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  1. On the 2172nd issue of 'AnAn' magazine, Taemin's interview about his 30 years from now has melted fans' hearts. The interviewer asked, "In 10, 20, and 30 years, how do you picture yourself?" To this, Taemin replied, "In 10 years, I will be 36. I hope I am a passionate performer by then, too. In this generation, not so many people get married fast. I don't think I will be married then. However, in 20 years, I hope I have a family and I could support them. If I have a child, I dream to support and help the child's life. In 30 years, I want to ask my child if he/she has a lover. If it is a she, I would be so crazy for her." i think its from this interview..
  2. https://ixakaixa.livejournal.com/10874.html Taemin interview in japan from late 2018. I will highlight some. ""W: Where would you like to go if you’re going to a Christmas date with a woman like that?TM: I want to go to a ski resort! But with that kind of outfit you can’t move a lot (lol). I’ll be happy if I can see their appearance when wearing ski-wear too~ W: I see! People who has sense are likable regardless of the gender.TM: I agree. If I said straightly, I’d be happy to be with someone gentle that smiles oftenW: Are there any other points you want from women?TM: I like active dating, so I like a person who enjoys it. In winter, go skiing or climbing Mount Fuji? W: During date, what kind of gesture/ action that makes your heart flutter?TM: Oh~ it’s embarrassing~ (shy). When they’re staring at me, then smiles, my heart will flutter as I was looking at them too.W: It would be great if that happened at the ski resort.TM: Heart fluttering while riding the ski lift!? It’s a strange date but it seems to be fun (lol).W: Taemin-san who likes active dating, are you the type that aggressively make a move if you want to take a woman’s heart?TM: I think I’m unexpectedly introverted at that part. It’s embarrassing to make a move~. But if the woman is popular, she would get taken away by other man, so I think I’ll do my best! (lol) W: So you’re willing to break out of your shell for someone you like. That’s wonderful!!TM: Nonetheless, whatever outfit they’re wearing or whatever kind of date we’re doing, I think the most important is personality. If it’s with a woman I like, I want to worry and laugh together to the common future, I want her to be happy when she’s with me. It’ll be nice if we could create happy moment at any time.TM: But now there are lots of things that I am aiming for as an artist, I can feel happiness through my current surroundings where I can make performances with fans and receive their supports. For me who can’t become an adult (mature) yet, I guess love is too early? (lol)"" Remind us of certain someone??
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_cHmLNAwRC/?igshid=1d3fi6oj9mzyt Fransesco doing cross sign again...
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