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  1. Carrie is being so stupid right now. Was really happy when YK slapped and choked EH, that snake deserved it! Janice is rebelling against her mom, good for her! SR is gonna end up at an asylum at this rate. EH is becoming a one-dimensional villain and may die. The nurse will definitely die, and I ain’t gonna miss her. Fake YR should’ve been a spy for Carrie instead of living in that house. IC is a pathetic coward who serves no purpose other than to uphold the morality of the villains. He’s one as well, and that makes him an accomplice. Danny is becoming a minor character lately, seems like he was just there for a potential love triangle (which I hate) and that’s it. Carrie should be the CEO/Chairwoman, she’s being very selfish and, as I said before, stupid right now. She’s emotional, but so is YK. Carrie needs to smarten up and really take revenge with YK! As for J Thief, he’s gonna go to jail. I won’t lie, he really does care about Dori and love him. That kid is so cute, way better than Nino from Cruel Temptation (he was annoying and creepy.) Maybe J Thief will be redeemed? He better be punished!
  2. YK is becoming Min Sohee, a woman hell-bent on revenge against those who wronged her! Hell hath no fury like a woman betrayed.
  3. Damn, I couldn't watch today's episode because of a server problem which made the episode super glitchy and with a bunch of pop-ups. I'll check in for a recap tomorrow.
  4. Thoughts on ep 70: Boy, oh boy. I hated J Thief before, but now I despise that despicable bastard. So far, he’s killed, cheated, framed, had another child with, lied, abused and kidnapped nearly everyone in this drama. Certain death for him. And if it’s not granted, at least let him get poisoned by Carrie or something. I’ve never hated a character this much since Shin Aeri and the crazy psychologist in Mysterious Personal Shopper. I swear, this guy actually makes me so freaking angry! Poor YK... she was sheltered and protected all her life and was blind to all the snakes around her. Even Baby Face. But now she’s realizing the truth, and I think it’d be fun if she teamed up with Carrie and Janice for some well-deserved revenge of her own, completely destroying her horrible husband. I know she's nice, but I really wanna see her hurt J Thief, EH and her Seo-snake family. They deserve it. As for her mother, I don't know... she's dead. Maybe J Thief had something to do with her death! I skipped pretty much all of the scenes with the Seo-snake family. And am I the only one who notices how loud Fake Yoora is? Good Lord, lower your voice! She's a good actress, though. IC will certainly get what's coming to him! He ain't safe. I also skipped the scenes between HJ and Janice. I don't think they'll end up together, honestly, after all that's happened. And they still have no chemistry, and it's super frustrating at this point. Is it the actors or the staff? Oh god. Not the car accident trope! I'm so tired of it! And the way it's filmed- how the hell do you just stand there as a car is coming towards you, idiot? That's not how it works! That's not how life works! Now HJ is gonna need a blood transfusion, and everyone is gonna find out that Carrie is his mother. The Seo-snake family is beginning to be destroyed, and hopefully HJ wakes up and realizes that he should not meddle with these people anymore. (And gets over Janice.) I do not like the nurse at all. I don't like her. She acts like she's pitiful and "oh, forgive me for hurting you" but is in fact a GIGANTIC hypocrite and a liar. She is just like the rest of them. Carrie should come for her too, I don't care if she's "demented" or not. She deserves some nice karma of her own. What do you think will happen next, everyone? Next week?
  5. Of course he can’t, it’s the truth... and if he loved her, he wouldn’t have cheated on her or kept so many secrets... EH is toxic but he’s horrible.
  6. No way in hell did J Thief slap YK! No! I really hope she wakes up to who her husband truly is, everyone sees her as a fool.
  7. Have to say that I’ve been skipping episodes recently. But based on these replies, I may watch today’s episode.
  8. Hwang Ja-Young is a gold digger! (With true love, could not resist that Toshiki Kadomatsu reference) it’s clear she’s out for money. And she works with prostitutes. But maybe she’ll help Carrie take over J Group...
