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  1. Hi guys - been awhile since posting here. Thought I would share my fanfic *shy* just because I know lots of us here craving news. Maybe this will help a little (it sure helped me when I was writing it haha!): https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1408004/that-spring always glad to receive a comment and feedback
  2. This is my first time ever being active in forums for any K drama. What private chat disaster? PM me if it is too sensitive? Really very curious...I was about to post all my deluluness on this forum but i saw the other “unnies” (only call you guys that because yall will be senior to me in the art of shipping lol) were quite reserved!! I dont mind kakao talk, does soompi have a private group chat fucntion tho?
  3. Me too! Guys it has been so long since I have been active, but I have read every single post because I get email notifications! Sad that this has ended (and if you guys remember I was in Seoul for work for most of the duration of HPL and I left just as the last 2 epi aired). Kinda like my finale as well hahahaha. Count me in for private chat too! Want to be delulu so baddsssss
  4. Id have to agree. When I was there (sorry I keep on harping about this, but I truly don't mean to show off or anything LOL that's just my closest encounter with uri Lion oppa) - he had quite a few deep discussions with the Director, and also I could see lots of discussion prior to the actual filming of the scenes where he would be discussing how he would run up the stairs and gesturing like "this is how I will position myself etc" / the way he should hold DM /or say certain things in a certain way... Even after the shooting ended, he spent at least 5-10 mins just talking to PD-nim (even though his car was already waiting and PMY had already left some time before that). They looked deep in discussion and I think from what I could hear (and my limited Korean) they were discussing / debriefing the scenes.. My observation is that he is indeed a method actor, and really really really focusses on how to do everything to the best of his ability (I mean, just look at his other movies and his research into it). I would have thought ro-cos are an "easy" genre because I mean, generally speaking people would have a "ro-co" type experience in our daily life so we can emulate that.. (as compared to being a psychopath serial killer or a transgender/gay person).. but even with an easy, light hearted drama, I can see he really works v hard <3 Damn I really sound like a die-hard fan super admiring him and his talent. SIGH.
  5. lol if only I can find out where... honestly I went to these places because I was ticking them off as I went along... HAHA I don't know if I am crazy enough to actually go there again hoping to bump into them... FATED not to get a photo...T_T sigh.....replaying episode 10, watching all his youtube vids, and reading the comments on this forum is helping... a little...
  6. Gosh. Like other people have been saying.. STS is bad here.. when I played the video, trying to understand what they were saying, but then just lost focus staring at KJW and hearing his deep voice in my ear..... LOL.. totally cannot understand as my Korean is limited, and Chinese even worse......but mannn his voice is soooo sexy and deep.....and just like music to my ears.. shiver shiver...rawr Ah MAI GAD I am still replaying that short moment when he said hello to me when I was at the filming site... ottoke fangirls... I'm such a gonerrrrrrr... T_T
  7. I know right annoying CJ. They also post on their official insta tvndrama.official! glad to know I am not the only one facing this block. Find it so strange. Where do the seoul-ites / south koreans watch the BTS then LOL
  8. Ha - don't think it happens that fast and she was in a different outfit (more house outfit and not her pantsuit style) (also like I said I think it takes a lot of editing to make it the cohesive story we see. in reality it is a lot of short scenes together and switching camera angles (you know those split second changes we don't even realise... yeah.. poor video editor...).. I totally feel the need to say it was FOUR hours of cold.. not TWO... and saja-sekki did not even let me take a photo with him.. LIKE SJ SAID.. he should be put on trial and locked up... hahaha SNIFF. Hahah... no I think I didn't describe it accurately... the PD team was telling her to shush.. because she was telling her daughter some story quite loudly.. and she said WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO KEEP QUIET... bla bla bla... #grandmalyfe #thuglyfe Ha - I just hope they were not annoyed.. but the logical part of me says that they should like their fans, because to be fair, without fans, KJW (and any other star for that matter, wouldn't be that famous... haha it is us who are hyping him, viral-ing the hashtags, begging TVN for BTS....) Ha - I am from Malaysia but have lived and worked overseas for a number of years now... They do have chemistry.. praying v v v v v hard for this ship to sail. THINK OF THEIR BABIES.. I think he admits, in the BTS in the introductory video for HPL, that PMY "brightens" him up.. I think that's true.. he isn't broody or anything but just not.. I don't know, I think if you wanna compare, you can see it from his insta posts and comparing it to some other, more "extrovert" actors like say, Ji Chang Wook and Lee Min Ho, who always posts silly stuff on their insta and random videos of themselves, and has cute captions wishing fans good morning, etc.. I don't think uri KJW oppa is as "friendly" as them even on insta.. his captions are all quite short... pardon me for thinking this but I feel like he is