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  1. As parting words on this thread, I would like to share that both Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo are included on this list in Elle Japan February 2021 issue about people who leads the new era. In the dark times of 2020, these 81 people encouraged others through their positivity in life. Belmakang’s post yesterday was liked by Kyo’s friends, there is no animosity between them as BinKyo was not the epic love fans painted them to be. Hyun Bin, as we now know, is not Hye Kyo’s long time and difficult love. All’s well. So let’s close the BinKyo book with definite finality
  2. According to my Korean friend, Kyo and Hyun Bin are now ok as friends, that is why there are coincidences like same glam squads, they are just NOT meant to be together and also, Kyo has said she will never go back to an ex. I just hope for a project in the future. Kyo and SYJ are friends only the fans make them at war but personally they are good. Like we always say, this thread is for Supporters and not Shippers so whatever makes them happy, most of us are cool with it. To MayaE, we know you are the very loyal BinKyo, please accept now they are ju
  3. What a coincidence that the topic here last night was about Kyo not getting close to "neighbors" ( of course this includes friends) of an ex. By the same logic, it's safe to assume that Kyo does not like her close friends to be close to her ex also and as we could see, before 2020, none of her friends posted about her exes except when necessary for work related reasons. Today, her very own bff included Binnie in her collage. As to whether she is close to Kyo - We all have bestfriends whom we haven't talked to for a long time. But that is not the case, this sup
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