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  1. I think it was mentioned that he will know on this Thursday's episodes(36-38).
  2. The story is riveting despite it being full of sadness. I know I cant bear to watch too much of it as time goes but somehow, I still keep watching and waiting for the next episode to come by. Good thing I watch this along with Joy of Life. Just a few questions, who is Ming' An and how is he relevant to the story? The name the FL used as a maid is Gu'A Bao. Is the identity she is using somehow related to General Gu or Gu family(this was the CP maternal side of the family right?)?
  3. With how involve the emperor is to his life in the capital and seeing one of the released posters where the emperor is by his side, I think he might be one of the princes, i remember of a mention that there are 4. I already saw the crown prince, the second prince, and a mention of the youngest just being an infant. So he might be the 3rd Prince, just my theory so far. The Fan family might be on his maternal side. I'm planning to read the english translation of the novel, since as someone mentioned earlier, there is 5 years worth of production time(2017-2022?) and its easy to find it online.
  4. If this was divided into three seasons, does it mean that the wrapped up filming was only for season 1? Or is it that the filming was already done for the whole three seasons, but the last two seasons are on hold to be broadcast at a later date?
  5. yup thats the 2nd time(it is on episode 21). The theater picture was on episode 16. But these were not probably the first pictures he had taken of her since during the 1st confession of LYN, there were even pictures of her from her high school days that were hanging on the confession scene.
  6. @angelangie isn't the first picture we actually saw in his camera that he might have taken was the one picture on the theater?
  7. @rosierosie someone in the imperial palace is trying to destroy Fan Xian's reputation by setting him up with those maids and luring him into the fake Fan residence. The emperor knew of the plot, sent his imperial guards to dispose those maids, and also redirect Fan Xian to the temple where he is currently visiting so that he could observe him. It was also possible that it is also his plan for the two(ML and FL) to meet. This is all explained in episode 3.
  8. You're comparing a 2 hour material with a 30+ hours material worth of time. Of course the pace will be slower compared to the original. And one thing that make this different from the original, is that they got together at the start of the last quarter(Episode 28-29 out 36) of the story, where in the original source, the viewers just assumed that they became couple at the end. Is this worth watching? It's worth a try if you loved the original. There will be a sense of familiarity along the way as you watch this series. And this one became one of my favorite CN dramas that I've watched so far.
  9. I'm confused on what and who's DNA was Hyeung Shik DNA's(the swabbing) compared/tested to? If they got samples from the Joker, shouldn't it show that there is a Paternity match(or a level of ancestry) when both DNA's were tested? Like they should have known who the killer is the moment they got Hyeung Shik's DNA and not on when the second sample was sent and tested.
  10. Wow, if that was an adult "Pilgu", that was too big of a time frame for a time skip. With all the guesses and theories we have about the mystery party of the show, especially about the Joker/killer, at this point we really don't have any idea where to go from that point because of the time skip. Here I'm hoping we have an inception sort of scene, someone watching another drama inside the drama.
  11. @angelangie i like that part too. Because of Xia Miao Miao, when it comes to her passion, she forgot that she was doing the measurements on her crush. And the one that got nervous was Liang You Nian instead of our lovely female lead. Also here are some cuts/clips with english subs for episode 21-22.
  12. I think that the reason why this drama is more interesting than other kiss-swapping-thing genre, is because the male lead retrieves his sense of taste only for 24 hours after kissing.
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