abit... how you say.. awkward with Social Media.. like he isn't really a "millennial" so probably does not know how to use it well.. LOL AHJUSSI KJW.. sorry haha I feel like if he used his platform more interactively he would definitely definitely have more followers than he did before....and even now... I guess he is a lot older, and I overheard the PD team saying that yesterdays scene were "intense" so he was probably getting into character for it... I figured.. well.. they don't know me. and I am not staying in Seoul for long so even if I make a HUGE embarrassment of myself, I am leaving soon and everyone will forget ANYWAY... hahahaha Ha - see above I think I did not describe grandma properly. actually I remember now that after she walked away... THEY WALKED ANOTHER ROUND BACK TO THE SAME PLACE AND SHE DID THE SAME THING... JUST TALKING TO HER DAUGHTER LOUDLY.. poor helmeoni must have been abit deaf hahhahhhaha lol thank you for all these questions you are reminding me again how fun it was (when I was there I was just really nervous so I didn't really dare to laugh too loud haha) Funny story about the crutches... I do have them, but I left them at the office because they are SO HARD to walk around in.. hence just limping very lame-ly around... which I suppose added to the hilarity... re resting my foot it is just a road so unfortunately i was just standing... needless to say my foot hurts a lot more now that it did before #dedication lol it should be fine if I keep it in splints for the next month or so.... well I hope uri KJW oppa I hope you were entertained by this sorry sight at least and if it made you feel that little bit more loved I am all the happier for it... even in the cold... hanging around.. enjoy while waiting for BTS @fangirldeokjil94 is this the scene you saw being filmed? Credit to Instagram owners Yup it is this one... I think this was by one of the girls that came later! I didn't film much as the PD team was saying we weren't allowed to do so...
  9. More is coming back to me the more I think about it.. he's downstairs outside his Cadillac, calling her on the phone and she's on the balcony.. saying goodnight via phone but also she can see him? It was weird.. Obviously I don't think they film in sequence cuz after that was the on the street scene where he was turning away quite sadly.... and lol watching it live.. you realise omg what a MAMMOTH job the editing team has....because they shoot scenes for 30 seconds.. and then go.. CUT, *change camera angle*... then.. hilariously.. it was obviously late at night and quite a residential area.. so they had to stop shooting when garbage trucks passed by.. and then there was this cute but clueless grandma.. who got annoyed when one of the staff told her to shh as they were shooting something... then she said something like WHY DO I HAVE TO BE QUIET.. WHAT IS GOING ON.. OH WHY IS IT SO BRIGHT.. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE lol had me some giggles because they then shouted cut to let her pass.. HAHAHA. Also, there were tons of people who were oblivious to the amazing set they were coming across.. one guy.. was listening to music.. and literally walked into the set.. right into an emo moment with DM and RG... he didn't stop because he couldn't hear the PD team tell him to get out! HAHAHA.. PD TEAM HWAITING.. having to deal with crazy fans, nonsense grandmas, and oblivious public walking onto set LOL
  10. I KNOW.. I was really REALLY sad for quite some time.. because really. it was very very cold.. and I was tired. so I was slightly annoyed that uri Lion didn't take matters into his own hands and show some care to this poor little fan like idk requesting that his managers let him spend some time with us..(LOL ok obviously being very greedy already at this point). But he did talk to us.. and I did get my special 5 second moment of his smile.. which at that moment FOR SURE NO DELULU WAS AT ME AND FOR ME lololololol *can die happy like DM and her morgue scene at the earlier episodes* Spoilers hmm... it was.. I think.. semi-angsty, but as always, I think it was caused by something DM said.. and RG was hurt by it.. but after that she runs down the stairs after him on to the street and she hugs him from behind?? LOL... There was also a long slow moment where they hold each others hands... and the set is totally quiet SO IDK MAYBE THATS THE PROPOSAL WHO KNOWS... just my conjecture....
  11. oh... he does. he really does look amazing. when he smiled at me.. I.. just.. I don't know. Haha. He also isn't as tall as I thought he would look like... but of course tall enough to have presence compared to everyone else.. he was also really cute in between takes.. he sat on the hood of the Cadillac and listened to music.. also he for some reason has a HUGE phone.. I could see the big screen lol. He also works v hard to rehearse scenes and reads his scripts a lot. #ourpassionateLion
  12. LOL I know it was long.. sorry sorry.. I think because I have zero fangirl experience, to me SiNaGil can be seen as quite extreme (of course not the stalker type like Sindy, but she *does* go to visit him at airports etc, which I think.. from a normal person's (read - me before this drama) might seem abit crazy LOL sorry to any die-hard fans out there. I will go to any airport with KJW now. HAHA. Yes - just have to be really polite about it, they won't shoo you away, and you can watch from afar, but in my opinion its very hard to get interaction with them unless you happen to be the only one there and given not much time left.. don't know if you can bump into them before finale.. from the scenes they were shooting it seemed abit more advanced already (like 13-14).. Glad you feel encouraged!
