joke. His joke can make people start suspicious abt them. And that's what happened now. Real or not, kookmin became more sweet to each other lately.

    I'm ready to take a rest from RM too if that's really happen. RM will end one day. I hope all of them find their happiness which they really deserved. 

    I totally agree with you @Happyjana whatever we hope / wish / joke in this forum and in kookminclan youtube channel becomes real.  Are kookmin silent followers?  I seriously wonder sometimes.  As what X-Files (the show) always say - ' the truth is out there'.  Anyway, no matter what happens, and irrespective whether the mystery clears up or not, we, the clan members will solemnly undertake and dutifully hope / wish / joke for more creative exchanges between the two.  Should we declare this as our new year resolution?  Heh heh just joking :tounge_wink:

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  7. 6 hours ago, Rida Live said:

    The biggest question mark is the status of their relationship. Some clan members think they are dating, some think they arent yet, some think they are about to announce their marraige (we sure are a variety:joy:). For some reason I'm in the they are still flirting phase not for any logical reason, just because it's more fun to me to imagine they are still shy with eachother.

    Hahaha l agree with you @Rida Live we are really a motley crew.  And on top of that l believe English is not the mother tongue for most of us in this forum.  Anyway we sort of get the message in most of our exchanges, albeit some of them may seem a bit brusque on the surface.  Despite this, what's important is that all of us agree that there is something going on between the two of them.   Let's continue 'analyzing' and laughing over their antics.  Let's not get too serious and enjoy this 'real-life' k-drama (which may apply to our eyes only) while it lasts.  :grin:

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  8. 9 hours ago, kookminclan RunningMan said:


    i was just taking a look at the chinese comments and there are definitely a lot of fans including kjk fans who think they are suspicious. that is a positive sign because kookmin had very few chinese shippers in the beginning of this year. kjk's chinese fanbase is huge, so it is a great sign when kjk chinese fans start taking notice of kookmin. there is this one comment by a kjk fan which i found interesting : the poster said he/she had never seen kjk like this, so happy and harmonious with a female colleague. this episode has definitely made many people suspicious about their equation.


    Wow, thanks @kookminclan RunningMan you are always very resourceful.  Thanks for sharing what the chinese fans are thinking.  Like what the other clan members have been saying in this forum, their interactions are getting rather obvious.  :heart:

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  9. Thanks @MandelBrot for the picture below.  It's beautifully captured.  To me, this picture shows their relationship has progressed to the next level, i.e. they are comfortable with each other, and are out in the open with close friends / colleagues.   The only thing missing is a public announcement to the media and fans.  (Ahem, I am still waiting patiently here, and so is the yellow dog a.k.a. as the official ring bearer, heh heh :tounge_wink:)




    As for the so call 'love-line' between jsm and ysc, my take is that its just something which all members are using to tease ysc and laugh over his discomfort.  Ysc is really funny when he is squirming in discomfort :scream: (p.s. l have always wanted to use this emoji, finally found my chance, heh heh).  Well, he is really the 'baby' in the RM family after all.


    As for the 'haters', there is no need to be agitated over their crude comments.  The more worked up we become, the happier they will be.  Let the 'haters' wallow in their own negativity and don't be tainted by them.  What we are witnessing is something beautiful, so let's not allow anyone to spoil it.  If they can't enjoy / value it, so be it.  Let's respect that everyone has their own opinion and practise 'you do you, l do me'.  Let's just chill ..........  :glasses:

    On a happier note, WOW singing together during a personal concert, l really do mean WOW.  Is kjk trying to send a not so subtle message to his personal fans?  Is that an informal introduction?  What is the hidden meaning for choosing that song?  Of all songs, why that particular song?  Hmmmm l wonder how his fans are reacting to this?  Are they receptive?  Are they speculating there is a hidden meaning to all this?  So many questions, but where to get the answers, otoke :dizzy:?????

    That's all for now folks (or shall l say clan members, heh heh), HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  10. @JialingGO  Pride and prejudice, l like that.  Very creative, inspiring and fun to read.  And now my take using Jane Austen's style:


    'The relationship continues to simmer in the big cauldron known as k-entertainment.  Only those with exceptional eyes and sense can see the truth and pure love shared by two lovely souls.  Till today, the burning question in our hearts remains unresolved.  Will the relationship boil over by the end of the year, or should we expect an open declaration in the coming year.  Till then, thus is the agony we kookmin clan has to suffer every Sunday.'


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