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  1. I'm wondering what happened to YJ in her childhood? Was she abused? I'm hoping that MY/Carrie didn't abuse her... because then I'll end up hating her, and I love her! It's pretty crazy how the friend and MY got mixed up? How?! They look completely different... but then again the death was needed for the sake of the plot. Would've loved to see them team up and destroy J Group. Oh boy! The fake daughter is gonna seduce the real son! richard simmons is getting crazy! But that assistant is cute though... And Sera gives off bad vibes. Oooh. I did not feel sorry for EA at all. I felt absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. Maybe IC (barely), but not her. And y'all know I despise J Thief. Only sane ones are YK and HC. Wait, all of these names were in a KBS drama at some point.
  2. I find this route interesting. She didn't wait 20+ episodes to take revenge. She certainly isn't naive or a doormat like most female protagonists. She took action immediately. I agree that taking the child was wrong, but it was simple karma. She's playing their game. MY is a morally grey villain. An anti-hero. She does bad things for a good reason. Like Mansoo, Namjoon, and Kwanjil. If she were male like those people I've listed, I'm sure people wouldn't be upset about this.
  3. Aha, this drama is getting good! So now we'll see the time skip to today. Everybody gets older. And she fakes her death!
  4. Black Rose getting beaten up by cellmates? Maybe she'll die like Mr. Oh from Left-Handed Wife...
  5. Way better. Jenny is going through some serious depression/anxiety/trauma right now. She's not fit to raise a baby at the moment... That's the only ending I see for her.
  6. I'm legit watching for the last episodes at this point. Let me crawl back to "Gracious Revenge" for now...
  7. Me. We were talking about female villains. All three of those actresses played protagonists and villains at one point, excluding Ms. Wang. I was hoping that she'd be in this drama, as a main character rather than a villain, since she gets typecasted a lot. But I love your recaps...
  8. Dude. Conglomerate. Ambitious son-in-law. Suspicious Chairwoman. Poor woman whose husband is in a coma. Of course MY (Mi Yun) will end up in jail.
  9. I'm gonna be blunt and say that MS deserves everything that's coming to him. No way to justify betrayal.
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