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  1. Super thanks!!! Loved to see our couple as so many said they're too cold at wrap up party (even I understand they're very tired) You made my day! A Happy & Special Wednesday!
  2. “Min Young is my Road”, Min Young said at the Press Conference she accepted HPL because she wants to show others as a Fangirl can also be positive & bright. I gain positive energy & learn much from HPL, I’ll try to be a better person & good model for my kids with humble heart, respect others, and don’t hesitate showing my caring & love to my beloved family, friends, Min Young & those need help. We planned our Family Summer trip in Jul, we’ll visit National Park & a Farm owned by local citizen. I told my kids that we need to well prepared, read more books to know more of this country before travelling. Then we’ll draw a thin travel book sharing our special experiences, we’ll send this travel book with our homemade birthday cards to Min Young next year, actually we send MY some homemade birthday cards & gifts every year, hope can show our love & support to her. [Some Indonesian Fans planted trees at their country & some donated Funds under name of Min Young for her birthday. Yes, Fangirls can also be good & positive!] I know all of you have your own ways to support MY/ KJW/ Labit Couple/ your Family & Friends. My cousin (who is also my childhood & close friend) is passed away last September, she fight with cancer diseases with greatest courage. I love & proud of her. Life is too short, don’t waste time to hate & jealous, let’s try to enjoy our life, be positive & treat others good. Once again, glad to be here! PS: I'll re-watch HPL this weekend and start to watch "Temperature of Love" soon!
  3. Thanks for all of understanding! Just a warmly reminder: Don't mention which shippers to avoid wars here. Let's create a Healthy Ship!
  4. Hello! I start loving Min Young from Healer, and my university’s roommate (my very close friend) who is a Korean & becoming MY’s bean since City Hunter till now. All my memories (MY & LMH) according to her, she kept crying a month & shared me those haters’ messages from twitter, she translated to me: [Haters started sending messages to MY, when those antis saw Min Young posting ring picture (MY wore a ring with a happy face), crazily attacking her twitter & MY’s agency asked MY to delete that tweet, finally MY deleted all other tweets. At that time her agency – KingKong had to take initiative to protect it’s reputation & try to minimize non-stop hate circus of MY, KingKong announced the breakup story between MY & LMH (MY left for US at that period), without discussing the matters with MY, LMH & his agency.] Do you know that feeling (keep receiving tons of hate messages)? “Hopeless & Painful!!!!” Last October, my Korean best friend attended Min Young’s 1st Fan meeting at Seoul, MY wrote a letter & spoke to her fans (MY & most of her fans cried): Here below is simple version of MY’s letter to her fans, told by my Korean friend: To my dearest fans, I want to be an actress becoz I love watching TV when I’s a child, then I dream of becoming an actress. ………….. I get to know that it is not easy way to be an actress, starting from my 20s, even I showed my happy face outside, when I came home I couldn’t sleep on uncountable nights, kept crying, felt painful, hopeless & kept asking myself why THEY hate ME. Not because of being in love/ alcohol/ travelling, my heart is healed just because of my great love of Acting & continuous supports from my Fans. I knew all of you cried, felt stress & painful with me, Korea has plenty of good actresses, why u all choose & love ME. Sorry to tell you all after 13 years & appreciated to you all showing supports/ stand by me these years. I’m brave enough now, I’ll become the actress you’re all proud of. I won’t feel pain anymore and feel grateful every day, much appreciated to let me know your caring, I love you all. So last year is another tough year for MY & her fans - THAT SILLY 3 YEARS DATING EVIDENCES, (Actually she learned a lesson won't leave any evidence on her ig/ msn) we know that MY’s really upset on its rumors overshadowing the hardworking of whole WWWSK team!!!!! Glad that both agencies did very well to stop rumors spreading out again & again. I know everyone can have freedom of speech, but as a responsible person, should do/ speak something carefully without hurting others; u may know that some of MY’s fans wrote something on MY’s ig, requested some shippers to stop tagging both igs (MY & PSJ). We love Min Young, more than we can express. I wish her to feel happy & satisfied and thank you for anyone who like & showing respect to her. I cannot stop those who try to tag KJW or other male leads’ names on her ig pictures, I cannot stop those who keep leaving messages to MY & asked WHY U ARE NOT posting U & KJW’s picture on your ig/ msn/ weibo etc. I dislike those who asking “D magazine (Dispatch), to follow & to take picture of MY & KJW. Once again, thanks for all of you here warmly showing your support to Min Young & HPL, you’re all calm, mature & intelligence, showing support to MY & KJW but won’t disturbing their private life. Finally I hope Min Young won’t be too focus on working & take more rest. [just my own comment, be a Labbit shipper, the only way to protect them is try not to tag/ disturb them, give them spacious to keep their friendship/ potential to build up their relationship]