  13. My First Real Fangirl Experience Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching epi 10. Before I delve into this, abit of background for context - I am in Seoul for awhile for work (not a Korean), and I got super hooked onto this drama so bad during my time here! I never created soompi account before or even bother being active in forums, much less have the chance to visit locations since I am not from Seoul.... I only binge watch some dramas (and even then, haven't been watching too many unless they get super hyped up and I see that in social media). I am a little too old for this, I always tell myself (but seeing the other unnies here I won't speak further LOL because I will get kicked when I say I am in my late 20s HAHA). I am also in a very serious corporate job where my colleagues will fall over if they know what I have been doing... My love for this drama (and KJW) has become so.. I don't know.. fangirl-like? It is quite a scary and incredulous feeling I must say..and being in Seoul when this is happening is just too surreal, seeing all the locations in reality I think is the magic that is pushing me to convert to fangirl-ism!! ANYWAY. I am hoping ya'll are in our little virtual chatroom listening now like SJ and other SiNaGil fans because.. I am hoping this will be worth the read and you will be squee-ing with me as I regale my story.....you may play the HPL theme songs for effect lol Based on my previous postings, you'll see that I spent my days off visiting locations of these dramas.. Last night, getting off work at about 9pm, I was in the area of Deok Mi's house (the location is available on this website www.koreandramaland.com). It would have been too late to run back home to catch it direct on TVN (and add to the ratings lol) so I decided to take a walk up there just to see how it looked like...and I BUMPED INTO THEM SHOOTING! (now this is where things get REALLY surreal). I was watching them set-up, when I saw this man walking slowly but purposefully out of a black van a few cars down from me to the house.. he was in sweats / jogger pants..and as he walked closer.. I realized it was our Lion! He looked quite serious and "cool" (with a cig in his hand lol SIDEBAR he does smoke quite abit (at least 3-4 diff sticks as I observed in the four hours I was there) - no judgment but sigh it really is very unhealthy oppa you should stop we want you around forever END SIDEBAR).. as he passed (he was walking really slowly and no more than 5m from me), I just yelped.."Annyeong Oppa" *cue waving like a crazy little child* and... he did the EXACT SAME THING SI AN DID WHEN DEOK MI WENT TO HIS HOUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME.. that whole half bow half nod thing... and "Annyeong-hasaeyo-ed" me back with a smile! OH THAT VOICE. died. Literally. have not ever been starstruck before. Until that moment. There weren't any other fans around (it is in quite a secluded area so you have to really make a "pilgrimage" to get there) so it really felt like.. I don't know.. just.. wow. My only regret is that I did not have the sense to ask him for a selfie, which I am so sure he would have obliged to do so given there really is no one else there at the time, not even his manager / stylist... AHHHH, I really felt at the time.. this is how Deok Mi feels, when Si An catches her eye, and when he smiles at her.... *swoons*. He then went upstairs to the balcony.. and hung out with some of the PD team, whilst facing me.. ahh sigh at that moment that must be how Romeo felt when staring up at his Juliet SIGH....he did look at me a number of times (trust me there is a reason for this LOL NOT DELULU. I hurt myself so I had a cast on my foot... SO IMAGINE HOW SILLY I MUST HAVE LOOKED. THIS CRAZY GIRL WITH A HALF LIMP STANDING THERE BEING QUITE TIMID AND NOT DOING ANYTHING) So embarrassing but also quite funny I think.......I laugh incredulously at myself at how nonsense I am being... HONESTLY. Now comes the conflicting part, I felt happy to be there, but at the same time, I also felt like I was kind of intruding into his arty space, so I decided to wait patiently till the shooting ended with the hopes of getting his autograph / photo together...and just.. really.. made myself scarce and made sure not to take any photos of the shooting (sorry guys - I just somehow felt that was abit disrespectful IDK why even though I love all the fancam stuff. The PD team actually say its not allowed but I think people don't really listen). I also managed to see PMY unnie... she was a lot "brighter" than him.. there was one point where she was hanging on the balcony.. and I was on the ground..it was a break.. and I just stated waving at her to say hello, and she waved back, and I don't know what came over me, I just shouted upwards "Annyeong Unnie, nomu yeppo-yo.. hwaiting!" LOL, and she waved backed and laughed and also said Annyeong! There were also a couple of NGs where he burst out laughing.. his deep throaty laugh.. and also times where he had to clear his throat because it was cold outside.. he would go all *aaahhgemmm ahh ahh ahh* *gulps water*. MAN GUYS SERIOUSLY HEARING HIS VOICE IN REALITY IS LIKE A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HEAR ON