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  1. Agree. Saenarae's death has made him more stronger and a braver person. When Tanya gave it back to HaeTooak Saya was shown smiling and he seemed liked he got inspired from Tanya's rebellious side. I got the same feeling when Tanya said Mine & Saya's fate is entwined...as you said both have something in common(their first love being killed mercilessly by their enemies) both are good at heart but they will not be afraid to give it back to their enemies when the enemies hurt them or their loved ones. (Like Tanya's scary curse & Saya's revenge on Taealha for killing his lover Saenarae.) Saya too thinks that the person that he sees in his dreams is... he himself just like Eunseom thought and both ES and Saya are unable to understand their dream. Both are not aware that they have a twin brother with same face. The only person who knows it is Tanya because she has seen both of them.and she is the only person who is awarep that both twins are seeing eachother in their dreams and not themselves.
  2. @bebebisous33 That's not an synopsis or an article.. It's an detailed translation of the official character description chart posted by tvN themselves.
  3. This is from Soompi article "Although Ta Gon chose to spare Sa Ya’s life as a baby, his relationship with Sa Ya is described as one in which both of them are using each other. Sa Ya has the same “mutual use” relationship with Taealha, who helped Ta Gon raise him. Of greater interest is Sa Ya’s relationship with Tanya. Tanya is described as “using” Sa Ya, but Sa Ya is described as having affectionate feelings for Tanya. " So that's why I said Saya will not be using Tanya but it will be Tanya and even yesterday's precap suggested the same. As you said Tanya is not a submissive woman. In my opinion all three ES, Tanya, Saya are strong and smart enough. I don't think they will let someone to use them. Anyways these three are the heavenly objects (Sword, Bell & Mirror) so eventually these three ES, Tanya & Saya will work together to defeat Tagon & Taealha.
  4. It could actually be the other way. Tanya would be the one who would be using Saya because Tanya should have known more about Saya through Eunseom's dreams and she may use Saya to find Eunseom. Even as per the character description chart Tanya , Tagon & Taealha is described as the ones who will be "Using" Saya.
  5. Relationship Chart of EunSeom, Tanya , Saya, Tagon & Taealha Blue : Love Red : Enemy Green : Business Credit for translation : ace
  6. Watch: A Hero’s Story Begins To Unfold In New Drama Teaser With Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, And More Upcoming tvN drama “Arthdal Chronicles” (literal translation) has released another thrilling teaser video! “Arthdal Chronicles” will be a fantasy drama that takes place in the mythical city of Arthdal, the capital city of the Gojoseon kingdom. It will tell a story love, conflict, and harmony between the residents of Arthdal as the city grows and leads to the rise of a hero. The video was released on April 27 and builds upon the earlier first teaser. Jang Dong Gun’s character Ta Gon proudly proclaims who he is, while Song Joong Ki’s Eun Sum not only asks where Ta Gon is, but reveals that he plans to take Ta Gon on. Kim Ji Won and Kim Ok Bin make appearances as Tan Ya and Taeilha respectively. The line, “The place where everything begins. If you survive here, you become a legend” foreshadow a great journey that will fall upon the characters in the drama, as a hero is born from their struggles. Source : Soompi
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