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  1. September is just happening now they may be filming now so happy can't wait to see it. I also can't wait to watch the behind the scenes for posters and scenes. @gm4queen thank you also they havenot confirmed wonder why may be BC of COVID-19. But I hope they do accept it.
  2. Ur right, she may be in love triangle with Kim hyang gi and Choi Daniel. I don't know but we will see the info soon. Thank you Ur right been long time.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFByHcGJcWa/?igshid=rqn225bis1vs I cannot wait to see fly up butterfly, it's official drama for Choi Daniel instead of special appearance. I can't wait to see the chemistry between him and Kim hyang gi.
  4. Omggg can't wait but that's too long but it okay we can wait. Thank you for sharing @gm4queen I can't wait to see the posters and trailer.
  5. Ur so right, same I also love hyang gi she's very good acting and talented. I watched all of her films and drama. I can't wait to see her new drama fly up butterfly with Choi Daniel
  6. I found it from here, Hyang gi character information Year: 2021 Channel: JTBC Drama: Fly up butterfly Name: Joy Let see what his character name is
  7. Thank you for making this thread for Choi Daniel new drama. I can't wait to see it also I can't believe it he will be working with Kim hyang gi. Cant wait to see them act. Also I heard that Kim hyang gi character name is joy. No news about Choi Daniel character name or his role. I hope this drama will be successful. Also get lots of awards. Cant wait to see why many girls who will be end up with.
  8. Ur right can't wait to see his new role but I miss his previous role Lee da ll. I'm curious about his new role even thought they didn't explain Choi Daniel role but am excited to see it. @gm4queen and I thought the drama is coming in June next year 2021????
  9. Am so happy to see him but he look different now but he's getting handsome now. Can't wait for his upcoming drama it would so interesting fighting Choi Daniel. @gm4queen thank you for sharing
  10. Thats sad to hear that I want to see him now, quicker as soon as possible with hyang gi. Same goes the drama is interested aswell. So they have not start to shoot. I think it's because the new female oh yoon ah haven't accept it yet. Same goes to Kim hyang gi, she have not accept it aswell there is no articles saying she accept it maybe this is because she is too busy filming two films that will release next year 2021. So we have to be patient.  sorry @gm4queen we have to wait again.
  11. https://www.soompi.com/article/1417227wpp/oh-yoon-ah-and-choi-daniel-receive-offers-to-join-jtbc-drama-kim-hyang-gi-is-in-talks-for Cant wait to watch this drama
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThmbK3Om8Nc&feature=youtu.be Here I found the bts of our Choi Daniel from its okay to not be okay. Choi Daniel is looking hot there he look sooo good with suit this just remind me of older version of Lee da ll @gm4queen @Pyar @danisnk222 Omggg so much difference. With and without glasses
  13. I knew it that is the guy I saw from the preview the one he at the restaurant and talking to her. Thanks for the full image of him he's so different and more HANDSOME his hairstyles is different aswell . Can't wait to see him act@gm4queen
  14. Yes I was thinking too they didn't reveal when Kim Soo Hyun took the photo of them so I can't wait for this moment it would funny and so excited to see him @gm4queen
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