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  1. OMG same i finished last week I cant remember how must i watched it since last yr its aired. I cant stop watching and i cant even stop watching and listening ur videos. I just love it sooo much. Park wun bin and choi daniel r sooo magical than other couples its very different. I dont how. Btw we havent name the couple name for park eun bin and choi daniel????? What is ur couple name for them? @gm4queen @Pyar @hushh To me: daniebin or choibin or euniel @Pyar thanks for the pics below he looks soo cute
  2. Yes that's sooo true. I also have not found the link for the movie i think we have to wait until 2020(this is my thought). Im still waiting for it. Choi daniel is way more cooler in the movie. @gm4queen
  3. Yes i remember he says that. He didnt says 10 properly bc he was nervous. @gm4queen he didnt says he was nervous with other female casts. http://kshow123.net/show/entertainment-weekly/episode-1729.html Here is the link of video go to the end.
  4. When i watch the chemistry between choi daniel and park eun bin its felt the electricty coming through me and its doesn't matter if they have kiss. This is enough. This couple idk its soooo different from other couples e.g songsong. Choi daniel and park eun bin r the best bc of their height and the way their act and they r prefect match. What is ur feeling when u first watch them in ep 1 and 2 of the ghost detective. After watching this from last yr when its came out. I though only park eun bin is the sister with lee ji ah in the ghost detective. What was ur though when u watched this @gm4queen @Pyar
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