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  1. @andra3 as far as i know writer LKH always make her male character sick, she never did female (cmiiw) or at least not to the point of sick to death. i'm sorry i love you, innocent man, thank you, uncontrollably fond all were LKH's work and all of them got it's male sick whether main (lead) or not hahaha. LKH likes to make her female character strong and likeable. not a fan of suzy's acting but i think she did well in UF (i don't know if it's hers or her character in the drama). so i hope HJW too this time! can't wait!!!
  2. @nrllee because you choose to be straightforward, i will do the same. i do not like the way you respond and i feel it's very offensive. i am not here to argue, that's why i keep myself not to directly reply/mention/quote someone to throw out offensive sentences because as long as i understand, this is an open forum. last but not least, i chose not to bring up my degree and position to inform that i deleted (related) sentences in my previous post. sorry if i offends you in any way. thank you
  3. i've this thought for quite some time now, after so many years of failure adapting (or remaking?) popular US series, i think they really really need to stop. or if "stop" sounds a bit too much, maybe "improve" or why not trying another way? the problem is that the original is popular (already) and it's not like no one's watching any US series or subscribing netflix and so on. MANY drama remake got this problem: slow plot (way too slow) than the original (when people watching the original do not consider fast plot as a problem). and/or unnecessary additional character. and/or additional element for makjang (when thriller/suspense/political/law drama (say: stranger, voice, or ocn's) have proven it's credibility by getting good ratings (and no complaints) in the US DS, kiefer character is a minister. in the first episode (before he was appointed president), i saw him talking to emily about law and politics. about housing reform, about filing a protest with the president, about a backup plan if it fails, etc. even he also watched political news at home. which means he knows and understands politics. is he clumsy? yes, he is. he asks why nuclear launchers do not need eye scans like in the movies. not by bursting a bottle of chemical open in front of US delegates and make it as TV headlines. i think they made his character an idiot, not clumsy
  4. i REALLY want to see LJH in melodrama after seeing the end of tonight's episode. he often (not always) get to play richard simmons bags thus he rarely gets to shoot sleeping scene (or faints) because i think it doesn't fit the role. i mean, HE LOOKS SO FINE WITH HIS EYES SHUT IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. even heo jun ho is playing a sick good guy after his creepy as heck harabeoji in come and hug me!!!!!
  5. now it is decided that i'm just going to watch the rest of episodes for LJH. i just can't.
  6. @nrllee i was watching in raw so yes, maybe it's not cancer but something with the brain, and yes, i am talking about the secretary
  7. @ck1Oz in my opinion, the old cancer man is playing Mike. or maybe he's just an additional character (to dramatize it more i suppose. the fact that he's having cancer is unnecessary, imo) in the beginning of the US DS the chief of staff position is vacant, and thus what aaron & emily fought over. i thought son seok gu is the one playing aaron, but unfortunately emily is far out my expectation. so maybe no romance, just the cat fight
  8. @triplem thank you so much for this! i feel the need to mention more about the "Designated Survivor" but then again Korea is not my country. just in case i'm wrong. PMJ is not a designated survivor because he is not designated to survive aside from the fact that SK have the concept of DS or not.
  9. @triplem in the original US series, there are 2 designated survivor. from that i believe they are intentionally chose the people to "stay behind the line" while the rest are attending the presidential speech. later, people are asking why are there designated survivor and what is the purpose of it and one of them answered that "such thing are already foreseen". they knew that something bad might happen and the designated survivor is chosen whether he/she close or not close with the president as long as he/she's not being in the same room with the president where the accident is already foreseen to happen. in this Korean case, i think they are not defining the "designated survivor" as how it is supposed to be. if he is "designated" to survive he should've been kept safe or anything to keep him away from death. in PMJ's case, he is not kept safe hence he is just the survivor by coincidence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Designated_survivor but... anyway, enough with the title police. it might be just the country that is different or maybe SK does not have something like designated survivor. but really, this is a remake and maybe they ought to still take after it's parent title.
  10. this might sound a bit skeptical but trust me i really am not... but do koreans have no regulations, or protocol, or whatsoever to at least protect Park Moo Jin? it feel so weird when he is a minister... not to mention, a designated survivor that eventually going to "replace" the president just in case something bad happen, but he is running by himself in the open public, guard-less (even the guard asking him if he IS the Park Moo Jin). they should've known the person designated to survive for the country. this is something about the president and it's people in the cabinet, it is about the highest people in the country. in the country i'm living, the ministers are considered the "high" people. or at least the original DS "indicating" the same too. they "locked up" the designated survivor candidate and escorted him with bodyguards and armored vehicle to the very place he's saying the oath. i believe it is not about the american or the korean, or the difference on how they escort their president but i believe it is about the country not just the CEO of a company. Seth Wright used to answer the question about why is there a designated survivor with "because something like this (the bombing) is something we can foresee". i hope PMJ character will grow and get even stronger. this kind of drama is the kind that i enjoy as a mere civilian. i couldn't get to see the inside of a country's blue house, how's work and the people working behind those tall walls in suits and fancy cars. i'm thinking fancy and i am imagining things for everything i couldn't get to see in real life. so when i sense something off, i couldn't help but to complain. there is no way someone appointed as a president right off a paper signing when he is going to lead bazillion of people let it be for 60 days, 1 week or 1 day
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