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  1. Oh gross! Second-cousins. That's like my son marrying my cousin's daughter. Thank you so much for that URL. You've cleared that up for me.
  2. How are the royalty Duans related? I'm talking about Duàn Yù's father (Duàn Zhèngchún), uncle (Duàn Zhèngmíng), and Are Duàn Yánqìng and Duàn Zhèngchún truly cousins? In the 2013 version, I thought Dāo Báifèng said that they aren't blood-related.
  3. Does anyone know yet if this will be adapted from the latest novel edition? I really want to see that story on screen, for several reasons, including Duan Yu's updated love story. I always felt that the older editions (and their adaptations) didn't really do his love story justice because it felt so cheapened and rushed, when the last twist should have allowed everyone to be with the ones they love. I watched the ending of 2013's adaptation and was more satisfied with how that love story unfolded, but I didn't like the editing/filming of that version. I'm still looking for a favourite Demi-gods & Semi-devils. Here's hoping 2019 will be it!
  4. A review of the DVD set I bought from eBay, the one from Malaysia, licensed TVB. It's not High Definition. Even if the box says filmed in HD, the quality of the video itself is Standard Definition. PAL— will not work on NTSC TVs or DVD players. Audio is both Cantonese and Mandarin. But Cantonese is default, so you gotta switch it to Mandarin at the beginning of playback of the disc (just once at the beginning, and not per episode). Video is Hong Kong's cut, and not Tencent's cut, so you get that extra kick from Zhao Min but lose her smile when he falls down the trap. You also get a few more shots of the fight between Zhang Wuji and Fan Yao as well as the lines "Give me a sword", followed by Zhang Wuji saying, "Give it to him" before Yang Xiao gives Fan Yao the sword (I know that matters to some people). The fight looks better overall. (Btw, rewatching that fight, Wuji looks so pretty, LOL. He's a very beautiful looking boy). The opening theme song is the Hong Kong cantonese version. It's a nice song, but I much prefer the mandarin song Daojian Rumeng (刀劍如夢; A life of fighting is but a dream) performed by Wakin Chau because that's how I first watched it. Alas, I'll have to settle for imagining it in my own head when I watch the episodes, or I fast-forward the opening. The ending theme song is, of course, the Hong Kong cantonese song. Whatever title that is. Somebody else can look it up. 5 episodes per disc, and they skip the opening theme and ending credits for most episodes. The first episode in the disc gets the opening theme and the fifth episode of the disc gets to keep the ending credits. I don't know why--to save space? Thankfully, the English subtitles are decent. They translate the poetry, the martial arts lingo, the names of people are traditional mandarin pinyin, so you'll see "Zhang Wuji" and not "Cheung Mo-gei". The names of objects, places, and martial arts is English, where it's relevant. For example, you get Reverend (English) Jueyuan (pinyin) and Nine Yang Divine Skill (English), which is exactly how I prefer to read my subtitles. I have a hard time remembering everything if it's written "Jiuyang Zhenjing" etc. Well, that example is rather easy but it gets more difficult when the titles get longer, like "Hùn yuán pīlì shǒu Chéng Kūn". Like geez, give me something I can pronounce. But like I said, these are decent English subtitles. That's all, I think. I skimmed through the dvds, without really watching the episodes so I can't comment on how consistent the English subtitles are with terminology. For example, I don't know if at one moment it says "master" and then the next it's going to say "shifu". It could--I'm saying I don't know. One of my pet peeves is inconsistency, so I really hope whatever term they use, they stick to it throughout the whole show. Now I really wonder if I would have gotten the original opening theme song if I bought the Singapore box set version. Hope somebody out there could enlighten me, if you happen to purchase that one. Edit: I just realized maybe my idea of SD is different from everyone else's. Perhaps my eyes are so used to HD that anything less looks SD, I'm not sure. I just know that this doesn't have crisp, clear lines like a blu-ray dvd. I really think it's just SD.
  5. Hi! I didn't see anyone reply to you so I figure I'll help. @deminni's Fanfiction page is here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/deminni/pseuds/deminni @LaurenPanna's Fanfiction page is here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/LaurenPanna/pseuds/LaurenPanna
  6. Is this coming out August 12 or December 8? Where can I watch it?
  7. I've made my peace with not getting the uncut version. This show made me fall in love with it using only 50 episodes. It's done. If one day I see some scenes that I haven't seen before -- great! But if not, I'm not going to be upset. It is, after all, still my favourite ZWJ thus far. And my favourite YX. And the prettiest ZM.
