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  1. NEW MV ON BILIBILI: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av52807073?from=search&seid=579836555656455845 I'm a litttleeeeee confused on what is happening, but I believe the gist is that it's another creative take on the reincarnation trope, but really intense and with amazing editing. It's also visually stunning. Can a Chinese fan please help summarize what happened in the MV/storyline? Would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! We should have gotten one more kiss. Love it! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Wow guys, I am so behind! I came back and it was like 4 more pages to get through. I love it The love is still alive, and yay for more analyses and Joseph's new drama and Viet/Canto dubbed versions to share with our international fans. The dubbing is still a little jarring to me because I had rewatched HSDS19 version's episodes and FMVs so many times now that their voices are engraved in my mind. The Mandarin voice actors did so fantastically that it now embodies who Wu Ji and Zhao Min are to me. Epic lines in those voices just can't be beat by any other versions haha. -- And so sorry for taking so long on this chapter. Life and work and everything has been chaotic and busy and fun, and I couldn't sit down long enough to properly finish the half chapter I had typed up a few weeks ago lol. Probably was the hardest chapter for me to get through writing-wise. I've also already started Chapter 7, so hopefully can post that a little more quickly than this one. I am on vacation right now, but wanted to post while I'm still at the hotel. Title: Fortunately Chapter 6: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. He doesn’t know how long they must fight until one side or the other gives out, and Wu Ji doesn’t intend for it to be him. Besides, the longer the fight persists, the more people he will have to hurt. Wu Ji hasn’t felt this wash of imminent danger since he left Wu Lin, and he notes that he does not miss it at all. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44733871
  4. Oh! Hahaha, no, I was talking about the Vietnamese dubbed voices. @kimmortal had posted some videos of Vietnamese dubbed scenes with Vietnamese voice actors, and I don't much like Yukee's voice there. She sounds a bit more... "hao jie jie" like you put it. Viet fans have a whole community for that, and the TVB dubbed voices I was talking about are like old school Vietnamese dubs where a group of voice actors specifically only dubbed TVB series up until the last few years. I thought the Chinese dubs for this series (the regular screenplay without any international editing) were FANTASTIC. I truly thought they were Yukee's and Joseph's real voices until her I heard Yukee's real voice, which kind of shocked me haha.
  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS <3 Wow, it is so much easier to watch the show this way, BUTTTTTTT. It feels so strange now because I have literally memorized WJ/ZM Chinese lines from watching their scenes so many darn times!!! haha Also, I kind of wish ZM and XZ switched voices. XZ's voice is similar-ish to ZM's Chinese dubbed voice. The scene in the steel trap was so well-executed in this version. The 2009 version was sooooo dramatic, but I miss those dubbed Vietnamese voices for TVB. So sad they no longer dub.
  6. Ooh! I've seen this one, too! So many great MVs out there about our WJ/ZM. I just love that I can read the translated lyrics to the other one. It adds to the ~ambience~ haha. Please share more for us. I stalked bilibili today for more FMVs haha
  7. I know Chinese viewers have seen this in the forum, but for Vietnamese fans, there are Viet Subs now! I am watching it (slowly of course because I suck at reading Viet Subs), and Joseph is seriously so humble and HE LOVES ZHANG WU JI SO MUCH. The dedication and passion and energy he put in this role is told through this "Ted Talk" is what it seems like. I love being able to hear the actor talk about their role, and Wu Ji was meant for Joseph. He's so young, but you can tell he has an old soul, and his dedication towards acting is admirable. Love this. Must watch! (And yes, he calls her Min Min <3) He is definitely my Forever Wu Ji.
  8. Another MV to share (not sure if shared yet): Title" For her, I am able to forego the world." - Very Wu Ji-esque. <3 That ending on that freeze frame of Wu Ji... chills.
  9. OH WOW!! This MV is soooooooooo spectacular! That is amazing editing right there, and I was already hooked from the three promises in the beginning. Truly captures their love (and Wu Ji's love) for her. Thank you so much for sharing! @2handsintertwined Welcome! I hope you enjoy the drama and feel free to share any thoughts and comments. I love reading everyone's analysis here. @chipz03 I love Joseph's love for HSDS and WJ/ZM! He is an adorable baby that should be protected at alllll costs. My Forever Wu Ji <3 @yukiyukiku Hi! Thanks to @kimmortal for providing the link. I am happy to see you joining the discussion forum and are looking forward to my next chapters. I will hopefully be posting this weekend (usually try to update weekly), and I always post both here and on Archive of Our Own.
  10. Awww I love this. I know, his smiles with ZM and ZZR are so different. With ZM, he smiles genuinely to himself, not needing her to see it, but with ZZR, he has to force himself to smile and pretend to be happy even though it is more burden than love. He actually forgot about her TWICE lol. I wonder how many times our Zhang Jiao Zhu chose to eat with his brothers over ZZR. No wonder she was so pissed when she saw him eating with ZM. He ditched EVERYONE for ZM while he ditched ZZR for everyone else. Yikes.
  11. @LaurenPanna @bluesky888 @Angee86 Thank you so much! I am so happy y'all liked it. Will update either this weekend of early next week I am hoping. WJ and ZM are so fun to write. Some good MV's to share! (Chinese Music) 1. Very dark and moody and noir-ish and the music is dark, but a little sassy, methinks. The lyrics really reflect Wu Ji. 2. ROCH 2014 acoustic themesong sounds AMAZING. 3. I feel like this song really matches WJ/ZM <3 The clips chosen match perfectly with the song lyrics. Great editing! 4. LOL! This one is soooooooooo adorable. The sound effects!
  12. Ahhh! Watching this HURTS haha. I definitely skipped the first half of the series as I could only find Viet Sub at the time and didn't want to expend my poor Viet reading skills into pausing and reading pausing and reading until Zhao Min appeared lol. God, Joseph's acting is SO. GOOD. If I didn't know any better and was a completely new fan and had no idea about ZM (since she appears sooooooo late), I would have maybe started shipping WJ and ZZR just by the way he looks at her alone. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. How could any of these girls resist him? I don't blame them for all going crazy over him haha Thank you for sharing! It's so interesting how much I've missed lmao. (Also, it had to go under spoilers tag because IT HURTSSSSS to look at haha)
  13. Chapter 5 is totally self-indulgent and an expansion of "The Rain Scene" and what I wanted to see unfold onscreen, so basically, lots of fluff and some angst. Moreso for my writing and fangirl pleasure than actual plot advancement, but Chapter 6 is half-written and back on track, so stay tuned, folks Title: Unfortunately Chapter 5: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. -- He doesn’t remember how long they had stood there in each other’s embrace, but Wu Ji will never forget the immense blooming in his chest from the sheer amount of love he had felt for her, a feeling he knew that even a lifetime later will not wan despite any time or distance that may pass between them. He also remembers that when she began sniffling and sneezing that night, Wu Ji had wished he were the sick one instead. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44468623
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