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  1. Finally!! I couldn’t get the last 8 pages to load on my phone.. Congratulations to the food truck and rice wreath project, ladies!! And that seaweed soup?!? Somebody in the kitchen is a shipper, too!
  2. @Changsky @Shipper07 Absolutely agree!! I’d have to say that one of the things I loooooved in SP are EBH’s outfits *excuse the girlish gush* Granted, her stylist-unnie deserves props for that but our girl pulled off every look effortlessly! But H on comfy hoodies, sweaters, denim-on-denim days, with barely any make up on...?? You, NJH, are a girl after my own heart!! ***ducks for cover, don’t hurt me for saying this, fam*** Now, I’m a fan of our boy W, but I ADORE H! She’s just so.. well... NORMAL. I fell in love with her more for this understated star quality. She really doesn’t put on airs of being a hot commodity in KDrama, despite her track record of being partnered with equally indemand actors/idols and every accolade due her since she started as a child actor. She clearly has a good head on her shoulders, acting for the sake of the art itself — because she knows she’s great at it. We’ve read interviews, watched Vlives and seen lots of pictures that shows us snippets of such a normal life. Just your average 20-something enjoying her ‘job’, working hard to finish her degree, hanging out with friends, going to dance classes, spending time with a special someone.. *wink wink* I love her for just being herself - living real and reel with such balance that I bet is the envy of others in the industry. Whew! I know I have a lot of backreading to catch up on. So here I go..
  3. True true!! I came across a few posts on IG too AND MAAANNN OHHH MANNNN!!! I immediately switched back to our thread to cleanse my palate from bitterness, immaturity and pure nonesense! I mean, my brain just refused to process the viciousness *smh*. This really shouldn’t have surprised me. I have friends who have been KDrama shippers for much longer and they warned me it does get NASTY. But I’m still like —- SERRIOUSSLLYYY?!? *grabs bell, follows haters* SHAME!! *clang* SHAME!! *clang* SHAME!!!!! *clang* Lesson learned. Stay in NamJi thread. Stay happy. Stay positive. Stay inlove. Stay COOL. Hugs to all.
  4. Wondering about the same thing @ptp321! H has been very quiet since midterms, whereas the rest of us would’ve probably partied, caught up on sleep and finally washed (for realz) our hair - in no particular order - after gruelling weeks/days (cramming, in my case) of prep. LOL. But then again, when someone’s practically in some form of LDR, the person gets approving nods, knowing looks and cheeky winks in favor of the special someone. Then we get zoned-out, and the expected radiosilence gives fodder to the most intruiging [and in my circle, mostly steamy] theories. Ohmyheart!! The anticipation of H’s next update is bound to be meaningful. I don’t know why, but something tells me its gonna be pivotal *sigh*.
  5. I used to be a lurker here too, sweets! But I got tired talking to my multiple personalities and decided to FINALLY put the thoughts in text and hope that this crazy, bada*s, cats-got-claws, intellectual, humble, rational ship will adopt me. Echoing the adorbs unnies in their welcome, don’t lurk! Come back as often and bask in warmth, friendship and all sorts of NamJi goodness.
  6. The level of SAVAGENESS in this ship!! I’m soooo here for the long haul. Love you all. (*sniffs*)
  7. #Korea2019 @babyval22?? Wouldn’t mind adding this to the travel log! I think we’ll get more spazz-worthy content before his 19 May fanmeet. Totes agree with you, sweets! Let’s see if Captain’s able to tone it down then (though I have my own doubts on this too... harhar)!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome, unnie!! This is super fun! My ‘lurker’ cap’s gone for good. LMAO. Imma sail proudly with all of you from now on, so you can add me to this ship’s proverbial passenger list. Wooot wooot!!! I’ll share my personal journey to NamJiland once RL is less hectic for its bound to be a LONG post! Hahahaha.. but count me in moving forward. But I’ll say this, being schooled in observing nuances of human behavior and social interactions, our Captains are on another level!! So excited for what’s coming next! *hugs*
  9. So true! It’ll take a creative PR maneuver to contain the underlying message of that interview. LOL. As they say, ‘The devil works hard, but Manager Bang works harder’
  10. @masthu Btw girls don’t be surprised if you catch Wookie and Hyunie red handed. They are just discussing the script you know  Discussing the script? ORRR.. *delulu reappears* practicing their lines?? Wouldn’t it be fireworks-worthy if H takes a part in his comeback project, even on cameo? Not sure what our dedicated college student is up to nowadays (aside from spending quality time with W), but for sure, all sorts of theories will be discussed as to just how much involvement they both had in the selection of each other’s much anticipated future works.
  11. Hahahaha.. resistance is futile! Just posted the same thing. *virtual highfive*
  12. Now THIS is gold! I’m giving into my *delulu* for just a teeensy bit and say that H did run HDMP with W before committing to the role, then asking H for her help in script reviews for Wookie’s comeback project (as we all know) speaks volumes of how close they are - whether a clear-cut agreement or a mutual understanding was reached to clear future topics with each other. Rationally, colleagues/professionals do this all the time - just last week I asked an admired and respected peer to review a couple of projects I wanted to take on; but for life-changing decisions?? I consult my HUSBAND. ❤️
  13. I was thinking the exact same thing, dearie!! LMAO. Goodness, this boy! I think what’ll be funnier is when H gets a script copy too everytime a project is offered to W.
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