  8. When you receive yours, please give a review of it. I want to buy it but it's too expensive so I bought the Malaysia version on eBay. I want to see if the subtitles are good and if the quality is HD. Please let me know if yours has good subtitles.
  9. Guys, guys, guys, guys! It's on ebay!! https://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Chinese-Drama-DVD-Heavenly-Sword-and-Dragon-Slaying-Saber-Ep-1-50-end-Eng-Sub/223582179716?hash=item340e895184:g:tKAAAOSw8EhdIV32 If you search "heavenly sword and dragon slaying sabre" on eBay you'll find the DVDs with English subtitles! I've been waiting for months and it's finally available. Now be warned, if you see a listing that says it's NTSC, they're probably lying or misinformed. It's NOT NTSC. This stuff is coming from Malaysia, so it will be PAL. I know this because last year I bought Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 on eBay and it was PAL, and only playable on my laptop. You could probably find a DVD player that will play PAL but then it still might not work with your TV -- I don't know, I'm not that familiar. And if you happen to live anywhere that normally plays PAL anyway, well congrats! You have no problem playing these dvds! It's a big deal for me to find this series with English subtitles because I've slowly been introducing Jin Yong to my very White husband. Hurray! oh wait--he can't watch this yet since he hasn't seen Return of the Condor Heroes with Yang Guo. Nevertheless, for all you folks who prefer English subtitles, these are officially licensed publishing with good English subtitles. I know from my experience purchasing Legend. But after posting this, I'm going to purchase Heaven Sword 2019 as well. So happy!!! Edit: I did some research. For higher quality dvds and NTSC, there is a Singaporean company that manufactures it. I think Singapore will have decent English subtitles, right? I've never ordered it before. It also cost an insane amount more money than I care to spend. And the box will properly say NTSC for us fans in North America. For shipping to Asia/Australia/New Zealand they have their main website: Pohkimvideo.com. For international shipping (US/Canada/maybe somewhere else) they have their international website: Pohkim.net. Clicking on those links will take you straight to Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre 2019 listings. Edit again: Ugh! I hope the English subtitles are written better than that plot summary! They used Cantonese spelling pinyin for the names which I’m just not used to!
  10. So glad to see an update. I’m still following your story. Your story brings me much joy!
  11. Oh Wuji sounds so sweet in Cantonese! I've gotten used to both his Mandarin and Vietnamese dubbed voices, now maybe I should watch the whole series again in Cantonese, haha!
  12. He is even more handsome in modern clothes and hairstyle . At 38, he’s not too old or too young for me, haha! Shh! Don’t tell my husband!
  13. It just occured to me to wonder, does Zhao Min ever kill anybody? I don't remember if it's in the novel or in this 2019 version, but Zhang Wuji once asks Zhao Min if she's ever killed anybody. And she answers, "Not Yet." Then continues saying that if somebody ever hurt her father or her brother she would kill them along with their friends and family. But she never does that, does she? Even after Ming Cult members premeditate and carry out the murder of her father, she never acts on these words to take revenge. Thinking back, I can't remember seeing her kill anybody. Yes, she captures the 6 Major Sects and causes trouble at Wudang but that involves injuring and poisoning them to bring back to Wan An Temple. As we recall, Shaolin Temple has no bodies to show. The Shaolin monk whose head we see is probably killed by the traitorous monk who brings it over to Zhang Sanfeng. On the Snake Spirit Island, she fights the Persians and might even slashes a few of them with her Yitian sword but does she kill them? Are they dead? I don't know. Compare all this to the likes of Yin Li (who we know has at least one kill -- Chu whatever her name is -- under her belt) and Zhou Zhiruo who doesn't kill people at Guang Ming Peak (she hits them with the blunt or flat part of her sword--bless her), but then goes on to murder a whole bunch of Yuan soldiers on Snake Spirit Island and even suggests killing to silence the runaway soldiers back on mainland. Poor misguided Zhiruo... In any case, you can argue that Zhao Min is high-ranking enough that she orders other people to do her deeds (kill people) and so these bodies rack up and count as her doing. But it's still interesting to note that when it comes to killing people first-hand, she does not do that. Is it cowardice? Or is it because she does not grow up in wulin and never gets desensitized to killing? I like to think the latter. Maybe I'm a bit biased but it says something to me that everyone calls her evil demoness and all that but she doesn't actually kill as many people as the typical wulin martial artist. She orders the chopping of people's fingers but what's a few fingers compared to actual lives? Her previous crimes are not as serious as people make it out to be.
