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  1. someone once told me this coincidence when happen once is called a chance when it happens twice is called a Maybe and when it happens three times its a confirm I really do hope what @hanahrm analysis is true. If it is I'm actually happy that his master fans are supporting and not bashing uri couple. I think both of them suffered enough from antis over the years and they definitely deserve none of the awful treatments. I think with the recent incidents of idols revealing their relationship, the public have become more accepting . Look at the "protest" exo-ls did, there are only a few people who likes to blow up the situation and play the main role of keyboard warriors and this made it seem like the entire fandom is against it. I think as some of u mentioned above they are not purposely trying to hide anymore and are just trying to live their life. Rmb when teaming keeps singing the song " that I was once by your side " last year in the month of feb ? like srsly in a year of 12 months u just have to sing that song in feb and 3 times ? I sincerely hope they can stay tgt and go on return of superman in the future hahah
  2. I think those fans will hate either way. No matter who they date these fans will still hate. I will support them no matter who they date and pray for the best
  3. I think I mention how I became a fan and march of 2019 before somewhere in this thread haha. AND this is exactly how I felt!!! I was a little disappointed since my friends are me are all over the wgm phase. thus finding this thread was a huge blessing to me likewise I also regretted not watching wgm sooner and be sucked into the world of Kpop earlier @naesarang_naeun so WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TAEUN HAHAHAHAH anw in the recent pink concert in one of the VCR hayoung was singing ring ding dong yippp just like what @LauLau mention if they broke up or sth hayoung would not have mention shinee that easily. Pus knowing that she is closest to naeun she will definitely know everything abt naeun. HAYOUNG is taeun fan club prez .
  4. I was soooo excited for that stage:( it’s okay guys there will be other opportunities let’s just be patient and hang on a little longer
  5. I still find it absurd how decided to enter a taeun thread to bash abt taeun..... think abt it an anti shinee fan entering a shinee page and bashing about them ? Plus we keep our views and opinions here in this chat so how do we offend you don’t even enter this thread? About you knowing the girl taemin date I’m sure we will be happy to know that taemin is dating and sad that taeun is not real but until that time comes where they announce their relationship you can’t exactly say we are being delu because you too are shipping him with some other idol and if you think about it you are just a “taemin and other girl shipper” so how different does that make you from us ? And let’s say he is really dating someone else and u guys have a thread how will you like it if someone here goes over to that thread to assert their views ? We taeun fans just used this platform for us to fangirl and I hope that you will respect this platform and allow us to fangirl just for our own sake. I for one will support them if they announce to be dating someone else because I believe it’s the idol choice to choose who to date
  6. @lallinachan_ yups can't wait for more interaction I choose to believe that those shawls that use to hate on them have grew up and will support them no matter who they date I hope that Harun won't get any hate after the performance
  7. its soooo possible hahah I was watching the hidden connection videos again and just like what other taeunians mention I believe the insta live during teaming bdae his friends definitely know where he was:) it sounds like they were teasing him haha married or not its difficult to tell but its also possible that the church is where he confess? or where they have their date? but hahah as time past hints of them being tot seem to get strong( prob me being delusional but I don't mind being stuck in this world if they are happy)
  8. @Natalie totally understand how you feel!!!! I do hope that they will eventually confirm their relationship but I also am aware of the negative implications that comes with it ..... honestly most couples who are busted for dating or announced their relationship often end up in breakups with sources citing that they drifted .... if they are really dating(pretty sure that they are) I kinda hope that they will only announce when they are about to get married hahah !!!! But I believe that their relationship is true in any case hahah call me delusional but after watching so many of such dating reality show I honestly haven't seen any couple like them. Having said this think about the fact that they were just 19 iso 20 when they were in the show and by putting myself in their shoe it will be so difficult to not have feelings for someone when u are practically dating and texting during a span of like one year? But I just wanna say you are not alone hahah I I too believe that they are dating regardless of what others say we just need to wait till the official announcement
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