  5. Please count me in the group chat. Thanks!!!! Sorry I keep silent here but I feel good at this Forum (and other HPL's Forum), all of you are mature & respect others. Thanks for sharing many beautiful photos & gifs here! I'm one of the Min Young's loyal fans, like KJW after HPL and I love Labbit couple (this is my 1st ship), I wish that Min Young can meet a goodman who can love, protect & respect her & she won't be hurt again, especially being a Korean actress is not easy & stressful if have dating rumors. I still feel sad when I recall bad memories those haters attacked Min Young & her family when she's dating with LMH (I know I'm very childish, after that I never read/ watch any dramas & news of LMH)
  6. Much appreciated you sharing this, my tears coming out when I read it. I'm quite upset these few days, withdrawal symptom???? Plus I knew some of the shippers spreading out: most of the Min Young's loyal fans don't like HPL. Yes, some of her fans don't like it because they think it's too confused esp at the last few EPs becoming "His (Ryan's) private life", and think that both the script & director skill are not good enough. Some of them ticked "Dislike" & don't want the Director Cut Blue ray DVDs to be released. I cannot force everyone like this drama which I love it so much. And I know that maybe quite a number of fans do it, it doesn’t represent most of her Fans dislike HPL. Yes I agree the script can be arranged much more better, eg. putting Ryan's childhood line in the middle & can be paralleled with other stories. But MY’s fans didn’t blame/ bad month to HPL, they love & respect her as normal as they can. So when I know many reviewers keep re-watching HPL, I feel SoSoSo happy about this. I heard that the production team may not release HPL’s Director’s Cut DVDs, but I’m not a Korean therefore I just get to know it from different Forums/ Fan’s mentioned. I pray with my wholly heart that HPL’s Director’s Cut will have chance to be released/ production team will change their mind if they know many Int'l fans are crazy about it (I knew that China/ Taiwan Fans love HPL so much, a big Taiwan organizer has contacted KJW's agent discussing the Fan Meeting at Taiwan & waiting for confirmation. I hope MY & KJW will come to my hometown too, otherwise maybe I can travel to Taiwan for my 1st Fan Meeting of KJW???). I registered several times (for Director DVD) with my husband & several friends’ email accounts two weeks ago, hope my dream will come true. Waiting for MY’s IG showing the pictures of travelling [don’t be work hard, please, please take some break!!!] I wish she can take a good rest/ freely enjoy herself without public’s camera after her great job. Thanks everyone, really enjoy this healthy & lovable Forum.
  7. As a fan of Min Young, love all her acting & characters of Healer/ Q7D/ WWWSK, and I love Deok-mi the most, she’s very shining at HPL. HPL is my favourite drama, not equal to I don’t like WWWSK/ Healer etc, just because I like mature love, top level chemistry & excellent communication between this lovely couple more. For me, WWWSK is more fairy tale, but I still enjoyed to watch it, no conflict for me. I think PSJ is a very talented actor and he did very well at WWWKS, JCW is a very good actor too, while I have no motivation to watch other Kdramas from them. I like Hyun Bin at Secret Garden, watched his movies "Late Autumn" with Tang Wei & "Come Rain, Come Shine" with Im Soo-jung. still not following his other Kdramas. [not sure if I will watch Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin coming tvN, because the movie "Classic" is my top 10 movie, I bought DVD & soundtrack, watched the movie almost 5 times.] KJW……………… I saw a forum said he's charming likes a red wine, YES, EXACTLY!!!! A Hundred Year of Fine Wine!!!! I didn’t have special feeling when I watched Coffee Prince/ Antique 10+ years ago. Years after, I can't control myself falling in love & become his fan after HPL. I save tons of your gif pictures at my mobile phone, mainly are Deok-mi & Ryan pictures, [Very sorry Min Young, this is my 1st time, I save more KJW individual pictures than yours, please forgive me!!!!! But I still love you till I die] no Faith telling my hubby that I’m crazy not only for Min Young but now I'm tempting to both of them. After tonight EP16, I’ll re-watch HPL until I can remember all beautiful scenes of these 2. Then start a new chapter, will start watching KJW’s movies & dramas! [As said I’ll support their future works, no matter they’ll become a real couple or not.] PS: I’m annoying still have some of the shippers keep saying HPL’s rating is low, denied the successful of HPL which gain high attention from International audiences & fans. [esp denied KJW's good acting]. Most of the worldwide movies won the Best Movie Award at Oscar, Berlin or Cannes Film Festival, their box office is not too high. And I totally don’t understand why saying Deok-mi & Ryan have too many skinship????? If you’re in love with your boyfriend, especially at the very beginning, you definitely want to be with Him 24 hours whole day or more, can’t control yourself to touch or kiss him, Deok-mi & Ryan confirm their love, they’re 33 adult, why they need to hide their love, skinship showing their love. [WWWSK is a fairy tale, ridiculously for me that a man can hide his love for 9 years & a woman in 30s who doesn’t date or have a relationship a man, as said I still watch it because of Min Young, the story line is like this so I won't feel bad on PSJ, he acted so well here.] So just ignore these comments, too narrow or too focus on their ships. Excited for tonight's last EP (a bit upset I won't see this couple next week).
