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  1. Hi my dear friend 

    You know I can't write about A place in the sun in shady mom thread, so I am writing here instead. :)

    I suggest you watch all the preview videos of A place in the sun 

    also read all soompi posts from page 1 while watching.

    this way you will understand faster 

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    2. chococarmela


      Ah, ok. They did the same with the women's room

    3. nohamahamoud2002


      by the way did you watch "A sea of her own"?

      it is a novel drama in KBS2 in 2017

      it seems sad, and stars Choi Sungjae too (my favourite actor, in A place in the sun", the one playing Gwanjil) 

      you will notice I am defending him lol, but no one likes him, I wonder why

    4. chococarmela
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