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  1. 7 hours ago, Niki Idy said:

    Phew.:wub: finally read most of this thread from all the amazing people contributing for the past two years. 

    I had kept a bookmark of this thread for months after watching suspicious partner because I wanted to be on vacation to read and enjoy the commentary and probably contribute on a drama I watched that I loved the two leads for their insane physical chemistry. I basically watch 2-3 episodes nightly to calm down from my busy day as an investment banker. this is my first time ever registering on a forum over a drama, and I have watched a whole lot :blush:.

    Unfortunately, most people who made the thread fun and additive are gone, but I will still chip in anyways.


    So I had watched JCW in other dramas like healer, empress ki, despite his amazing delivery of those roles, he never caught my attention until halfway through suspicious partner, in fact I was going to quit the drama  because his prosecutor outlook was a too much of screen presence, I prefer when he became softer and a bit more vulnerable, he suddenly became very likeable and adorable and there was when he got me and I became hooked to him as an actor.


    For NJH, I had watched her in shopaholic louis, and you could tell straight up that she is a sweet, humble and adorable girl and above all a great professional actress who delivered her roles to perfection. She had become an unforgettable face to me, so I was interested in watching another of her drama available on Netflix.


    As most people on this thread have said, what caught my attention was their first kiss, the one in the drama itself was kinda aggressive and seemed a little too much for the scene and that’s when I became intrigued and began to wonder ‘why so intense’? ‘why so hungry’. Because It felt kinda real and I dug a bit and found the BTS of it on youtube and I was totally embarrassed further at how long more it went on for, and I couldn’t correlate the same JCW I watched in other dramas to this one who now looked so vulnerable and exposed. Of course, NJH a first kind off held back, but sort off gave in to the pleading passion of the kiss in the end.


    Of course, who watches such intense ‘almost’ lovemaking and doesn’t become a proud delusional shipper? :(. Except the person is in denial or Is basically blind. I am married so I understand the importance of physically chemistry as a major requirement in a relationship, if a man doesn’t desire you or you him, how will such relationship work overtime? Basically, I became hooked and started reading about their past stories given the show aired two years ago and bumped on this thread.


    I believe JCW ‘OPPA’ is already dating the lovely NJH as of today,  infact love isn’t out of his picture, its rare to see a man giddy and practically become silly if he isn’t in love. Moreso, he is clearly experienced with women and has come across various types who basically didn’t awake anything within him because they didn’t bring much to the table outside of their name, money and pretty face. They mostly lack the depth and comfort real men seek for in lifetime partners. JCW, had gotten to the age that he had begun to reflect about his life ‘been there done that’ and can’t help but feel the loneliness and void that needed to be filled with the right kind of woman. (he clearly respects his mum).


    He had known NJH, and had been drawn to her subconsciously or consciously, maybe the Aluu ceos had talked about her so much and he already felt familiar, or possible liked her but felt she was too young, but wished for someone like her who was beautiful, warm and kind with a great smile for himself. Fate did its magic and brought them together on the project suspicious partner. And clearly from the script reading he was stunned at how grown and matured she had become and made up his mind to get closer to her for all its worth maybe as a oreaboni. , I bet he wasn’t expecting to fall that hard and become a giddy playful boy who just couldn’t help himself anymore and had to go with the flow of where his subconscious emotional need was taking him.


    He managed to finish the show, but as it came to a close he was sort of sad and unsure because he was enlisting shortly after and he didn’t know what to do with his feeling because it clearly wasn’t going away after the drama.


    NJH seems smart and clearly knew what was up with her Oppa but clearly played it cool to make him comfortable so they could finish shooting without too much emotions getting in the way of the drama (I think a lot of their emotions still reflected though) These feelings which had suddenly crept up on them during the months of shooting which is a long time enough to bond and know someone better anyways. Hence, they knew each other better, liked each other better , became more physically attracted to each other and their body began to betray them. They both couldn’t deny the attraction hence couldn’t help the staring and skinship. I think he told her he liked whilst shooting the last few episodes, because I saw him drag her with him at the end of their daily shoot in one BTS. But it was probably just an acknowledgement of how he felt about her and nothing too serious and she probably just kept mute so as to finish her work as a professional.


