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  1. Can someone please explain to me the airing schedule for this drama on YouTube? I looked at the schedule on Youku, but it doesn't match up. Are they not airing one episode every day now on YouTube? Is it because they're still editing the drama due to censorship or are they already done? I was expecting episode 10 to be released today since 7,8, and 9 was released the previous day's.
  2. Please enlighten me, I am still confused on the switching of the scrolls. So, did Prince Qi actually write anything on the scroll with invisible ink (since I've seen this method used multiple times in historical dramas)? Or was the Crown Prince just smart enough to make all the evidences point at Prince Wang that he actually did write a scroll? I am questioning this because the scene where the emperor and Prince Qi confronted Crown Prince and Jia Yibao, Prince Qi saw that the scroll that they had was also a blank canvas (and if he really did use invisible ink to write he would've panicked and made faces), but instead he seemed nonchalant about it as if he never really did write any scrolls. And I dont get the part of what's the point of throwing that handkerchief over the gate, when just the scroll is enough to implicate the crown prince? And plus, if Maid Wu really did throw the scroll over the gate with Prince Qi's original scroll (and since we see that the scroll is just a blank canvas), how would they have read it? And then how did Crown Prince knew that Maid Wu was Lady Zhang's daughter? The only thing that I got from his explanation was that he was her friend, so he was able to read her......???? I'm sorry if these sounds like dumb question because maybe they are, and I might just be too slow of a thinker to understand it.
  3. Okay..... I am on episode 32, and I see no signs of Suzhen having a child with Xian........ I will be greatly disappointed if this version did not make this happen given that this version focused so much on Suzhen's and Xian's romance....
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