  14. To clarify, I didn’t say you need to watch other stuff to understand HSDS. I said if you want to have a deeper understanding of Jin Yong’s shared universe, watching all 4 series will satisfy that. Like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe—you can watch only Doctor Strange and still understand Doctor Strange, but if you want to know what people are talking about what they mention “the incidents in New York” then you’ll need to watch other movies in the MCU. Anyway, I digress. I’ll try to answer your questions. 1) Wuji’s mother didn’t give up the sabre. She just couldn’t beat Xie Xun and she wanted to keep her life. Later on, it didn’t matter who had the sabre on Ice-Fire Island because her priorities changed. She picked love and family first. 2) 3rd Hero of Wudang is a good guy and Wudang is known for being a famously good sect whose disciples do good deeds. Wuji’s mother and uncle hurt him to get the sabre; they didn’t need to kill him. She didn’t want to sow further discord between Heavenly Sect and Wudang so she sends him back to Wudang using a delivery service so her identity wouldn’t be known. 3) He got attacked because the culprits wanted the dragon sabre. They guy 3rd Hero fought with last saw him protecting the man who had the sabre (who was later found dead) so it was obvious that the sabre was in 3rd hero’s hands. That’s why the culprit asks him, “is the sabre in the hands of the one surnamed Yin?” Since 3rd Hero was injured when they found him, they figure he lost the sabre to this Yin person. They tortured him so he would speak. He did not say anything. They left him crippled. 4) Yin Susu (Wuji’s mom) did not lie that she wanted to help him. She really was trying to send him back to his master. Those delivery guys were supposed to hand him straight to his master at Wudang temple, not to anyone else at the foot of the mountain. Those guys f—ked up. 5) Wuji got kidnapped because as soon as 5th Hero and Yin Susu was known to be back in Central Plains mainland, news travelled fast and everybody wanted to know where Xie Xun was so they could get dragon sabre. The people who kidnapped Wuji wanted to use him as leverage to get his parents to talk (and wanted to scare him into talking too). 6) Wuji got hit with the Ice Palm as a last resort, probably out of anger, because Grandmaster Zhang Sanfeng successfully got him back. They were just really pissed. Or maybe they thought the good guys would come begging for a cure and have to reveal Xie Xun’s whereabouts. 7) All the orthodox sects hate Ming sects because the government labelled Ming sect members as evil and called them the Devil Sect. Without knowing the root cause, naturally the people of the martial world believed in this nickname as well. And it didn’t help that Xie Xun, who was 1 of 4 protectors of Ming Sect, went around killing people of orthodox sects to force his master out of hiding. He caused more people to hate Ming Sect. Nobody knew the Ming Sect’s true mission statement. 8) Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the title of the series/novel doesn’t really matter. Both sword and sabre are just MacGuffins used so that we can start the story somewhere and then we actually follow the hero through his quests and “Hero’s Journey” and character development. The true story of HSDS is about washing away old grudges and joining together all the people of the martial arts world toward a common purpose: to restore the land of the Hans and drive away the Mongolians and overthrow the Yuan Dynasty. That was the true purpose of the sword and sabre when they were forged by Guo Jing and Huang Rong back when they were defending the country against invaders. That’s the mission statement of the Ming Cult. And within this rebellion, there’s the underlying theme of bad vs good and falling in love with the enemy. Zhang Cuisan and Yin Susu were on different sides (orthodox vs unorthodox sects) and then Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min (Han vs Mongolian). Phew! I hope that was clear. I believe that most, if not all, of your questions were actually answered in the show, hence why I think this is a good adaptation. I’m actually surprised you didn’t ask more pertinent questions like what’s the origin of the 9 Yang Manual and what the heck was it doing inside a big monkey. Lol. That, I believe, was not answered well at all in this version, because Zhang Sanfeng skipped a lot of details in his story to Zhang Wuji. But never mind that. It’s just extra information that enhances the story but doesn’t change its outcome. There’s a new forum about wuxia that just started for anybody who’s interested in having lengthy discussions about all things wuxia related: https://jianxia.smfnew2.com/index.php
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