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  1. More likely, Ryan's father and Shi An's father are two different persons, in my opinion. Ryan was conceived out of wedlock, so most probably his father left Lee Sol upon finding out she was pregnant (or else they would have gotten married and lived together already). Maybe she didn't want to cause more shame to her family so she decided to live away from her home, without support from her parents. Hence, their poverty. She was still young then and hasn't finished school yet so to find a good job would be difficult for her. She then resorted to an attempt to sell her paintings. But then the accident happened, something her father would have been informed about. Her father then "disposed of the paintings" that were somewhat instrumental to the accident and made her go back to school (overseas, most likely). Lee Sol was on a dead end after the accident and the loss of her son and she had no other choice but to follow her father's orders. How about a twist in connection to Shi An's father? (This would contradict the opinion I stated above, though. ^^ Haha.) Ryan's adoptive father (who was also an artist or at least an art enthusiast who saw Ryan's potential and sent him to pursue his talent for art) became a widower after some time and then he met Lee Sol, they fell in love, got married then Shi An was born. Ah! But this theory has many holes, I know. I'll just stick with the theory that Shi An's father is someone also inclined to the arts, whom Lee Sol met abroad. ~~~~~ All this tells me... Prayers are always answered but at the right time.
  2. Just a random fleeting thought... What if the drama ends not with a wedding but a double art exhibit for Ryan and Deok Mi? And Deok Mi earning herself her own fans? That would be nice.
  3. This is also probably something the drama wants to bring to its viewers. That they look at fangirls and see past their "squealing, screaming and gushing over their bias" image and find a woman who knows what makes her own self happy and is passionate at making others happy as well. That's what I've learned so far. And it makes me feel proud to be a fangirl.
  4. Guilty! It was me. I only assumed so because of the number of paintings to be collected (nine). Later on though, when I realized that the canvases were parts of a larger piece of art, it made me think it's because of the 9-grid artwork. But hey, thanks for bringing much more sense into that theory of mine.
  5. This is probably what they were talking about during the presscon of the drama, when they said that KJW and PMY are going to show a mature relationship between their characters. It's refreshing to see, the equality of the male and female lead characters that the drama presents. Ryan was raised in the US so he doesn't hold the same kind of mentality on relationships as the typical Korean man does. As for Deok Mi, her good skills on recognizing and/or understanding men's expressions or feelings probably came from having a male best friend plus her being a fan girl. Editing photos from time to time, and watching his videos on loop, she'd be able to see the difference between a happy, awkward, sad, enthusiastic or tired Shi An. As for the way the role of Shi An was executed, I agree with you on that point.
  6. I haven't watched that many K-dramas, but having seen WWWSK, I was a bit when I got a hint that Deok Mi and Ryan might have known each other when they were kids. "Does it always have to be like this?" I asked myself. I like solving puzzles but is there any other way except for childhood connection tropes? I'm not a Shi An fan like Deok Mi (haha), but we maybe it's fair to consider that Shi An is still young. He made those decisions by himself and had he known better, maybe he would do things the way you said it is better done. In my opinion. You have observed right on that part about focusing on the male leads. Same thing happened with WWWSK; even when the title has the female lead as the subject. But then, by showing Ryan's vulnerability, we also see Deok Mi's strength - that she is really is someone he can rely on when he is in his weakest. We need that painful past background for his weakness to show... (I'm quite enjoying this conversation, thanks!)
  7. I'm not a fan of remakes as well. It was better for Lovers in Paris to have remained Korean to Filipino viewers, but then KC and Piolo came.
  8. I don't mean to promote, but I'd rather ABS-CBN acquire the rights to broadcast this drama. In my opinion, their dubbers are better trained. I appreciate how these dubbers work hard to make people happy by making dramas more understandable to most Filipino viewers. I'd look forward to the dubbed version if it will be shown in ABS-CBN. I'm with you in this. Her character's growth shows us that fan girls are girls that are determined and who work hard and work happily.
  9. Could there have been a way for Shi An to reveal the truth to Ryan little by little, or probably in an earlier episode? Could the truth have been less painful if so? Either way, to be realistic, Ryan would need more time for the truth actually "sink in". Maybe we'd see something like, "two years later" in next week's episodes. But then again, I don't think we need to actually see the "one happy family" scene. Personally, it would be enough for me to hear from Ryan that he'd meet up with his mom and brother from time to time. On another note, now that the story has shifted focus from the Deok Mi and Ryan's love story to the unveiling of Ryan's past, I feel some scenes to be more dragging than usual (or maybe it's just me being impatient, haha). I now find the minor characters' stories more interesting. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that both Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young are spotless in portraying an ideal couple relationship and it gives more warmth to the drama. And one more random thought: I'm glad that Kim Mi Kyung's character has a significant role in Ryan's past. She's actually one of the reasons why I watched the drama. Her character surely has a way to be a mother even to the other characters in the story. ^^'
  10. Yes, Ryan was seven. I mentioned that later on in my commentary. I don't think it was "pretty obvious" back when I've only watched Episode 3. It gradually became obvious as the show progressed. Shi An, like his brother, is an artist. Artists tend to get more in touch with what is felt than what is seen. He trusts his intuition and puts it into consideration when he acts or makes a decision. This also makes him more considerate of others (recall how he said that he knew about his mom's painful past but does not ask about it).
