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  1. NO, don't compare characters with Hana yori dango. Hye Young is not the same Rui. When Tsukushi met Rui, Rui liked another one. In LA, Hye Young still, during school time and after 4 years, only likes her. He respects her, he only needs to "give" her but no need to "receive" anything from her. Sun Oh alway wants to her "love alarm", he is childist and selfish. Most of people choose Sun Oh may be he is handsome.
  2. If someone in thread, please leak something cut for us. I missed the DVD cut survey. :)) Thank you all!
  3. Oh my god, @annie1234 count me in group chat. I think we can ship but always respect PMY & KJW
  4. I really miss them. when WWWSK wrap-up, i remembered, PMY updated IG with caption "triple Park". But now we can see they even did nothing in IG. Because they are too tired, and we can not see any picture of both two at wrap-up party. Now where are they? But i am very glad there is no rumor about them. PMY is very careful with rumor. I think this is a chance for them. Hope to see them in future. Really really miss them, how can I find any lovey-dovey moment like them?
  5. He can do 2 hands ^^ on clip, He signed by right-hand. :0
  6. How I expect this wrap-up party to see them not on the screen. Maybe we can see something that not filming or working together.
  7. The kiss at the last Ep 14 is hotter at BTS. Maybe we will enjoy that full kiss or "something" at the next week like the kiss at ep 9 & 10. I saw a long kiss at BTS, so we just hope. hahaha. They alway care each other after filming scenses even kiss scenses. So sweet!
  8. Anyone tell me, did Lee El supported anything for KJW? If not, that's problem. Maybe have something between our OTP. Hahaaha. That's a joke. I just think Lee El and KJW are best friends, she even sent coffee truck for him when filmed "temperature of love".
  9. Everyone forgot our GO-OUT couple. CD-out and NE-Go, i think they will be intersting couple. They are "over-night" together. Hope they will be fine
  10. Agree. I like the way he kissed her, so natural, no violent (like some Kdrama), so soft and tender. So PMY feel comfortable, right?
  11. I've just watch BTS of ep 10. I noticed at 0:30, when she held his hand and said " his hand like a rubber gloves" after she take off, just second she wanted to hold it again but may be she thought she shouldn'd do it. KJW hold her hand again naturally. Why? Maybe when off-cam, they still skinship together.
  12. Yeah, can't handle, no hope BTS for this kiss scense =)) But today is not Wed, so why KJW and PMY are at no #1 and no #2? The kiss is not cool off, right?
  13. Agree. Especially, the 2nd moment, completed silent, no music, just had breath of them, so so bursted. My heart even jumped out. Hahaha
  14. I read PMY's an old interview. She said: “I tried having secret relationships but it was not with Park Seo Joon. [Park Seo Joon and I] never met over seas. If we were a secret couple, why would I put a photo of it on Instagram? I wouldn’t have left any traces.” Quite bit worried. Let's us see This is link: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/park-min-young-park-seo-joon-dating-rumor/
  15. Chingus, 2 years ago, you know I hadn't ever shiped Song Song Couple. I just see some moments of them.So "oops" I think they definitely had something, especially at the adward ceremony, when they holded hands each other. Moments of Song Song feel like Minjae, no joke :)) So that for sure, we are waiting for wraping up. May be now they are just RA and DK. But their skill are so good, so "real" Hoping hoping....
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