  9. I think she’s famous for being a horror actress, actually. Not really revenge dramas. She was in “Royal Family”, and played a nice character there. I wish she was ruthless like Lee Chaeyoung! Or Jang Seohee.
  10. I think she needs more spitfire within her. Yes, she’s out for revenge, but the way she’s going about it makes her so... bland? She seems like a one-dimensional protagonist and I hate that. But at least she’s not a goody-two-shoes. Wanna watch “Bad Love” but I don’t trust MBC daily dramas after what happened with “Secrets and Lies”. And the main character seems, again, flat, naive and just plain stupid.
  11. she’s my favorite character! I feel so bad for her right now... And Carrie looked up too! I noticed that as well, great fashion choices! I feel like something drastic should happen. Like someone dying, or nearly dying...
  12. Interesting to think about. Maybe she was wronged somehow by J Group. Then again she’s a side character, so we may never know... (analysis and discussion of posts here) Queen of hearts for sure! I loved that red outfit she wore! I never thought about that, but it’s true. She’s extremely ambitious, clinging onto HJ as her source of happiness. maybe the writers might do an arc where SR loses everything, and goes through some hardship before being with Danny. HJ knows about the birth secret, but doesn’t know the full secret: Carrie is his mother and J Thief has a love child. I think HJ will be very upset once he finds out. indeed. HJ needs some karma too!
  13. Today's episode?! The show has actually picked up! To everyone who hasn't watched it, catch up! You're missing out! The power players, oh the power players. They don't know that they're being played by the Queen herself! I am loving Carrie right now! She's got them trapped on all sides. Queen Carrie will drive them insane as the frantically try to discover the truth about her, sending them on a wild goose chase. I'm looking forward to it! Huh... Janice is getting a little more snappy. She's still less interesting than Carrie though... but she's improving in a way. She's gonna take over and will numb her heart towards HJ. Good for her, take that company... but there's some secrets! Be careful. Now, that assistant? Ms. Oh? She's super loyal! Any regular assistant in a daily would've greedily taken the money, but she was honest and told EH, "wow, you're pathetic". EH is losing now, and I love it. She needs to be knocked down a peg or two. Wow, HJ is actually getting smarter now! Good for him, maybe if this continues, I might start to like him... just a little. He's figuring things out and connecting the dots, as well as helping his "father". Awesome. Things are yet again moving at a nice pace. The demented nurse, SR whining and throwing tantrums, EH plotting and JM being dumb scenes were getting pretty annoying.
  14. He’s being used, yeah. And so is Janice. However, he does have a life. He is capable of making his own choices. Unlike Janice, who doesn’t know the truth about her birth, he does. He could’ve used that to his advantage, but instead he screwed over one woman, and went back to another (and a crazy one too).
  15. mmm, no. In my opinion, HJ is shallow, selfish and pretty stupid. He’s also an egotistical cheater. There’s no way Janice would actually put up with that. SR is just pathetic.
  16. interesting. I hope not, but maybe she could be. She’s very shady! And her husband is corrupt (and a snake), so they’re 2 birds from the same nest. as for the nurse, I feel like it’s filler scenes for now. Like they do in most daily dramas... ugh. Sometimes they get annoying.
  17. I don’t see Danny and Sera together. She’s just so mentally screwed up, and love does not heal wounds. Sorry, I don’t think it’ll happen.
  18. We’re 45 episodes in and HJ and Janice still have no chemistry? They either need to kill someone off or switch the actor(s) somehow.
  19. Wow, J Thief is a snake! He really threw his family under the bus for his love child! He'll get what's coming to him soon... and Carrie will be right there to see it. I love YK and EH's rivalry, with them throwing shade at each other in high-end clothing and looking away from each other. Yoo Kyung is the definition of a classy woman.
  20. The problem with this drama is that it focuses way too much on romance rather than revenge. I want to see more revenge. I hate romantic k-dramas with a passion
  21. Weird, cause they released the OST for Heaven's Promise, Cuckoo Nest, Pink Lipstick, Cruel Temptation and Nameless Woman...
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