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  1. that hug is patented by them, he likes to hug her like that...
  2. Sí, que pereza este foro se caracteriza por solo ver cosas positivas y llenas de sueños de amor,para que vengan a arruinarlo con discusiones inútiles.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2tbchIgWnx/?igshid=1t23hf0mxtru4
  4. Dice algo como que su hermana Somina es bonita
  5. Esa foto no es de su reunión de fans?
  6. Que el pantalón le queda super tallado, además por sus músculos debe ser difícil jajaja
  7. But it also seems that KJK tries not to be very close to other women... The change with LKS and Sechan seemed suspicious to me... Is KJK dating someone else and walking away from SJH is a way to respect her partner? Because with the last guests he has not been very enthusiastic and his relationship with JSM is like very innocent, no one bothers them by making a love line between them. I love them as a couple, age is not an impediment, I think she complements it,He rejuvenates it and it's better that he's younger so they can have kids without problems, but if it's not her, it's okay, he wants to get married and have a family, I'll support whoever chooses... (I hope she encourages her and chooses JSM) I think she's in love
  8. When they are dressed in blue KJK approaches JSM to tell him something, it seems like she is serious and in this video it seems to catch his eye too... She noticed a little awkward near him, I found it strange, he was approaching and she was walking away, at the time of the cake it was the same. They can be my ideas
  9. Have not wondered, why the love line between KJK and SJH, was not mentioned again in RM? HAHA didn't bother you again
  10. Haven't you noticed that KJK hasn't stopped publishing stories? How many times have you traveled and we don't realize it? It's like iwanted to indirectly report what you're doing
  11. It would be great if THEY invited JSM to the MUD program. If you see it made a lot of noise, maybe!!!
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