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  1. Here is one translated comment by a former JCW Korean fan: "..... I was your fan before and I know you are a rat at Arena Club.... your bestfriends are the same just like you." This is just one. I can send you the link if you want, you can msg me. However those are Korean articles. I asked my friends to send all articles they can find and translate them. I'm out. Peace out.
  2. @ptp321 Look. Let me get this straight. I am not here to defend JCW , also not here to pin him down . I am stating things that have happened. I asked around ( classmates to translate articles, witness accounts and comments) not to incriminate him but simply to verify the issue involving him and a particular club. And who better to ask than people living in Korea and those who understand the magnitude of this issue. (Take note I said better coz this is in comparison to asking from ppl outside Korea who don't know what really is going on) I asked because I can't be making assumptions. I don't want to explain myself nor give you any proof coz clearly your mind is made up. And what is wrong if indeed he goes to the club often? A club is a place for socialization, does it hurt to go there? And that isn't a surprise since JCW is a good friend of a Burning Sun Club manager affiliated with the Arena Club (he could have easily invited him) and that I have proof of, there have been pictures and witness accounts and some Koreans even call him the Arena Prince .Out of all the things I have mentioned, not one of those are made-up. Honestly, I don't care if he is a party animal or whatever, it's his choice. We have no right to judge him but for you to raise your eyebrow over me stating a fact, that's you being biased. All along I thought, we promoted rationality, how can you now raise your eyebrows at me when all I did was verify information and get insights. Don't be irked by these things I'm telling you, they are actually everywhere. Korean articles have been written about it. You can read several comments under those articles saying "Arena Prince, party animal, etc". This is a fact that I am just relaying to you. I've known these for quite sometime but I didn't mention it here out of respect for the harmony of this thread. However now you seem to question my credibility, thus I need to respond. JCW and NJH might be in love but that doesn't mean they are all nesting at home living the holiest life. Korean night club scene is very lively, and they are young. They have the freedom to go wherever, do whatever they want. I'm a Jiji shipper not a judge of character. Going to a club often doesn't make you less deserving of a relationship nor does it mean you are a bad person. And Koreans who chose to comment on his issue have mentioned that if indeed the issue was false , he could have filed a case. Don't take this on me, this was just an excerpt. Do your own research if you're deeply attached to this. Afterall , I am a Jiji shipper not JCW apologist. I will leave this forum so that you can have your peace. I don't wish to wage any war. I choose to be rational through and through.
  3. Hi guys! Sorry it took awhile to respond. First off, I was not intending to demean JCW, if I were I wouldn't be a Jiji shipper in the 1st place. Since I don't know him personally , which goes for all of us here, I only mentioned my first impression which is but natural. Everyone has a 1st impression of someone and the only time it is wrong is if I broadcast my judgment of his character as if I was sure. I initially thought this was a safe haven for me to air my thoughts, I hope that is still true. I am careful that is why I emphasized that I initially "thought" he gave off that vibe just as everyone thinks that he is a good person. Please let us also be careful in pointing out other people's "faults" just because they are not the same as ours. I didn't defame him, I merely gave my opinion and I thought you guys would understand. I am NJH's fan and only came to know JCW through her. Somehow, I am protective of her but I have learned to love JCW because of how NJH responds to him and I trust NJH more than what reports say. She spoke highly of him and even came to visit and watch his shows. That for me is enough proof that NJH is fond of him thus he has taken my favor. I also do my research. When those articles came out about him , I asked my Korean friends and former classmates about that ( Fyi I studied in Korea) and the only thing they can confirm is that he indeed likes partying and clubbing. I believe there is nothing wrong with that coz at one point all of us love socializing and having a good time and going to clubs doesn't make you a bad person. I apologize to JCW fans I offended but I am somehow disheartened at your responses of my impression about him. For me it was merely a perception and nothing negative coz I'm still here as a die hard Jiji shipper anyway. To those who understand , I am happy for not discrediting my opinion. I am still and will always be Jiji shipper just as my prayers every night goes "... I pray that they will end up together no matter what". I hope this shipping will always be a good experience as we make it. Cheers and all the best!
