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  1. If the series is going to be 16 episodes, it could be completed before airing in September if filming starts in July. If not, then most of the series would be complete before the first episode is aired on TV. It also depends on whether most of the filming will be on location (mountain-forest locations because the story begins in the DMZ). Location shoots take longer because of weather, logistics and infrastructure limitations than a studio shoot.
  2. It was a fan signing for a jewelry company she endorses so she is promoting its merchandise.
  3. SYJ's agency just posted a statement on its web site. It states: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are confident that they will appear in Park Ji-eun's new work, 'Love's crash (gaese)'. Park Ji-eun, who wrote the drama "You from the Stars" and "The Legend of the Blue Sea," enthused the long-awaited drama fans, and added news of TVN, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's appearances in the second half of this year. There is interest. The headline and link references a Naver TV article which is sourced from another media web page which used the word "confirmed." It is odd that the agency is saying the actors are "confident" that they will appear in this drama, but the agency does not say they are committed to or will star in the series, since on the same day when the agency confirmed that Lee Min Jung would star in a new MBC drama. My educated guess is that HB and SYJ verbally said they would do the drama, but the contract details and schedules have not been finalized.
  4. Fans have been on edge for the announcement of SYJ and HB's new project. Numerous reports state that the pair has agreed to star in Love's Crash Landing. However, the source of the confirmation is the production company and not either star's agency. I checked the MSTeam site and there is no announcement. Unless the stars are extremely cautious until contracts are officially signed, one would think they would be happy to confirm the project. Production companies have often jumped the gun on announcements to show potential cast members the popularity of the show idea. Also, stars pull out when contract terms cannot be finalized. I also note that a few international fan sites have cheered for the pairing but panned the premise of the series. We shall see.
  5. The viewer's predetermination for Spring Night is probably unfair, especially to Han Ji Min whose acting will immediately be compared to Son Ye Jin's in Pretty Noona. At the show pre-premiere press conference, HJM was gracious in response to comparison questions about the two shows, stating that she admired SYJ but their characters and shows are different. It will be very difficult for Spring Night not to be viewed (rightly or wrongly) as Pretty Noona Part 2.
  6. I re-watched the SBS interview of Jo Eun Jung with Ji Sub and Ye Jin as they were promoting their film, "Be With You." JS and YJ interactions in the interview were playful and funny, much like YJ and HB's interviews for "Negotiation." After each film promotion, fans shipped the leads. Now we know the JS-YE chemistry was platonic not romantic.
  7. If you look at SYJ filmography, she was doing one project per year until 2016, when she did two large movie projects. She has been working non-stop from then, with last year's two movies and one TV series (Something in the Rain which added several commercial endorsements to her schedule) which was her busiest year of her career. In the past, it appeared that she took her a long time off to re-charge and carefully select her new project. As a spokesmodel, those contracts usually last a year with several photo shoots and personal appearances required by the star. I think she has 3 or more CF deals so she may be privately scheduled to have some CF every month (which could be shot around another project shooting schedule as she did for her movie promotions during the TV series). Based on last year's interviews, I think she is more interested in challenging movie roles than dating or marriage (she referenced no strong desire to have children at this moment). I believe that she is taking and extended time off to travel and visit friends before finding another film project. It also should be noted that Korea is now the 4th largest film theater market, but it is being over run by Hollywood blockbuster movies. This puts more pressure on Korea film creators (and stars reputations) to make a profit with less theater showings. Many Korean stars are looking to expand overseas into China and USA (specifically Netflix which is spending a fortune for original content) where production budgets (and pay) are larger.
  8. KNG has turned down doing Pirates 2. SYJ in the past said she would do a Pirates sequel but only with the original cast. I recall SYJ turned down Boston, 1947 around the time the producers announced the movie project.
  9. Until an agency confirms a star's appearance, everything is speculation and PR. Production companies often use press leaks/stories to send scripts to stars to boost the stature of a project (other casting, advertising, funding, media buzz, etc.). Often agencies state that their client is "considering," "reviewing" or reading the script but those words are noncommittal. In SYJ's case, in the past several months, she turned down two movie offers, including one before the press leak about her considering a script. She is a more bankable movie star with a track record of her movie projects making money at the box office so it was thought that her next project would be a film and not another TV series. The idea that she has good chemistry between her past three leading men shows how professional SYJ is with her own promotion and PR for her projects - - - to the point where many fans go beyond that context to ship couple rumors. I do think that SYJ and HB were offered leads the new drama, possibly that they even met the writer in LA who was scouting locations in America, at the same time of HB's business trip and SYJ's holiday to see her friend (the grocery store pics). Because SYJ has maintained a clear separation between her professional and personal life, I think it more unlikely than not that they will not do an immediate project together after the Negotiation.
  10. A-list actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin have been in talks to co-star in a tvN drama written by Park Ji-eun. "They are in negotiations," a tvN source told local media OSEN, Monday. Their agencies also said the pair had been reviewing the work. Hyun Bin and Son co-starred in the movie "The Negotiation" in 2018. They were rumored to be in a romance in January, after an online user claimed she saw the pair and Son's parents at a golf course and an eatery in Los Angeles. But they denied their romantic relationship. Park wrote the smash-hit SBS drama "My Love from the Star" starring prominent actors Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun in 2013. She also penned the KBS2 TV series "The Producers" in 2015. The upcoming drama is set to premiere in the second half of this year.
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