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  1. @kara1810 @chantaljaey I saw a clip from Apink diary she was trying to listen to lyrics for U you to prepare for their fan meet and Eunji and hayoung was disturbing her by singing random songs. They started to sing Sherlock and ring ding dong maybe that’s why
  2. @kara1810 THANKS OMG ILL GO LISTEN NOW :)) edit: LOVE THE SONGS but I can’t find the translations for heaven...
  3. I’m watching those fan made videos on YouTube of taemin songs with taeun moments. Why are his songs abt break up:( anyone know of any that are like abt being in a relationship or any happy taemin songs. I srsly hope kpop predictions are accurate abt taemin dating and the prediction abt a old wgm couple making a comeback I need more taeun moments in 2019!!! Sorry I’m posting quite a bit these days haha I just can’t help but fawn over them every time I see a taeun video or a taeun post hahha
  4. @chantaljaey I watched so many diff taeun vid on YouTube and every single tiny interaction btw them is able to make me squeal Hahahaha seriously hope that they will make it official eventually
  5. Some say that they no longer wear their silver rosary bracelet is it true ???!! Anyone knows if they still wear the bracelet ? I HOPE THEY ARE TGT
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