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  1. Hiiiiii! Hope everyone is well! Just leaving this here as I have been a terrible updater. I've recently started rewatching the series again in Viet Dub and have been inspired anew now that work has slowed a bit. Title: Fortunately Chapter 9: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. -- She is silent as their affixed eyes linger, the all-consuming vibration in the air sending chills down Wu Ji’s back. The amount of love he feels for her, the longing of the past few years conveyed through the gaze he holds. Wu Ji wants to fully give in to the urge of pulling her into him, wrapping his entire body around her to protect Zhao Min from any pain or harm that may come. But not like this. Not in front of her father and not before he can fully repent. Wu Ji wants to do this right. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/46008892
  2. LOL! The Cantonese version of all the 235897237502359 times Wu Ji says "Min Min" https://www.bilibili.com/video/av56399228?from=search&seid=9282203838539197743
  3. Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop this here and tell you I miss this series so much T_T Hope you all are doing well! Fan MVs are tiding me over so here's one I found today. Love the song from Bloody Romance! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Fortunately Chapter 8: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. -- Now, there are so many layers in their history, chapters that are difficult to read and digest. The pages are yellowed and worn down from the constant thumbing of memories, flipped back and forth an innumerous amount of times over the long years of separation. There are incomplete chapters that neither of them have read, missing pages and smeared calligraphy muddying a story that has yet to find its ending. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/46008892
  4. Wow Yukee is so athletic! That gif as well as the one where she effortlessly jumps on the horse are so impressive! Thanks for sharing, Lauren.
  5. Totally agree with you on this. Towards the end, I really did wish he left them. In other versions, I always root for Ming Sect, but this one was impossibly. Only Yang Xiao was their saving grace, but he barely got any screentime! Still wish they added MAYBE like 1-2 more episodes. We could have used a more fleshed out ending. Also, found some more amazing Fan MVs on bili. I love that it's been 1-2 months since the series has ended and there's still content on it. YAY! 1. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av54202949?from=search&seid=6899337818801100270 -- MUST WATCH. Absolutely adore this one. Firstly because I love the female version of this song and not sure if this was just a male cover, but his voice is nice and I love anything that symbolizes Wu Ji's perspective. The editing really portrayed Wu Ji's love for Zhao Min, which is again, something I love and crave. The hairpin was such a nice touch at the end. ONE OF MY FAVE FMV! YOUTUBE VER. 2. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av54239335?from=search&seid=6899337818801100270 -- Love this song, good pacing and editing.
  6. Wow, thank you for sharing. That is truly a fantastic MV. The ending of it actually left me really sad. Partly because that's what I wanted to see happen in the series (so well edited in the FMV) and also because I am literally writing about WJ/ZM dealing with the aftermath of Ru Yang Wong's death years later. RYW giving his approval at the end was so meaningful, but Ming Sect had to go screw it up all. Sigh. Thank you again for sharing!
  7. Gosh Lauren, you make me want to be able to read Chinese so badly! @chipz03 I LOVE DARK WU JI! Please write more. It’s out of character, but so thrilling and a fresh perspective of how he would have dealt with the pain of ZM’s death because of everyone else’s betrayal.
  8. Thank you Lauren! I love peaceful grassland! Both Wu Ji and Zhao Min deserve a happy ending, yes, but for me, I still thought Wu Ji and Zhao Min still had way too many things to resolve between them before they can fully find peace. Communication, understanding, and forgiveness are such integral pieces to a healthy relationship, and I don't believe the drama gave WJ/ZM and us as viewers the proper closure they deserved. So because I love them so much, I would like to see that they eventually get to that point, but first, our lovely WJ/ZM must work through all of the sludge first. I must say, writing this story has helped me process a lot of the resentment I had towards the ending as well as my own personal relationships in real life. I truly appreciate everyone who is reading/lurking/commenting my inconsequential story; this forum is really awesome, and this drama has meant a lot to me. (Also, side note, IT'S SO COOL THAT YOU ARE A WU DANG STUDENT!)
  9. @yukiyukiku You're welcome, and I hope you enjoy it :) @chipz03 I completely agree with you. ZSF has always been one of my favorites. In fact, the whole Taoist clan/Wu Dang sect have all been great in Jin Yong stories, minus ROCH. With ZSF's wisdom, I believe it resolved Wu Ji's find and eased him on his journey. Again, great parallels between Wu Ji and Zhao Min's love and his parent's. Love this series so darned much.
  10. OMG this makes my little heart SWOOOOON. Can we pleaseeeeee get an uncut/undeleted/full length dvd of every little WJ/MM scene because I am desperate T________T
  11. Slow night in the forum, so of course I figured it's the perfect time to stay up and write! This chapter was both fun and difficult to write, and I hope you guys enjoy. I am so averse to real emotions in real life, so am still unsure how I feel about this chapter hahaha Title: Fortunately Chapter 7: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. -- Wu Ji tries to tilt her face up; he wants to be able to tell her that everything he has done, he did for her willingly. Given the choice between this life and a life completely devoid of Zhao Min, Wu Ji will choose this path without a second thought a hundred times over. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/45040090
  12. WOW: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av53187330?from=search&seid=11669146265011095660 A compilation of clips from Joseph and Yukee behind the scenes. Um, they are sooooo cute??? WTH? Like, they are quite touchy even when not filming. So much chemistry everywhere. Totally need to collaborate on another drama again because I need to see it in this lifetime. hahaha
  13. NEW MV ON BILIBILI: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av52807073?from=search&seid=579836555656455845 I'm a litttleeeeee confused on what is happening, but I believe the gist is that it's another creative take on the reincarnation trope, but really intense and with amazing editing. It's also visually stunning. Can a Chinese fan please help summarize what happened in the MV/storyline? Would greatly appreciate it!
  14. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! We should have gotten one more kiss. Love it! Thank you for sharing.
  15. Wow guys, I am so behind! I came back and it was like 4 more pages to get through. I love it The love is still alive, and yay for more analyses and Joseph's new drama and Viet/Canto dubbed versions to share with our international fans. The dubbing is still a little jarring to me because I had rewatched HSDS19 version's episodes and FMVs so many times now that their voices are engraved in my mind. The Mandarin voice actors did so fantastically that it now embodies who Wu Ji and Zhao Min are to me. Epic lines in those voices just can't be beat by any other versions haha. -- And so sorry for taking so long on this chapter. Life and work and everything has been chaotic and busy and fun, and I couldn't sit down long enough to properly finish the half chapter I had typed up a few weeks ago lol. Probably was the hardest chapter for me to get through writing-wise. I've also already started Chapter 7, so hopefully can post that a little more quickly than this one. I am on vacation right now, but wanted to post while I'm still at the hotel. Title: Fortunately Chapter 6: 妳便是我 命運安排的人 You are the one fate has arranged for me. He doesn’t know how long they must fight until one side or the other gives out, and Wu Ji doesn’t intend for it to be him. Besides, the longer the fight persists, the more people he will have to hurt. Wu Ji hasn’t felt this wash of imminent danger since he left Wu Lin, and he notes that he does not miss it at all. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44733871
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