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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByJKGaJhbT6/ Unable to insert image... credit to @ji_an_nim
  2. Annyeong Chingus...another silent lurker here...I am so impressed by HPL. The way this drama handles different social issues, being in a relationship in such a mature, realistic and positive way is awe inspiring. STS to the max. A drama worth multiple rewatches, a drama that shows that communication and understanding of each other, appreciating each other, small things in life trumps everything else. It is a bummer that the TV viewership ratings are low. But it has definitely increased fandom especially for KJW. The man is so charming, PMY too is. The comfort level that all the actors have while filming can be felt through the drama. Glad that this drama was made and glad that KJW and PMY are part of this wonderful journey that they are taking us through!
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