SCREEN. (sorry obviously my bias is totally KJW and not PMY, but for the PMY fans here yes she is very pretty and sweet IRL as well and every bit as sunny as the Deok Mi you see - even though it was cold AF). and also, for any MinJae shippers here (me included hoho), let me tell you once and for all. their interactions are not fake. Of course it isn't at the level where it is obvious to anyone looking that they are in love (lol of course not right), but she IS very comfortable with him - and him with her. A number of times he patted her on the small of her back, and moved fringe out of her eyes when there was no shooting <3 <3 <3.. not even BTS guys... just in general waiting for the next scene...of course it can be very platonic as well, and maybe they were practicing let me just cover myself.. any anti KJW/PMY shippers please don't jump on me... Anyway, so there I am, just this one single fan, lucky as anything, having them to myself for the first 2 hours (the shoot lasted 4 hours I almost died it was so cold lol).. when suddenly 6-7 other girls show up (literally out of nowhere). From what I could understand, they had paid (??) someone for information (almost USD200) for the location info. There was also a man (think he is the guy that leaked the information - seemed abit sleazy to me as he came up to me to ask how I knew, I suppose because I wasn't part of his posse).. and the moment the PD team saw this group of girls plus man, the mood changes somewhat.. I think they don't appreciate it when people sell information about the locations (and by extension, the fans who buy them). The PD team wasn't hostile, but it became clear that I wouldn't be able to finish what I missed out on doing (i.e. selfie / signature - actually I don't even know where / what he would sign given I really wasn't prepared LOL).. because the mood just shifted and they became really protective of both PMY / KJW. T_T at that point I was so heartbroken.. I had waited there for almost 2 hours already and I was so sure I'd be able to get that darn pic I missed out on.. if only that guy didn't sell the info... sigh.....or if I had the SENSE to ask and not be starstruck like a bleeding teenager when he first passed me (my work requires me to be quite assertive and strong and vocal so I am really not usually so timid WTH IS WRONG WITH ME AHHHHH)... In the end, after the shooting ended, they brought the cars right up front, and the PD team sort of blocked the girls (and me huhu) off and we did not manage to get any autographs or any photos at all... T_T. The only saving grace was that before KJW got into his car, he said thank you for the support and for staying out so long in the cold (lol pardon my delulu-ness but I'd like to think he meant it for me most of all because he saw me pre shoot with my limping foot all the way till the end LOL). Felt so empty after that.. and kind of upset at the man that sold the information - I mean I get it from the PD team perspective, having fans gawp around makes it difficult for actors to concentrate, not to mention having to move lighting around and ensuring the fans don't inadvertently appear in the background.. So if anyone reading here is from Seoul and is even thinking of buying the information, I really don't think its worth it because the PD teams know.. its also pretty obvious (albeit ironic since this is a show glorifying extreme fans) that there is a "bad" impression of the extreme type of fan who would pay that kind of money just for a location name. It seems like even if they have any suspicion, the mood changes and they get protective..Say you do happen to bump into the location (and I thank my lucky stars that I did) best outcome for yourself is keeping yourself scarce (limit videos) and stay out of the way as much as possible - be patient to wait till end of shooting before trying to get an autograph / pic). Sorry for the long post. Just ranting out my little story here since I can't really tell anyone here in Seoul very much given my secret life as a new fan girl. I am very lucky though, because I do have my own Ryan Gold in my BF who was super supportive of me when I kept on telling him I was being silly waiting in the cold, with my fractured foot, for nonsensically waiting for some dude's signature and photo (I mean let's be real he really is just another human being lol whats the big deal riiightt.....). He also does the whole forehead nose lips kiss things.. Don't even know why I am sharing all this here HAHA but I guess I feel this is a very amazing place where someone can just fangirl like crazy.. and for a new "fangirl" like me, I really managed to experience what being a real fangirl is like (and also a little bit of the bad and negative side of it of extreme fandom-ness like Sindy lol).. I am still feeling abit winded from my experience yesterday.. though it might also be because they wrapped at 1am and I still went home and watched the subbed epi 9 plus the raw epi 10... and it was almost 4am before I slept and I have work today at 9am (dead right now). Hope you guys enjoyed my story above.. and this at least helps a little with the EMPTY VOID TVN LEFT US WITH WHEN THEY DID NOT RELEASE BTS TODAY T__________________________________T.
