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  1. List them down and discuss if possible. 1) hyuna never left wonder girls 2) wg never went to US 3) soyeon joined snsd rather than t-ara 3) jay park never had to leave 2pm 4) han geng never left super junior 5) t-ara hwayoung feud never happened 6) lu han, kris wu and zi tao never left EXO 7) jessica never left snsd 8) park bom issue never happened 9) seungri burning sun did not happen If those didnt happen, would the course of outcome been altered?
  2. Hello everyone. Not exactly a new kpop fan, been around 10 years. Never participated in any online discussion before this. Nice to meet u all.
  3. Want to complete my project and have a break.
  4. Twice becomes the fastest to reach 150k in a week
  5. Because they are good at dancing, among other things, idols have wide range of capabilities.
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