  4. Hi guys! I'm back, things got so busy but this thread never fails to draw me back in. This time around I'll share my two cents on the Jiji couple. I am not one to ship a couple, I tend to gravitate towards the male character and how dreamy he is portrayed to be ( well we know that is how these shows gain a lot of audience). The first time I shipped a couple was with the Songsong couple but then I didn't really obsess over them coz I thought they were actors who are merely comfortable with each other. Now with JiJi, I didn't notice JCW rather I noticed NJH first coz I liked her in SKL. I ended up falling for JCW and only upon checking on with their BTS was I naturally inclined to ship. It was not even deliberate, my body, mind and soul all just went aboard and I was helpless hahaha. Anyway, I had my inhibitions first coz JCW struck me as a smooth player who probably had many girls on speed dial. However, I liked how NJH dealt with him, she never once showed any awkwardness or intimidation, she had that silent confidence that even JCW finds himself shy in intimate scenes. Bottomline is, to stay rational, I tell myself that probably they were too touchy just to boost ratings but seriously that was over the top clinginess already lol. And to keep mentioning her name even after the their drama , well that no longer is promotion. Now my only question is why aren't there any rumors at all? Even rookies or unpopular actors/ idols have been headlining dating rumors , how come our Jiji hasn't had one to date. I'm so curious? Are SOOP and Glorious behind this perhaps?
  5. Welcome to all new comers and fellow lurkers who have finally come out. Let's bask in the fun. One thing I have noticed about Wookie is that he definitely has a mature, serious air in him now . We cannot say what caused it ( the army, the rumors, relationships, etc) but for sure he has learned /is learning a lot along the way. Also compared to how he was before , he seems to be more humble in the truest sense of it. Before, he somehow exuded the "I'm handsome and I know it vibe" which we can't really hate coz admittedly he is handsome. Lol However, now he seems so down-to-earth, sincere, genuine and someone whom you want to talk to just to feel the warmth of a friend. Then again, regardless of whatever caused these , he is on to the road of a meaningful life in the midst of his celebrity.
  6. Is it just me or W's style is slowly veering towards a laid back style as compared to his previous chic style? Of course we know who is very laid back in terms of fashion in the 1st place ( our baby girl definitely) Makes me go back to when my bf who loves fashion and over the top statements changed to shirts and shorts as well as sandals when he was with me. Hahahaha. Love it!
  7. Welcome to our newcomers, silent lurkers who have now emerged from the dark , I know how free you feel now( hahahaha) I just have to put here my observation on his FM playlist. As a shipper it struck me as the playlist of someone head over heels for his girl (and of course my deluluness tells me it's for H). Rationally speaking, it could be for the fans, majority of which are female. However, I would stick with my delulu theory simply coz it makes more sense to me and makes me all giddy. LOL
  8. Thank you. I'm happy to contribute. I actually would like to commend this "educated" ship for your fact-based shipping. Btw, I have another theory (delulu). Wookie and Hyunnie might have chosen the rom-com so that they can have more time for each other .Since the space drama is going to be pre-produced, I bet shooting will start soon. Well there might be some other reasons such as he might want to take more rest (but I would like to debunk this since his friends even consider his MS as his rest period) Hahahaha.
  9. You're welcome. I have been a silent lurker heehee. I also believe JCW chose SP to be his most recommended work for a reason which was because many Koreans liked it. Actually, until now I have yet to find a Knet who had some negative comments on it. All this negativity is majorly from int'l fans. Korean entertainment is so unique that you need to really take time to understand why this happened or that happened. Anyway, I hope I'm not talking too much. Congratulations on JCW's next drama. Now waiting for NJH's.
  10. Hi! Congratulations to all shippers. The ship is sailing smoothly To rebutt what others claim as SP being JCW's worst work, I beg to disagree and there are facts to support that. (Fyi, I studied in Korea for a year) 1. Although Healer was widely received overseas , it didn't fare that well ( let's just say it was average in ratings) in Korea same with the K2( at some point it was the lowest rated in their time slot although it had decent ratings for cable). While SP didn't get exemplary ratings , it was one of , if not the most buzzed about at that time ( mostly because of how hot JCW was hahahah). Koreans were even endorsing the show to others saying that SP deserves higher ratings. 2. Koreans ( based on several comments) deem NJH to be JCW's partner he had the most entertaining chemistry with because they find him more refreshing in a rom-com although he started gaining recognition through Healer. 3. Among his partners, NJH I believe is the one with most favor in Koreans' eyes. Korea values image more than anything and she has maintained a clean cut ( hard-working, kind, studious, and scandal-free) image. 4. NJH doesn't have a single hater in Korea. Well if there was, he/she should not voice it out or else it will turn up against him/her. 5. NJH hasn't had a single flop show, in fact all her shows always topped the charts that is why Koreans deem her a trustworthy actress. I always hear them saying "this must be good since NJH chose to star in it" 6. Although his 2 previous co-stars have more int'l fans, they have their fair share of antis in Korea because they deem the other one not a natural beauty and the other to not know how to act. I'm saying all these to put some things in perspective. I believe JCW looks up to NJH simply because she is looked up to by the general Korean audience. And btw, Koreans find her pretty. They have a very standard definition of beauty and if you are a natural , all the more they'll cherish you. Being a rational shipper, I leave 1% doubt on their status but 99% I believe they are heading somewhere sweet. Let's keep our prayers stronger.
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