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  2. I assume they are different judging from their surnames. Heo Yoon Jae and Cha Shi An. Maybe Mr. Heo was LS's ex-boyfriend when she was in university? Maybe Mr. Cha is a person who either an arts enthusiast or an artist himself? I'm saying this because in ep 1, CSA said "My parents are very much interested in arts. So I was surrounded by arts since I was young." Oh, I'm not surprised if Mr. Cha is the one who wanted to help LS with her paintings which has indirectly caused her to be involved in the accident. In ep 14, LS said "I was just getting by when suddenly I was offered a contribution. With the money, I thought about cooking you a delicious meal and taking you to the amusement park that you always wanted to go. ... Someone offered to help me with my paintings, so I'm going to meet him. He's quite scary though." I'm not surprised if this person who wanted to help LS likes LS and that is why he would want to help LS with her paintings. Or if he initially did not develop an interest in LS, he then likes her after he had a closer relationship during the post-accident. I mean... if I had indirectly cause someone to be in an accident, I would feel guilty and would give my utmost support to make sure that person can recover well. So during that process, I would be closer to him and maybe due to the close relationship, I might like him and then be romantically involved with him. (This sounds like a normal drama plot. HAHAHAHAA Oh well... actually... this kinda thing happened to me before. I was the injured one and he was indirectly involved in the accident. lol. But our relationship ended years ago due to unforeseen circumstances. Ok... moving on. hahahaha) I think he is a rich man or he is a man with good networking skills so he can help LS with her paintings. So, maybe that is why LS is abroad because her husband is as such?
  3. Thank you for explaining the flowers. I guess I wasn't aware that there are roses of that shape. I don't quite like flowers so I am bad at recognising the various types of it. Since roses have thorns, these further explains my point on the life challenges that LS and HYJ have to go through together. "Bubbles dreams is a symbol of childhood memories, protection, feelings of security and comfort." I agree on your bubble dreams point. Anyway, the fact that LS painted a bubble in 1985 shows that LS likes to use bubbles even before HYJ started playing with bubbles. So, it seems as though she used a bubble to refer to herself and her circumstance as a young lady who has to take up the role of a single mother at that age where she is unstable be it financially and/or emotionally. Maybe she felt insecure as she is immature and fragile to go through this new phase alone. But she seeks comfort from HYJ's presence as he gives her maternal strength to move on with life and to overcome her fears so to provide the best for HYJ. That's the power of a mother's love. I like how the painting shows LS's ability to portray that symbolism of immaturity, fragility, comfort and protection, and of course, love. Overall, I really like how this drama uses paintings to convey such meanings. It gives more depth to the plot and their characters.
  4. Honestly, I also thought that the reason why the paintings are 9 because it signifies his age. So I agree with you on that.
  5. #22 Following the Disney stories especially Cinderella. (I get it... Cinderella is like the best template for a wonderful fairy tale ending. Thank you, next.)
  6. #21 pushing someone (be it male or female) aggressively against the wall for a (surprising) kiss. (Oh pls, why can't you just stop trying to look so beastly.)
  7. I would like to add. #2 - Memory loss due to a certain accident or trauma. #3 - Annoying prospective mother in law who tries to break up the couple. #4 - Annoying 2nd leads (be it male or female) who tries to break up the couple. #5 - Bad boy turn good cos of the girl. #6 - Love at first sight.