    Surely, they finished the drama and realized love or whatever it was had strangely crept on both of them, JCW clearly gave it a lot of thought as a man and knowing he had to go away for his military enlistment and didn’t want to be selfish because of what an uproar of rumors a relationship may cause, but then couldn’t help it when her name is mentioned (that is his weakness). His smiles suddenly broadens and you really need to tell him to stop being so obvious, he couldn’t help but play their kissing scene at his concert and made all the innuendos to encourage shipping in a subtle and indirect way.


    He truly became the captain of the ship as most people here said, he was truly a Jigoner in love, and he clearly made his feelings known to her before leaving with a gift as he said, she likely promised to give it a thought and ‘wait for him’ which was what was important to him at that point. It was that ‘would she wait? Knowing she is an adorable lady with a lovely personality on sets, she may meet another person while he is away and he would lose her, the fear was clearly immense, hence all the clues he kept dropping. What I liked most was that they managed to keep the press out of their dating rumors, direct questions were screened out that would pin down the fact that they are dating which was done by oppa clearly to protect his girl and not make her an object of attack while he is away. or any rumors that may affect


    the success of her future projects. 

    Now to the present, he came back and clearly a lot of things had happened between them during the two years which we clearly don't know, even before her going for the musical with the Aluu ceos. upon his discharge he was clearly excited to pick up from where he left off with her.

    Butttttttttttt, he is back and doesn’t need to give innuendos about them dating anymore, he is now private with her and must protect her and she in turn must do the same. They cant allow their being together be the focal point of discussion anymore amongst fans when they have future project to undertake, else it will always be in perpetual comparison which undermines the hard work they put in their projects as professionals. Since onscreen chemistry and shipping is part of what brings success to tv dramas. 

    They may never come out and declare they are dating until they are sure of where their love story is headed in another two years or so. From what I see JCW will always protect NJH, what with the current break ups amongst kdrama actors, this is the best way for now in my own opinion, except they truly are faking the love and doing it for fans sake. 

    If you are in doubt, just look at their eyes, are they as happy as you have always known them? If so, then be happy for them as your ship may have sailed farther than you can even imagine or ever dissect here.






    I really loved everything you said here!

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  2. I'm so excited for Wook's new show. I feel like it's not going to disappoint and just the thought of being stuck for so long and waking up without any idea of what's going on in the outside world - with everyone you love moving on & having lives of their own - it excites me. Reminded me of Still Seventeen (Yang Se Jeong & Shin Hye Sun). I really loved it. It was not just about romance but about family & friendship..


    I bet it's going to focus more on Wook's struggles on keeping up with everyone & the heartaches & the drama..which Wook is very good at. I love the cast! I loved Yoon Se Ah in her dramas & I saw Won Jin Ah in Just Between Lovers & thought she did great. 


    Even though I ship Hyunnie & Wookie so hard I'm always excited to see them working with others. It wasn't just the chemistry I saw in them that I started shipping them in SP but because I saw two talented actors who are really good at their craft & you know they are really passionate about acting. You don't see that passion in everyone. We ship a beautiful & awesome couple, you know? :) that's why NamJi is MAGIC.


    And you know they have this great chemistry with their co-actors. Honestly, my heart fluttered for their on-screen ships. I supported their shows, I supported them individually. but the die-hard NamJi shipper inside me will always go back to watching SP at the end of the day. lol. The feeling just won't go away. I'm namji trash forever I guess. And I guess no future torrid kissing scenes or bed scenes (yeah sure haha) will make me leave this ship ever. just like that Carrie Underwood song.. "Once you tasted a love so strong, you can't go back and you can't settle on anything less" :D



    Okaaaaay. Word vomit. :D



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  3. 6 hours ago, ptp321 said:


    Bingo!!!! “Single since birth but was in a rush to be in a relationship last year”..... That answer had the hallmark inconsistencies of her orabonie. Lmao!  


    Ok, @tinymel I take back what I said about how it may be harder getting H to talk. Just because she doesn’t do it as often as Jigoner, she can be just as bad! :joy:

    Lol i agree. I feel like she's just as bad. It's just that she was not asked as much like orabeoni. I'm still not over that HDH interview with her and DO where DO asked her to give a message to the soldiers in the military like he knows something. (Of course he does! :D) He was teasing her obviously and Ji-Hyun just went ahead and gave a message but trying hard not to laugh. That was gold. :D


    But Ji-hyun liking a shipper post is the highlight of them all. Some would say it's accidental but I really can't think of it that way. You can always un-like, right? No one would even notice lol (or is there some replication time in Instagram for that like to not appear anymore in a user's notifications?) Haha.


    namjihyun = namjigoner B)



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