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  1. Nice happy ending and we all deserve it! Now that our journey together has come to an end. It's time to say goodbye and hope to see you all in other threads.
  2. yeah take care also.

  3. This will be the perfect ending that we all have been waiting and rooting for! 90% of your prediction will materialize! Godspeed to us all...Haha
  4. Each time I see SJ's dad, my blood will boil. I don't feel sorry for Ms. Hong cheated all his shares. As for the garbage son in law, can't wait to see this idiot getting caught!
  5. Aww next episode is critical...SJ might not make it...oh pls....don't let him die!!
  6. SJ's breathing difficulty stage has started. Base on the preview looks like he really has no other option but to take the second injection. Just as all hopes seem completely lose, the second injection could be the miracle that answers all prayers assuming the leaked photo is genuine (i.e. not a dream). Looks like we will get a happy ending after all! All the tears, stress, doom & gloom period will be gone soon! Stay strong SJ and stay alive cos baby SJ and SY need a daddy to play with... Yup, that's right. Watching this series has been very stressful...too many sad moments...I have to admit including myself have shed quite a bit of tear. We have invested so much time in this series and I do hope we will get a bright and happy ending for a change! Either way, I'm ready to face the truth (ending) hehe.
  7. Episode 117: It is fully satisfying when finally we get to see Ms. Hong's minions went banana (berserk) in their office where everyone fighting each other and trying to grab the smart aleck's laptop...very memorable scene lol
  8. Base on the spoiler, it will be a happy ending....That's the ending I'm looking forward to!
  9. We have invested too much time in this series and reached a great distance so the writer better gives us a happy ending. I'd be content with this ending: Miraculously, somehow SJ manages to survive his "fatal" treatment and gets to live a happy life with SY.
  10. Haha that is my favorite scene. Finally, the mindless minions have become mindful! Love seeing Ms. Hong shaking like a lunatic and begging everyone to save her son....then the minions all walked out on her...awesome!! The prospect of having a new patient checking into a mental institute is imminent.
  11. Despite everyone's disagreement, SH is adamant that he is not going to back out his plan for being the sacrificial lamb to stop his lunatic mom. I do hope his allies or someone will able to come up with a way to point the authority to the right direction. It's too easy for the mom to get away. Personally, I wanna see her rot in prison and I'm sure everyone would agree. That would be sweet justice and give us the satisfaction we all have been waiting for. But then again, I guess the possibility for her to rot in a mental institute is higher. Whichever place she will end up, I hope SH can be acquited. 12 more episodes to go!
  12. Gosh...SH turns himself into the "sacrificial lamb" in order to stop his lunatic mom. As per Ms. Hong & her minions, they have destroyed all the evidence and all the documents confiscated during the search & seizure bear Jin Bok's approval/signature. This is getting interesting.
  13. I agree and do believe that SJ will die. However, I don't think SY will go back to SH...not when after what SH's mom has done. Being with SH, will remind all the bad deeds committed by Ms. Hong to SY. It will be too painful. My guess in the end, SY will be alone. SH will always be SY's best friend. It will be a sad ending. Not what we wanted.
  14. Finally, we get to see SH turning to the dark side. He is trapped under his mom's evil shadow claws. However, part of him is still searching for the truth. Waiting for the day that SH must confront his mom for a final showdown! Haha, I love seeing Ms. Hong's face (as if she has seen a ghost!) when the unknown/mystery caller (SH's biological dad) rang her up. She just got a wake-up call! Things should get more interesting from this point onwards.
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