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  1. Ryu Soo Young as Kang In Wook stole the show in the last four episodes. Be it the In Wook in denial or the one who is madly in love to a point of self destruction. I loved how In Wook destroyed his dad before destroying himself.In a way he brought his mother's culprit to justice. I would have liked it more if he had just let YMR go,shown the middle finger to everyone and left the country with his secretary,the female detective and his dog away from the entire circus.Imagine In Wook enjoying his life in Hawaii with the secretary and the detective.I am sure he would have made money as well given how intelligent and capable he is. Jokes apart everyone turned out as a loser except SJW.He got a woman who suits his temperament with Ha Kyung's face aka the face he loved.On top of that he became a hero. Funnily enough he didn't care that Dr Ha left Ha Kyung to die in that accident and brushed it off like Ha only stole an ice cream.So much for loving Ha Kyung and blah blah.He didn't want to be bitter? Gimme a break.It was more like he got what he wanted so who cares about the real Ha Kyung?
  2. Hey all!! I have been following the drama and this thread closely.Never posted before now though. I just wanted to say that even though I don't condone IW's abuse towards Mari,I found him to be the most fascinating character in the drama.There is a certain energy and vigour in his scenes.Be it in his interactions with JHR or with his dad.Even his OST,'Nightmare',is extremely powerful.Compared to that YMR and SJW kinda bored me. I tend to enjoy characters who are intelligent,compelling and who have more than one shade.It doesn't matter if they are black,white or grey.I guess this is the reason why I enjoyed IW's scenes.Even though he is a villain,he had multiple shades and most importantly he is extremely intelligent.He can see through lies and through people.Even when he went against his father,he made sure he had some leverage over him. Then we have YMR and SJW,our lovebirds who are supposed to be the tormented protagonists.But I can't just put up with their stupidity.What was SJW thinking when he locked horns with KIW? I know that was supposed to be his heroic moment but it only put Mari in a soup.And Mari knew that IW has her mom who is her Achilles heel.Also provoking IW wasn't exactly the wisest decision because it eventually blew up SJW's secret and affected his reputation. Due to this drama's comparisons with Let Me Introduce Her,I binge watched that drama and noticed the differences despite the similar plotlines.Both the doctor and the abused wife were sensible and smart and I enjoyed how they took down the abusive hubby. The husband over there was worse than KIW.But he ended up in therapy for his actions. This drama has more emotions but that one was more practical. Also something has been bugging me about SJW.He knew what kind of a woman his late wife WHK was.He knew she was cheating on him.Yet he never confronted her even once.Now what do I call this? Being a doormat or being spineless? Any individual with minimum self respect would confront his/her partner upon being cheated and try to discuss what went wrong and what further steps should be taken.But this guy did nothing.SJW and WHK had zero compatibility.He is more of an idealist poet and she was a shallow person.So the only plausible reason for him to fall for her was because he was smitten by her pretty face.I believe she married him because he was well to do and could provide her a secure life while she went around cheating on him. IW's obsession with his mom's face has been pointed out many times in the drama but SJW's obsession with his wife's face was never discussed much.He went ahead and recreated his wife's face on another woman. IW himself pointed that out on SJW's face when he discovered the truth. In YMR's case I understand why she got so attached to SJW.It is because he was the first person to show kindness and affection to her after years of abuse. As someone mentioned above the most convincing ending would be for both IW and SJW to get into therapy. YMR needs to get away from both the men and rediscover her individuality. Anyways lets see how the drama concludes.I don't want IW to die though.
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