  8. My hubby is accepted I'm addicted to Min Young, but he doesn't like her & won’t see any Kdrama [I hope I can share my happiness with him coz I'm a sharing mode person, but I can't/ won't change his mind, we're not Deokmi & Ryan] Gratefully/ Luckily I'm very close with my kids, we can discuss/ sharing daily life, books, movies, thought and secrets. When they're growing up to 6 & 10 this year, I can share more with them, eg Min Young's dancing videos, we watch videos more than 50 times, are we crazy???? Definitely we will keep watching them again & again. I told kids about the theme of HPL - 'Healing’, I start to like KJW recently, we watched KJW singing “Can’t take my eyes off you”/ we listen HPL's Osts together/ of course I told them why I like MY very much (my colleagues or friends selectively watch Korea Dramas, they like US/ UK/ Taiwan dramas more than Korea) So I'm very welcome & happy to see you here. But I'm not lonely, so do you. I meet all of you here sharing different points of view with peaceful atmosphere. And I gain positive energy here!!! Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello, I'm an Int'l fan too. Really enjoyable reading all pictures (esp those gifs, thanksssss)/ comments here, it becomes one of my daily habit. Actually I'm not an Kdrama expert, I mainly watch all Min Young's Kdramas [I love watching Movies more than Dramas] I found MY felt comfortable with JCW at Healer bts [but sorry, I didn't have any special feeling on JCW], but I feel SHOCKED & WOW when I watching those bts of HPL, I can't help to keep re-watching them again & again, HPL is my no. 1 drama now. [to be honest, KJW is very attractive actor with multi talents] I seldom see her not keeping distance / feeling this high level of comfortable with her male leads. [Therefore, I feel appreciated to KJW, as MY said he's very understandable & thoughtful man, he's her best filming partner.] Even HPL's filming schedule is so tight, MY is keep losing her weights, I think both of them are enjoying their filming time, hopefully can see them pairing in the future drama/ movie/ opera.
  10. I agree with you. When I become a 30s nearly 40s & a mom of 2 kids, I feel thankful to have a happy & peaceful life with my beloved family which is more important than a wedding ceremony. Therefore, I hope I can see a beautiful scene of Ryan & Deok-mi have kids, they're teaching their kids drawing, and can see their friends, family & colleagues with a happy life. I like Min Young since Healer, love her more than I can say (my kids & me draw & send birthday cards to MY every year), I wish she can meet a man who love, respect, protect & understand her. I am very very angry of some of the extreme shippers [or Haters], don't say/ do something to hurt her. [No Dispatch magazine reporters to disturb her, no dating rumors after the HPL show, give her some spaces to enjoy her private life] I like KJW after HPL, but we live in reality, even Min Young won't be pairing with him in real life, I won't be mind, I just want her to feel happy, same as KJW, I'll show my support & watch their future projects.
