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  1. In their imagination Kyo was at home sad and lonely and missing an ex REALITY - SHE WAS OUT AND ABOUT YESTERDAY ON BUSINESS MEETINGS. Something to look forward to and she's happy she posted. That's typical Kyo.
  2. Just a reminder for bashers that it is not Kyo's fault that you always believe in fake news and delulus. If and when truth comes out soon and you will be miserable, you only have yourselves to blame. Ship peacefully and stop bashing Song Hye Kyo. Mind your own ship.
  3. It's good that Hyun Bin is not quarantining in Seoul. A bit of country and fresh air is needed so you won't get bored during isolation.
  4. I heard that Kyo will not be working on a drama or movie anytime soon. An announcement soon but not for a project. Your guess is as good as mine.
  5. What a coincidence that Kyo and stylist only reconnected after divorce.
  6. Thank you for the reminders moderators. And I hope you are fair in monitoring the other threads. After all, it is Song Hye Kyo who is always being bashed by rabid shippers online. #Fact
  7. About friend posting Hyun Bin's drama. THAT IS A CLOSE FRIEND OF SONG HYE KYO. Very loyal friend of Song Hye Kyo. Was asked before to promote Arthdal Chronicles but his reply "Sorry I do not promote anybody" - few weeks later, we knew the reason why, divorce was announced. And in the drama post, that friend has put only Hyun Bin's name.
  8. Friend of Kyo is so proud of Hyun Bin and started to watch his drama but only mentions Binnie not his co stars of course haha. That friend of Kyo is so loyal to her. One of the fiesty friends of Kyo so, for rabids out there, Kyo's friend knows how to handle crazies like you. Was never afraid before to give hints to fans what caused the divorce. So brave and staunch defender of Kyo and now openly praising Hyun Bin.
  9. I am not on any GC but I understand the new crumbs as I saw it now as soon as I opened my phone waking up and I was surprised to see and IMO, it’s something big coz that long time friend is very fiesty and vocal and that friend is never afraid to voice out support and non support.
  10. Nothing, just something to drink from Just coincidence not crumbs
  11. Mere mention of her name trends, envious haters can't relate
  12. Not member of any GC anywhere but I am making my own detective work. So far so good. I believe in BinKyo. Better we all ignore the crazy and paranoid haters. In due time all will be revealed.
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