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  1. Code Name: Terrius Full Trailer Extract with English subtitles:
  2. @nohamahamoud2002 I still stand by what I said before. That this young but talented country boy wanted to reach his dreams in a hurry and resorted to the help of someone like Professor Kang just to get there. He agreed to whatever plan was laid for him to become conductor but things got complicated. It's more likely that what was intended was only to injure Kim Ian (so won't be able to do his work as conductor any more) but he accidentally discovered something that endangered his life. A secret he was better off not knowing. Maybe the abduction of Kim Ian and Hong Yi Young was only to scare the guy but unaware of whatever plan [Professor Kang] had in mind, NJW felt guilty and wanted to rescue them both but his 'butting in' caused even greater trouble, resulting to the death of Kim Ian and the dissociative amnesia of HYY. NJW never intended to hurt anyone but he was too scared of whatever consequences there may be if he told anyone the truth; consequences to his career or his own life. That's probably why he felt guilty. @Heidi Seow I think NJW is also a victim here, in some ways. But he might have made decisions that made him look like a bad person. I hope that somehow things will turn out well for him in the end.
  3. On Episode 21: This is all I have to say for now: Nam Ju Wan looked creepy during that long pause before the concert started. Gave me feels from Lee Dong-wook's character in Hell is Other People. Oh, and... It seems there are two suspects to the death of Mr. Scar Hand. (I always forget his name...). NJW and Professor Kang. I say it's Professor Kang. They only made it appear more like NJW but I think it's that big jerk. Thanks.
  4. [2019-0909] UPDATE: New show! New concept random car travel: Bung Marble • Begins on 9/17 at 7:00pm on http://tvd.tving.com/tvnd And also, news on movie Stellar: (Please see whole thread. )
  5. Still here! Haha. I check from time to time and read the long ones when I have time. Haha. I agree with @carolinedl how the story is starting to drag. But I don't think it will be the case for the next episodes. The slowing down part was probably to show the drama part, how lovely and happy yet painful and difficult the love between JY and HYY is. I guess we'll appreciate their happy ending more because of those scenes. ^^ Waiting for the next episodes.
  6. Teaser for the Philippine broadcast of "Terius Behind Me", soon on ABS-CBN. Fan-subbed version:
  7. Sharing with you an English article about Son Ho Jun's upcoming movie, Stella, from HanCinema: https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-son-ho-jun-cast-for-new-movie-stella-133297.html
  8. Ah... I see where you're going there. There is something much bigger than only giving NJW what we wants. What is that "something" anyway?
  9. Haha! Even the lack of emojis didn't take away the humor of this. A penny for my thoughts on Episodes 17-18... So Nam Joo Wan isn't as evil as he first seemed to be. He's one of those good people who had dreams but had to stand on the palm (at the control) of the "powerful" to be able to reach them. (Too bad he wanted to get to the top in such a hurry, he had to resort to such means.) Flashback to Professor Song's party, according to Ha Eun Ju + my theories... • The target was Kim Ian • Goal was to "get rid" of him • So Nam Joo Wan could be conductor • NJW knew about what's going to happen • But Yi Young got involved • Nam Joo Wan got worried • So he followed them to make sure that HYY won't die along with Kim Ian • Hence, the knife was to save HYY, not harm her Now what's left is... How did HYY end up with her hand on the knife that stabbed Kim Ian? On another topic... The cute and sweet scene between HYY and JY was really nice but I think it was an advanced balm for this: The scene in the second video pains my heart...
  10. I've always assumed that the music has its on part in the drama's plot. I mean the writers wouldn't choose those pieces for no reason. What you just said might actually be a clue to a backstory waiting to be revealed... Like how NJW could've always liked Yi Young but was himself rejected because she liked Kim Ian. He disguised himself as a kind friend to her but he probably has some kind of dangerous plan for Yi Young once she rediscovers the whole truth. Thanks for sharing that~:)
  11. OMG. :-O Thanks for asking. It certainly tells that the gossipmonger is part of the orchestra. 유다 (Yu Da) is translated by Papago as "Judas". Look for the one who would give that betraying kiss. =| Yu Da sounds like s/he has been around Shinyoung Philharmonic for a long time. Although, it could also be possible that NJW, though he has just joined them, could have been lurking in the dark around the group.
  12. Now I'm beginning to recall NJW's clumsy former assistant... She's so under the radar. She might have had unpleasant experiences working for both NJW and Ms. Yoon (did I remember that right?) and maybe was often pushed over by other folks from the orchestra, and is thinking of getting back at them. But maybe not. ~~~ Slightly off-topic. But I'd like to share with you something as a fan of Son Ho-jun and as someone who admires how good an actress Park Ji-yeon is: Thanks. ^^
  13. So... After the 16th episode, the clouds get less hazier. • Eun Ju seems to know much about the past and is now trying to use that knowledge for her own advantage. She's one undefeatable woman! Whatever secret the higher-ups of the Philharmonic is keeping, Eun Ju now seems to be getting closer to. I hope at one point, she becomes Yi Young's ally in finding out the truth about what really happened to Kim Ian. • Yu Da is beginning to get on my nerves... :/ Could she be Yi Young's close friend in the orchestra? • This scene: Had a ballad for its BGM and I found it a little unusual. Haha. Well, I do know the context, but I still find it weird. ^^' • The writers are doing a good job of creating a maze in our heads about this drama. xD • I hope we'll get to see the trailer for the next episode soon. (I'll go and check out Naver TV often...)
  14. @thistle it's nice that I'm not alone in that thought. @philosophie I feel you with that "what the hell happened..." statement you shared. ^^' - the classical music is a big reason for me to enjoy the drama. It enlivens me! Some more thoughts: • How come it's so hard for Jang Yoon to admit even just to himself that he likes Yi Young? I know their second kiss tells it all but... • Nam Joo Wan is an effective wolf in sheep's clothing. • Poor Eun Ju... She is so desperate for love. (I so love this shot:) • Could scar-hand ahjussi have previously been a part of the orchestra? What's with him and the knife? • What would our world be without grandmothers? Nam Joo Wan's halmeoni is both warm & cool.
  15. @Heidi Seow thank you for the warm welcome~! I just started watching the latest episode and HYY is questioning JY's theory that she was the one who stabbed Ian. As she talked on and on, and JY looking slightly unsure of the theory he has held on for a long time: "Ian was murdered by someone he loved" and assuming it was HYY... This thought came to mind: OMO! What if Kim Ian was gay? And the person he loved was Nam Joo Wan? I need to continue watching though and see if that thought leads me anywhere.
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