  14. Do you think they won't be issuing the BTS so there is hype for the Director's Cut? Man - omgggg - I think the Instagram that has the link to the demand survey is @herprivatelife_bd ? Can we all go and sign up please if that is the case! I will definitely buy it and see if there are ways to share it!!!! And with eng subs..... T_T
  15. Do we know what the count is now? I've done it but I can't find the link to repost and it really isn't the easiest to do given it is in Korean... Is it correct that the DVD / Bluray means there are more BTS <3 if so CAN EVERYONE PLEASE GO SIGN UP NAO?
  16. HAHA THIS MADE ME LOL..... just wait eh... special technique of Jae Uck haha now I really wanna watch all his other shows.. JCW was also a v good kisser though not so much in Healer but in Suspicious Partner with Nam Ji Hyun.. there was an uncut video BTS of their kiss oh myy... all those slurping noises.....yummy yummy lol LOL ok need to tell myself to calm down but I am hoping for a similar BTS from lion Separately, in less PG rated scenes, I am hoping for a back hug since KJW is so tall he will just envelope our cute Rabbit MY... <3<3<3 I also want that Lion softie as a souvenir!!! I hope they will really have it xoxo
  17. BTW, I read somewhere... that... the webtoon.... has.. a Bed Scene.
  18. I just realised something... We ALL got trolled by uri Jae Wook oppa.... at the press con he was like well nah, no mature stuff, PD-nim will tone it down etc etc... maybe I am being too dirty minded at this stage but daymn that kiss...and all the sexual tension? How is that toning it down!!! naughty Jae Wook oppa teasing us ...ok i might be marginally delulu but still - that press con left me with some doubts as to whether this would just stop at the sweet kisses... me want moarrrr gahhhhhhh hormones.....
  19. Ok but am I the only one wondering why his car suddenly changed from black to white??? #notrelevant #butstill hahahaha
  20. Kinda wish he lifted her onto the table though.. i mean.. he IS american right lol sorry for all the stereotypes hahahaha and my dirtehh minddd lolol CELEBRATE
  21. Oh my heart. Aahhhhhh... so sweet.... when he pauses as she rants about why he hated fake dating, does he really find it bad that he had to stop bla bla bla.. he just looks at her with those eyes of his.. and says... because...it was fake. I hated it, because it was fake. *never loses eye contact, walks slowly.. and....* soft kiss, calming her tears. then.... a more hungry kiss...after all that angst.... OH MY HEART.
  22. It appears around the top? on the left. Currently it says "9,970 읽음" - I think this means the number of visits on the page.. granted my Korean isn't amazing... The number of "dead but back to life" kdrama fangirls on this page is quite a lot (myself included)... I almost never watch a drama ongoing because I rather binge watch.. did not realise I was missing out on such a fun loving community of fan girls going crazy over the same show... It is true, fan girls know no age, I met some fans IRL whilst stalking the set in Seoul (am here for a short while lol) who was wayyy older and wayyy younger than me! All of us just go crazy together haha. This place really mirrors Si Na Gil's fan café <3 you all! 2 more hourssss.......
  23. Guys, let's all go visit the Naver gallery - I think they have a counter to show how many ppl visit so it is a form of support for our Lion <3 This is the first time I am so crazy fangirling over this specimen of human... one of the taglines in there says "I think we need to clone humans"... YES PLEASE HOW BOUT ONE LION PER FAN GIRL ahhh.... <3<3 click into the link!!! http://naver.me/5Qfl15gS Makes me so happy to see the counter go up... hoping this is the start of superstardom for Jae Wook <3<3 #ahemsorry #crazyfangirlhere I want one of those knitted lions man.. any way we can get fan merchandise.. I hope I am not speaking too soon but this drama has all the makings of being one of the classic Kdramas of all time ala Coffee Prince!!
  24. Omg those stills from TVN. Fourth pic is the cutest and is the biggest push to making me delulu that they have a real thing going on....ahhh help me kdrama gods..... the whole talking upside down is so comfortable and sweet and ...shdhdjskajska JEBALLLL https://www.instagram.com/p/BxG9SqNpL22/?hl=en
  25. OMG I know what you mean. I am a huge GOT fan as well.. been following since forever and it is the last season right so we should really be super excited every episode. But somehow, it has become “thank god I have GOT to be filler in between the 7 days wait for the next episode of HPL”
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