  11. Hi everyone , I’m new here, enjoy reading all of your discussions, feel comfortable & peaceful here. I’m not a Shipper & love Min Young since Healer. [don’t mind to start my first ship!!!!!] To be honest I’m not a Kdrama lover, I enjoy movies more than dramas. I watched Coffee Prince & found KJW attractive, watched his movie “Antique” from an International Film Festival many years ago. Some period of time, I avoid to watch Kdrama, dislike those leading roles who will get cancer or keep crying. Can I share something here? My mom is an addict movie lover (SO DO I, I’m sharing my Top 50 movies with my son who is 10 now), she gives me an universe & taught me watching Alfred Hitchcock/ Charlie Chaplin/ Steven Spielberg's movies/ My Fair Lady/ West Side Story/ Somewhere in Time when I were 7-11 years old. When I became a teenager, she said I can digest more so she showed me “Godfather series”/Gone with the Wind/ Kurosawa Akira movies/ 8 ½ etc. She said better to feel & taste them, and she discussed the theme with me & we’ll share our point of view after the movies. [I appreciate God gives me such an intelligence mother who is also my very best friend] One day she said she found a very high standard Korea movie & brought me to a very small theatre, this is my 1st Korea movie “Christmas In August”, I won’t forget my strong heart beating at that moment. After this, I keep watching “Shiri” & other, start loving Korea movies more than Hollywood movies. [Of course I enjoy watching Avengers & other Marvel & Hollywood movies, but you definitely know what you exact want] After graduated, I helped to promote hometown movies & had unforgettable chances going to Biff/ Berlin/ Toronto Film Festival with the crew. I’m not sure if you know Tony Leung, a famous actor from Hong Kong, I love all his Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Tony’s eyes are full of emotion, happiness/ bitter/ sorrow all can read from his eyes. From HPL, I find KJW same sparkling eyes, I can read the beautiful story & passion from his eyes (I also find them on ‎Ha Jung Woo/ Cate Blanchett/ Jack Jordan etc) . KJW is This kind of talented actor, I can’t control myself & will start watching all his movies/ drama after HPL, not because he’s handsome or sexy, but eager to know how he performed in different roles. [surprisingly read from Magazine, KJW said he accepts offers if he thinks it’s attractive & interesting & doesn’t mind if he’s not a leading role] Tom Cruise, of course he is very rich/ famous/ high influence/ most said he’s handsome/successfully at Mission Impossible series, but he’s not that “Type” of actor, you won’t see his SOUL from his movies. I don’t really understand the taste of Korean & why HPL rating is not too high, maybe they think tvN release too many love stories “Encounter”, “Touch Your Heart“ these few couple of months? Just want to say HPL is really successful, I love MY & KJW’s amazing chemistry; HPL’s script is very good, not only narrowly mention about Fangirls, but is talking about a man (Ryan has a perfect character) with deep inside sorrow who meet a cheerful woman (Fangirl + Professional Curator), they get to know each other more on every episode/ how Deok-Mi goes inside Ryan’s heart/ with same passion on Art/ fall in love together/Deok-mi won’t be afraid of getting hurt & learn to love and accept love/ she will show more caring & to help Ryan overcome his sorrow. Some people are comparing HPL with MY’s previous dramas/ partners, said HPL rating is lower/ using kisses scene to draw more attention/ trying to downgrade KJW. Some said MY & KJW are just ACTING but not REAL. How did they know? It is ridiculous a pair of lovers (actor & actress) not showing their passion & real feeling, if so, you won’t feel their chemistry & HPL won’t draw a lot of attention from worldwide (gain more international fans). Anyway, I am more than happy Min Young accepts this Drama & pairing with KJW, I love her performance & Deok-Mi’s character more than Kim Secretary. Not a big deal if people don’t like HPL, probably they’re not mature age group/ it’s not their cup of tea or they’re hard shippers. No matter they’ll date/ be REAL couple or not from now or in the future, I wish them every success on their career, and KJW is deserved to get more attention, I would be grateful if more & more people will discover this “Treasure Box” namely Kim Jae Wook.
  12. Hello everyone, happy to join this forum. I'm one of MY's coffee bean, I like her from Healer. (I know KJW since coffee prince, but honestly I only watched coffee prince and 1 of his movie) After watching HPL, I'm into this couple, KJW is really attractive, and he's very gentleman to take care MY. Hope they fight for HPL now and have chance to know each other later. Glad to see all your messages and updates here. (I love Min Young and wishing her to meet a good guy who love, take good care of her and protect her.) KJW is really amazing with lots of talents. I just search his band performance/songs from YouTube, Wow!!!!!!! I dun understand why many shippers don't like/downgrade him or HPL. Even you don't like someone, should respect him and MY's good acting. It is my first time be a shipper, I shared KJW's singing Oasis/ Beatles songs with my 10 years old son, we like him too.
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