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  1. But she also said before she will always be grateful to her role as KMS because it opened up a lot of opportunities for her and in the new MC interview she reenacted a scene from her previous drama of opening her bag getting the imaginary heart. I love her in all her roles. But I join this ship because I am more hooked to their chemistry than her previous dramas. What's good with LaBit is that there is no dating rumors so we have a high chance of seeing them together during Awards Nights. Awards Season in Korea starts in Sept or Oct. We all have different expectations for LaBit but for me I'm content of their friendship. In real life, KJW can be with Lee El or whoever and PMY can be with PSJ or whoever but I will still prefer to see my LaBit couple on screen.
  2. "Criticized Arthdal Chronicles, will the viewers change their minds? " tvN's Arthdal Chronicles is strange. This is because the earliest period of time, the Sango period, is the setting of the period. He brought up stories of pre-history and pre-history times that he didn't try in Korean dramas. It was full of myths and fantasies. There was plenty of room for imagination. The Arthdal Chronicles were intended to show the steps of entering civilization from the original city, the steps of advancing from tribe to country (through federation), and the steps of entering history In fact, the real problem is not the "worldview" or "whether or not the original work exists." There is no other choice but to argue about the creation. In the beginning of the drama, it was quite tacky to describe the worldview. The worldview should be exposed in the background so that viewers can accept it naturally, not unilaterally listing it as an infusion-style education. Perhaps a considerable number of viewers were dissatisfied with one or two hard-core worldview lectures. Of course, even if the worldview is a bit sloppy and the delivery method is not sophisticated, the drama can succeed if the character is attractive in the end. After all, it is the character that leads the story. But the main characters in The Asdal Chronicles somehow give the impression that they are superficial. Rather than feeling like a character in a drama, it comes in a foreign way. This is the result of neglecting to describe a person in the early stages due to his focus on explaining the worldview. The exit of Asahon and Lagaz took place too quickly, and the roles of child actors were too few. Another reason why a character's charm has been halved is its "smoke power." Jang Dong-gun, who plays Tagon, the son of a bird's-Araha mountain hero and a hero of Asdal, looks a bit awkward as if he is wearing an incorrect suit, while Song Joong-ki, who plays Eun-som, is consistent with his look and acting that reminds him of the movie The Wolf Boy. The acting patterns of Kim Ji-won, who plays Tanya, the successor of Wahan's clan mother, and Kim Ok-bin, who plays Taealha, the master of the "Araha Mihol" of the navy, were also half-hearted, as they were widely expected. In addition, it is regrettable that there was no central axis to lead the flow of the play in the beginning, as well as the poor delivery of the lines (which is a matter of sound, acting, or everyone's problem). For JTBC <SKY Castle>, didn't Kim Jung-nan, who appeared in the first episode, draw viewers' attention with a clear sense of presence? In comparison, Chu's performance was quite difficult. It was consistent with awkward emotions and hard-talking, which rather hindered viewers' immersion. The Arthal Chronicles, which have revealed its problems in its creation, are under tremendous criticism. Kim Won-seok, producer of tvN's <Misaeng>, <Signal>, <My Mister>, <The Rooted Tree>, <The Breeding Tree> and <The Dragon>, <Narsha>, Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-bin, who have completed their all-time cast. Moreover, it cost a whopping 54 billion won to produce. It was a stark comparison to "Mr. Sunshine," which cost 43 billion won right away. However, the ratings are not bad. The Arthdal Chronicles, which started at 6.729% in the first inning, left room for a rise of 7.31% in the second, 6.435% in the third and 7.705% in the fourth. The Asdal Chronicles is expected to mark another turning point in the fifth episode, when the story between characters such as Tagon, who revealed his desire to save the Wahans by kidnapping him, Tanya, who realized his identity and ability, and Taealha, who struggles between his father, Mihol, and Tagon. The Arthdal Chronicles is a laudable new attempt, but the clumsyness of the making is a point to be criticized. It is even more regrettable in that the production cost of 54 billion won and pre-production conditions have resulted in such results. It is also a concern of the Arthdal Chronicles that viewers are not happy about the fact that there have been allegations of staff abuse. Will Arthdal Chronicles ever make a comeback? Whether viewers will be able to change their minds depends on the remaining episodes of the show. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/047/0002229924
  3. In Korea, they always say close friends even if in reality they are dating. But I do not think Lee El is the type to shy away sending foodtruck to KJW because she already sent one to him in his previous drama before despite rumors. Maybe she will send soon or maybe she is too busy to think about sending or maybe they are no longer close now. Other people say she is after KJW because she was the one who posted pic of him sleeping and KNetz got angry with her before, they understood the post as sign of "claiming" him as having something special with her. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/05/actress-lee-el-accidentally-posts.html?m=1 As for international fans, you cannot blame fans for what they said about her because big blogs such as this has wrote the previous dating rumor this way and read the comments http://koalasplayground.com/2018/05/20/lee-el-and-kim-jae-wook-dating-rumor-spreads-after-she-posts-sleeping-picture-of-him-on-sns/
  4. The news about So Ji Sub admitting a gf made me think of the previous rumors about him. Not necessarily true just because 2 celebs are rumored in Korea, To those who think PMY may be dating her former co star because its what KNetz think, then they should read these KNetz comments last year when they thought that So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin were secretly dating. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/04/celebrity-scoop-journalist-baek-hyun.html?m=1
  5. There is a Solid fans section of Soompi forums for actors and actresses. Solid fans should go there and not in Shippers Paradise.
  6. I saw Healer BTS they were sweet reading scripts together and all that but I think she is laughing more in HPL BTS. The LaBit shippers here in thread do not have delulu they are dating now. What we spazz here are their outstanding chemistry on and off cam and the possibility they may fall for each other in real life. If you do not agree with shippers then please leave us alone here while we spazz. I also saw you in the other shipping thread arguing with them. This Shippers Paradise forum is made by Soompi for fans who would like to spazz on drama, movie or real couples.
  7. I do not know why other ships kept talking about HPL if they do not like the drama. They should instead focus only on all throwbacks of their favorite couple. They should stop dissing HPL. Respect PMY. I do not agree that PMY Korean fans hated the drama. It is not true. They should shut up talking against HPL their jealousy over PMY and KJW pairing is showing.
  8. International Fans are the loudest hardcore shippers. I also follow SHK ig and shippers kept asking for pic with SJK when what she wanted to share are all about her and her work because they are for privacy. Even now also when PMY post HPL there are still shippers who comments tagging her former co star such a mess. Sometimes there are also fanwars in PMY comment section. She deleted a photo before because of fanwar between her solid fans and former drama shippers. I hope we LaBit shippers remain calm and just to go with the flow.
  9. Hyeri was shipped with BoGum and their shippers were counting the numerous coincidences and got the shock of their life when the truth revealed who she is really dating. That is why some people need to stop being too sure as if they personally know celebrities or else they too will get the shock of their lives.
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