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  1. Just a heads up. The videos being uploaded in this official channel/playlist is now restricted in these countries: ID - Indonesia PH - Philippines TW - Taiwan TH - Thailand
  2. Just a heads up. The videos being uploaded in this official channel/playlist is now restricted in this countries: ID - Indonesia PH - Philippines TW - Taiwan TH - Thailand
  3. This drama is upbeat and over the top, it has that makjang feel to it. Nevertheless, it's entertaining.
  4. @Latte_Anyday Gank Your Heart female lead is more mature compared to Go Go Squid!. It's a likable character(dedicated, goal-oriented), It's just that there are just people who kind of trample over her because she is quite new to the industry she is working. Also there are lot of misunderstandings in early episodes so you wouldn't see the sweet things early on.
  5. @visiopeia I could watch the raw episodes, but decided to wait instead for the full episode translation.
  6. So far this seems fun to watch. Ignore the synopsis from mydramalist though since you're gonna lose some of your brain cells. It's the ML who suffer from a 'condition'(memories on women are lost) when it rains. The FL suffers from some sort of condition when she touches the opposite sex, without her magical gloves/protection. 2 Episodes have been uploaded on Tencent Video Youtube channel, and they release 4 episodes weekly (Wednesday - Thursday 8:00pm GMT+8). Here's the link.
  7. @liddi CDramas are known for its Open/Sad endings on its stories. It's one of those dramas that I hope we get a good definite ending since I'm already emotionally invested to its one of its characters, Asule watching his character growth in the story.
  8. Maestro Nam is wearing full black, with matching black cap and black mouth mask. He should be 99.99% the killer.
  9. @themarchioness @lynne22 Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering if it was part of the 35 episodes since I cant find it in the raw episodes.
  10. I've seen a clip on JXK getting his motor bike back and I can't find it in any episode(other than the ending music video). Was it really not included in the episodes with the actual dialogues?
  11. @nohamahamoud2002 I wont wish this someone on real life, but since this is KDrama Land, I would want SM not to be able to conceive again. Some people are not destined to be a parent, more to be a mother. Both SM and her mother, shouldn't be a mother.
  12. @dramaninja lol, that last part of the preview. never seen that in a drama before.
  13. @stevii The reason why the game in Go Go Squid! was changed was because it was originally about a first-person shooter game. Because of blood, corpses and violence(?). It's their government that are putting these bans and restrictions every now and then.
  14. @Dramalover23 greed and ambition in moderation is great for a person(in terms of development), it means that he have a goal. What irks me(and probably some viewers) is that his greed and ambition is too much at a point that he's destroying his relationship with the other two. That's the reason why I didn't like JiYe as a protagonist. I'd probably want him to become the main antagonist at the end of the story, without a chance of redemption. But that's just my opinion.
  15. @a_tumiwa The one probably ruling is an Empress Dowager, this title is given to a mother of a young emperor who is deemed too young or incapable to rule. Empress Dowager are widow of the previous Emperor(father of the young Emperor). There are instances where there are Grand Empress Dowager, a title given to a grandmother(and is regent) of the current Emperor.
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