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About Me

Hi! I'm Faith... I love music, and dramas. I've watched dramas since 2017... I love daily dramas! I also write, read and listen to music. My favorite artist is Michael Jackson.


I've listened to k-pop for a long time now... My favorite group is Sechskies! I really like classic k-pop. 


My favorite genre of dramas are mystery, melodrama (of course), family (like chaebols) and thriller. Huge advocate for strong female protagonists and positive messages in dramas. I do enjoy revenge dramas and dramas about ambition. My favorite actress is Jang Seo-hee, the queen of revenge. :D


So far I've completed:

Nameless Woman

Heaven's Promise

Doll's House (Mysterious Personal Shopper)

Woman in Dignity

Left-Handed Wife


I'm watching: 

Sister is Alive (Band of Sisters)

Cruel Temptation

Cuckoo Nest (Two Mothers)

The Women's Room

Ruby Ring

My Father is Strange

Ice Adonis

A Tale of Two Sisters

I'm Sorry I Love You

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