  11. Shine Shares... (Note: The last page I posted on was page 71. To back read 70 pages more is not possible with the time I have. ^^' I'll be sharing my thoughts after watching Episode 13, followed by thoughts after watching Episode 14) Episode 13 Afterthoughts And so my hunch since the first few episodes was right. Ryan and Shi An are brothers. The artist is their mother. Theory 1: Yoon Jae got lost in an amusement park. He was 9 years old then, hence nine artworks by Lee Sol. Theory 2: In the past, Yoon Jae ended up holding the hand of Deok Mi's mom. They couldn't find his mother so she brought him to the orphanage. Hence, "I am not your mother!" But she felt guilty for doing this so from time to time, she brought Deok Mi and Eun Gi to the orphanage to play with Yoon Jae so he won't feel so alone. This went on until Yoon Jae got adopted. Then everything about it became a memory. However, Eun Gi found the name Yoon Jae quite familiar, why didn't Deok Mi? Episode 14 Afterthoughts My Theory 1 is only partially right, on the part of Yoon Jae getting lost. We now know Lee Sol's side of the story. It was both tragic and unfortunate for her and Yoon Jae. And on the age part, I was wrong. Yoon Jae was lost when he was seven. My Theory 2 could also be partially correct, but yet to be confirmed since the details are still undetermined. We'll find out next week It amazes me how this drama is able to execute everything so lightly. The comedy, the romance, the rivalry, the quarrels, even the story behind Ryan Gold's painful past. I don't end up feeling heavy after watching; instead I get more engaged in trying to put the pieces together, with just the right amount of fluff as bonus. Deok Mi's interpretation of Lee Sol's work, "bubbles of hope" might just be what the artist had in mind as she painted. When put together, the nine paintings tell the story of Yoon Jae's happiness. This was the portrait of her dream for Yoon Jae. But similar to how each canvas was a puzzle piece, so are the lives of Yoon Jae, Deok Mi, Eun Gi and Young Sook (DM's mom) are connected, and are finally falling into their proper place. One more thing to be revealed, at least to Shi An, is that Sung curator is actually "Shi An is My Life". Oh and I really ship Cheum couple Kyung Ah and Yoo Sub! ^^ Congrats to Joo Hyuk! And thanks to him and Geun Woo, Seon Joo and Seung Min are back together. I'd rather Da In and Eun Gi be friends (a seemingly rebound relationship would be really sad), but I do wish a happy ending for each of them. Two more episodes left, then WWW comes in. I have a feeling that this drama would be dubbed and broadcast in the Philippines. BONUS! New stills
  12. Annyeong! Passing by to say that this drama makes me feel less alone about being a fan girl. I see myself when Deok Mi gushes over Shi An. I just wish I had a friend in RL who fan girls over the same bias as I have, like how DM has Seon Joo. ^^ About the recent episode, the assertive part of me liked how DM made the first move of kissing RG (loved the scene more when RG's lips responded!); but at the same time, the conservative part of me was pleased that it was all imagination. As I've said in one article comment, this drama kind of breaks away from common tropes and cliches (speaking of how RG didn't catch DM as she fell from the ladder in Cheum Gallery; if he did, I would've rolled my eyes XD) and now this tough manly man called Ryan Gold didn't even try to deny that he was jealous when he first realized it. Maybe it was because he was artist... IDK. Also, Choi Da In's statement was actually technically accurate: "Ryan wants to end the fake relationship..." but she also knew the TRUTH behind those words ("...because he wants to make it real now"). The way she said those words to Deok Mi was a pretty dirty trick to play on her (much dirtier than Eun Gi's approach, IMO)... I actually wanted to throw at her all those furniture they arranged in her studio; after DM helped her with the lifting and arranging, she does that to her?! Sheesh. Anyway, I appreciate how sweetly Ryan said "Sung Seok Mi-ssi" and the way he looked at her as she towards him... But then every sweet thing until those "break-up" words of DM, became bitter. Ugh. If this painful scene is meant to build up a deeper realization of their love for each other, I'd endure. Haha. Just two more nights until the next episode!~ ^^
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