  8. Hi everyone! I was re-watching previous episodes and I found something interesting about Lee Sol's painting from Lee Sol's Graduation Exhibition Works in 1985 Korean University of Fine Arts book. I wanted to share this to all of you earlier before ep 14 because I was analysing the paintings but then I realised that ep 14 explores on the 9 drawings in the series. So, I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on this painting instead. She was a freshman in 1982. So this book is (I assume) her thesis book after studying for 3 years in university. (I don't know how fine arts university term this. I only know thesis or final year project.) Looking at her painting below, I realised that Lee Sol painted a lady holding a baby wrapped in a blue blanket and wearing a red beanie. I recalled in episode 13, Editor Nam said "I heard she went to study abroad after graduation, but I never heard any news of her debuting. There were rumors of her giving birth." It seems to imply that Editor Nam felt her junior wasn't able to debut because she had other responsibilities such as becoming a mother since there were rumors of her giving birth. So, I believe this painting is a reflection of Lee Sol holding Heo Yoon Jae alone in that bubble. It looks so beautiful, dreamy, protective and yet fragile at the same time. My impression of this painting is that Lee Sol wanted to express her love for HYJ and her circumstance as a single mother. I assume she is an unwed single mother as she was still an undergraduate when she painted this. By saying that, I mean that not many undergraduates are married although I have friends who got married while still studying in university. I have a friend who got married in his 2nd/3rd year of university and his wife gave birth in their final year. They are going to graduate this year. So, it seems like Lee Sol wishes to show that she would strive to be a strong woman to protect her newborn baby and to shower him with love, care and protection on her own. The bubble, just like RG said before, is fragile. So, by drawing the baby wrapped in his mother's arms shows how fragile the baby is in facing the challenges of life. Likewise for the mother who has to fend for herself and her baby. Being born out of wedlock can be stressful. There might be people (those who subscribe to traditional way of thinking) who would ostracise the baby and the mother for not conforming to the ideal nuclear family template. But the bubble also, just like SDM said before, represents happiness and hopes. So I guess Lee Sol is showing that she is happy with HYJ in her arms despite having to go through a lonely battle of nurturing HYJ without the support of a man, or anyone for that matter, and her hopes to continue to persevere and stay strong for her baby. The flowers surrounding the bubble is lovely. Honestly, I'm a person who is bad at recognising flowers. So is this rose or what? Somebody help me on this. lol. But judging from the shape of the flowers, I realised that its petals are pointy or sharp. It could cause the bubble to burst if the bubble comes close to it. So I think Lee Sol is trying to show that as much as the flowers are beautifying the bubble by surrounding it, the flowers could also burst it. If we relate it to life, I felt like the flowers represent the challenges in life that are at times beautiful and at times scary. Anyway, since bubble is so delicate, it takes a lot of care, attention and focus to ensure that it would not burst by accidentally hitting on something unwanted. Painting the space between the bubble and the flowers shows there is a need to distance from these flowers so to maintain a state of tranquility. I feel that Lee Sol's painting here shows her determination to protect HYJ at all cost. From these still cuts above, I realised that if HYJ was born in 1985, he is 34 years old (35 in Korean age) and it doesn't match with what RG said in ep 1 and 12 "This art piece was made in 1987. Do you want it?" If he was born in 1987, he should be 32 years old (33 in Korean age) in 2019 just like SDM and NEG who celebrated their 33rd birthday in ep 14. Anyway, it would be odd that Lee Sol would paint a lady holding a baby in her arms in 1985 and predict that she would only give birth 2 years later in 1987. (Unless she was not painting herself but that doesn't seem like it. She is consistent in her drawings. She drew about what she loves i.e. HYJ.) So, when someone (sorry, I forgot who) said that maybe RG is 9 years old instead of 7 years old, I thought it makes sense. Furthermore, RG lost his childhood memories and he could have remembered wrongly. In ep 14, Lee Sol said "I thought I would be gone for awhile. I didn't expect it to take 26 years." So if we traced back 26 years ago and if he was born in 1985, he would be 8 years old (9 in Korean age) then. With that being said, no wonder the child actor for HYJ looked taller and bigger than SDM and NEG.
  9. Thank you chinggu deul for the updates! So, yes I guessed the last painting correctly but I was wrong with regards to DM's mother. Nevertheless, Im happy for RG cos finally his problem is resolved. So, now... we need the next ep to explain clearly how RG-DM family lives were intertwined. Anw, I think someone said that maybe due to DM's father's business failure has caused DM's mother to send HYJ to the orphanage as she was unable to feed a family of 5. That sounds like a logical theory. ... Anyway, many of you are whining that we werent teased with RG's abs and a hot bed scene. Honestly, I think it is okay... because I think KJW would be soooooooo embarrassed as his body turns red when he is doing a hot scene with PMY. HAHHAHAA imagine his whole body is red... just look at his hand, neck and ears.... especially his hand when SDM was lying on top of his right hand when they were on the bed. OHMY, KJW... your body seems to show genuine signs that you like PMY... hahahahaa
