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  1. This is a little off topic, but I was watching LOCH 2017 and there’s that scene in the rain when Huang Rong says to Guo Jing that even though it seems like in the future (1 month from then) they can’t be together (because he has to return to Mongolia to marry Huazheng), if they could be together for one month, they’ll cherish that one month. One day then they’ll cherish that one day. I’m reminded of stupid Wuji on Snake Island who stops himself from kissing Zhao Min because they’ll be enemies as soon as they return to Central Plains and then again the scene at the lake where he tells her she might have to one day confront a reality where he kills her father and/or brother on the battlefield. Both couples are seemingly incompatible and not fated to be together because of their duty and promises to other people. But at least Guo Jing is willing to love and be loved for however little time he has. This is why I never liked Zhang Wuji!! If not for Joseph Zeng playing him so well, to make me fall in love with his character portayal, I would have never fallen in so deep. It pains me every time I think about Zhao Min’s sacrifices to him, and what little he gives back. Why couldn’t they allow themselves just to BE while on the island? Okay, rant over.
  2. Guys, I need something else to watch. I feel so directionless. I'm suffering from "What do I do now? Syndrome", especially now after the Game of Thrones finale. Everything I was anticipating this year has ended. Finished Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (both the series AND the novel)... What did I used to do with my life?
  3. I read it anyway with Google translate. Not the best translation, but it allows me to understand the main ideas. I like your ending, even if it's short, because it's not burdened by all the angst and sadness of the actual ending. I feel like the series was on such a high but ended at a low because they bombarded us with so much angst that the last few seconds of that hug in the grasslands didn't erase the feelings we're left with. I wish they could have extended the reunion a little bit. Even Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu got to sit and talk for several onscreen minutes when they reunited. *sigh*
  4. That’s my one beef with this show. All other versions had Xie Xun figure out ZZR was behind the crimes on the island and they nearly had an altercation before the beggar clan came to capture them. That’s why ZZR is so hellbent on winning the fights at Shaolin so she could kill XX. All this got skipped. When ZR told WJ what happened before they got captured “your godfather suddenly went crazy and didn’t recognize me and nearly attacked me, then suddenly I felt dizzy and came to at beggar clan’s place” (something like that), I really thought they were going there... but then nothing. This plot would also make XX’s sacrifice for ZR make sense, but since they didn’t do this his death has no impact I find because I don’t understand it. I wonder if this was one of the plot points they cut.
  5. It’s cute! I hope there’ll be lots of fluff and smut. I need some happy feelings surrounding my OTP. The last 1/4 of the series is too angsty as it is.
  6. 9 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You 1. He says he’s not ready to get married. 2. He uses his cousin’s death as a reason to postpone marriage. 3. He keeps gifts from an ex-lover. 4. He lets his ex-lover lay her head on his shoulder as they sleep in the same cave all night. 5. He’d rather spend time with other women (dinner scene). 6. He doesn’t care about your relationship with other men, even the slightest. 7. He’s always busy or he keeps you waiting. 8. He doesn’t include you when he’s with the guys. 9. He leaves you at the altar to follow another woman. (I’m not good at finding pictures of the corresponding scenes but if someone could put pics in between each line that would be golden! )
  7. Amen! I feel so bad for her. She’s so desperate while all the signs are there that he just doesn’t want to marry her. Even if he can’t be with Zhao Min, he totally doesn’t want to marry her.
  8. Ugh! Just watched ep41(?) in Vietnamese with the fake suicide so I finally know what everyone is saying. I wish ZM could have thrown in a line saying, how could someone who practices martial arts possibly fail at killing oneself? That makes it clear that it’s just to garner sympathy. Also, I caught two beautiful moments: 1) When ZM mentioned that she’s a wanted criminal for betraying her father and country and is a disgrace to her family with nowhere to turn to, our Zhang Wuji had such a worried look! He doesn’t take his eyes off her, until she walks away. 2) When ZM accuses Wuji of giving her leftovers someone else didn’t want, Wuji hurriedly said he cooked it especially for her. He’s always quick to “clear his own name” whenever ZM says something incorrect about him. He NEVER lets her misunderstand him. In comparison, I can’t even count how many times he keeps quiet whenever ZR accuses him of something. He says nothing, looks down, then changes the subject or tells her not to think like that. When she says let’s call off the wedding, he says nothing. Geez, Wuji! You’re the worst fiancé ever! If I “act out” and my fiancé practically ignores it, doesn’t defend himself, doesn’t say nice things to pacify me, I would be livid! Like, women who play these games WANT you to SAY something. They want you to deny your feelings for another girl. They want you to declare your undying love. Silence is detrimental to the relationship at this stage. Silence makes the woman seethe with anger. I feel like ZR should be able to sense her marriage falling apart, right? That’s why she got so desperate to try a fake suicide. It’s like nothing she does moves him. He’s a solid wall who doesn’t react. I would go crazy if my fiancé was like that. Compare that to how he reacts to things ZM says and what she does. Doesn’t matter what reaction it is, the fact that he reacts at all to ZM means she is able to get to him. Her words have an impact on him. Her opinions and feelings matter to him. What she thinks about him matters. He can’t bear to have ZM think wrongly of him. Yet, he doesn’t care what ZR thinks of him. *sigh* I laugh at the bickering moments between ZR and ZM but if these were real people, I would feel really sorry for ZR because of how pathetic she is.
  9. It gets worse! After WJ rescues ZR from the beggar clan she goes into another tirade. I don’t understand what she’s thinking. She knows WJ lovez ZM. Yes, she’s mad at ZM for being involved in the death of her master so killing her makes sense, but she already tried that when she threw ZM into the ocean. At that point, she doesn’t know whether or not ZM survived the drowning so why put all the blame on her nonstop? And then she continuously witnesses WJ making excuses not to touch her, excuses not to marry her, excuses not to kill ZM, excuses to keep the gold box, excuses to eat dinner with ZM... omg, what will it take? He’s just not that into you, girl!
  10. Look how roughly he throws them away. And then that last stance at the end... So manly! Too bad he’s just a kid compared to me now. If this came out when I was in my teens... oh boy I would be crushing so hard!
  11. He compares all 3 women to his mom in some way, but never says anything to ZR. Only Xie Xun compares ZR to his mom. But then—before ZR reveals ZM’s true identity to Xie Xun, XX seems to prefer ZM because her feisty personality resembles the mom. Too bad ZR just had to go and ruin XX’s nice impression.
  12. Ooh! I love this picture of YX. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4372561200653041
  13. I found it hilarious that after ZM tells him to go away (in ep 38 I think?) he chases her, then gives her water, and says to her, “Don’t be angry anymore.” He was concerned about her being angry at him! This woman, who he thinks is the murderer of his cousin, and he’s worried that she’s mad at him.
  14. For Vietnamese fans, here are Wuji-ZhaoMin (Trương Vô Kỵ và Triệu Mẫn) scenes from various episodes:
  15. Joseph and Yukee behind the scenes. Lots of giggling ensues during foot tickling scene. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4373044085596830/4373044505801298
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