  10. Hi everyone. Ystd's episode was great! Anw, below are my thoughts on the episode: 1. I LOVE OUR OTP SO MUCH. Their relationship is so full of love, care, affection, strength and mutual respect for one another. They definitely set a standard for a healthy romantic relationship that I would love to have in the future! I love how SDM was so understanding and concerned about RG's condition and gave him space to think and process the situation that he is in. The way she expresses her concern to RG was great too. She was soft and warm. This is a good lesson from SDM. Im the type who tend to talk to the person who is in a complex situation like RG because I wanted that person to know that he/she is not alone, and I can lend my shoulders for them to cry on and my ears to listen to their thoughts. But SDM taught me the essence of empathy. She understood how RG felt and shared that feelings with him. He gave him space because the emotions and thoughts were overwhelming for RG, who has such a lot of baggage. She provide a room to him to tank the things that has happened so quickly. But giving someone space doesnt mean u leave them alone only. You do check them up. SDM did 11hrs later. She gave such a good vibe. Her positivity brightens RG's day. Just look at their hug at RG's doorstep. That is so cute and warm. SDM is aware that RG's love language is physical touch. So that 11 hrs of being alone in a way deprives RG from love and a big warm hug was what RG needed so badly. From this, SDM is such a good role model for ladies, be it in relationship or not, SDM taught viewers that it is important to empathise people. 2. I think SDM's mom expressions upon knowing that RG is adopted was more of a concern mother. I mean... she is a kind hearted lady who cares for children. She took in Eun Gi even though she doesnt need to. EG was taken in as it seems that she doesnt want EG to be left alone without a mother's love, care and protection. So, I believe her reaction was more of her being thankful that RG was adopted and was well taken care of because there are many children who are unluckier. There are children being left in the lurch and needed to fend for themselves. So at least RG got lucky despite being abandoned at the start. This makes me wonder... was it SDM's maternal instinct to be concerned about children's welfare or did she ever experience such a situation where she is an orphan? Her level of empathy and sympathy for children is commendable. It is not easy to take care of their own child and what more someone else's who has no blood relation. Thats why I respect foster/adoptive parents. It is not easy to be one because it might be hard to handle their foster children's traumas. 3. I love how the story progresses. Altho the scenes were a little choppy, we are able to see the conflict, like a tightly tied knot being loosen bit by bit. I also like how the last scene was depicted. RG was confronting the conflict head on! Ohhh, that scene is so full of emotion! I was sooo touched and I was crying along with the two actors. Their acting was incredible! Look at their eyes and neck. RG looked like he was choked up. He couldnt string the words to explain why he brought Lee Sol to his mini gallery of LS's paintings. So he plucked up his courage to reveal his identity. That must have hurt a lot... dang... LS was sooo affected. Her eyes are full of longing, sadness, regret and shock. Soooo saaadddd .... Anw, I was hoping that RG would draw SDM. N oh bless the scriptwriter. Seeing the teasers for tonight's episode is making me super happy! I also hope that we are able to see RG-LS conflict to be resolved. I hope LS shows the last painting that she kept. I think it is in the church where she prayed. Maybe the painting is a picture of HYJ playing with the bubbles. That would be so sad. From the trailer for tonights ep, I think EG would apologise to SDM because his confession cause them to be awkward and rift apart. He treasures the friendship that they had and wants to continue that way. I guess he learns it from CDI and also from ystd's drinking session w SDM. Btw I like how SDM draw the line so clear. She treats EG as a friend and family. Nothing more, nothing less. U go gurl! Oopps i wrote too long. Hahahaha i shall stop here for now. My lunch is about to end soon. Thank goodness Im fasting hahahahaa. Need to get back to work~ i look forward to reading your posts later!
  11. I AGREE. She has a lot of aegyos in ep 11 and 12! She's super good at it. I wonder if there will be more in the future eps. hehehe
  12. Hi everyone! First time posting here after reading more than 20 pages over the past 48hrs. I like how many of you have critically analysed the plot and messages from this drama. I really love what @tinymel wrote. It felt like a film studies assignment. hehee. I totally agree your points especially on mothers. The stigma on single mothers is really bad depending on the culture you grow in. This is especially so for unmarried single mothers in many asian countries. There are stereotypes associated to unmarried single mothers such as immature and loose women. Anyway, I believe the nuclear family is highly regarded in many communities and this is why unmarried single mothers without their partners doesnt fit in this template. So although this drama doesnt explore this topic in detail, it shed some light and glimpses on the sentiments and perceptions people have on single mothers. That's why I love this drama. So many interesting points and issues raised over the past 12 episodes. Cant wait for more.
  13. From the teaser for ep 11, we can expect that the plot will have a few conflicts but will it be resolved by a hot scene? Otokke~ I cant wait for next week!
  14. Hehehehe as much as I would like to think that, i dont think there are tongues involved. hahaha
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