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  1. Translation of JS oppa comments on Somin insta live. Can't wait for his new drama!! Excited to see him in his next role!!
  2. She went "ttalgi ttalgi" at the market scene.. she was calling out to wookie in the drama and at the same time calling for strawberries. what a cheeky one. Maybe there was a hidden message? Else why the ttalgi out of nowhere? I wonder..
  3. To be fair i'd be worried about anyone who wear heels and has to try falling on a slope. Thats dangerous af and she could really hurt her ankles. What was cute was him patting her.
  4. New post from JS oppa. Finally~ But i wonder what his captions mean.. did something happen to his dad?
  5. Since now wookie is busy with produce101, it might be keeping dispatch busy actually cuz dispatch might busy trying to find dirt on the produce101 guys and other stars instead. I think he already liked YIN since goblin days but probably they brushed it off as just crush.. but the bts of him crying and YIN crying really got me maybe hes visualising his breakup with her.. no idea... because I cry when i visualise breaking up or losing my bf too On a side note they really look happy in all the kiss scenes. YIN is so comfortable until she dares to wrap her hand around his neck. Thats so adorable.. Maybe they are purposely drawing the attention so that dispatch or someone will catch them then their agency can say yes they are dating
  6. Honestly i think its very likely they are in a relationship now. Both are good with children and I would like to see wookie with a child on ROTS. I've watch QIHM and seen in na get together with her ex (wow it has been so long already), and ofc i squealed then, but something about Dong wook and inna just screams compatibility. I'm sure you know some running man fans actually ship Dong wook and Jihyo together but the aura is definitely different! Its like he teases Inna so much because he wants to see her smile and laugh and it probably melts his heart
  7. Did you try Top Star Yoo Baek then? its a rom com with Jeon So Min as the main female lead while Kim Ji Suk is the main male lead. I absolutely adore that fluffy show and their amazing chemistry. Ji suk happens to be very good friends with Seok Jin from something about 1%. I get it.. im watching less drama as I have lesser time. Yep something like 1% was definitely good but I think TYH casts have more chemistry imo. Been shipping them since Goblin days and died internally when i heard they were reuniting in this drama. Not disappointed. At. All.
  8. Please try Top star Yoo Baek! If you haven't watch it, give it a try. There is triangle... but its really sweet and the chemistry of the couple is similar to Yoo in na and lee dong wook (i can assure you this). You won't regret it!
  9. Hes so cute :(( i think its because of his new role he might be losing weight again
  10. Hahaaha but he still rapped!! Hes so cute. I ship them too.. i usually don't ship actors and actresses together after a drama pairing. Heck i didnt even ship song joong ki and song hye kyo together hahaha. But I really ship js with sm. I think it was their chemistry that made me ship them so hard. I didn't even feel that way in his drama with han ye seul.
  11. Right? Haha! But then hes really really good at housework too and cooking! Seems like JS love to make his gf jealous. Is it me or for some reason on most variety he somehow talks about his love life too? Somin somehow talks about her love life in almost every variety she goes on too. What a common trait between both of them Aaaaaa Be still heart!! His smile and his cheekbone.. how dare he!!!
  12. He mentioned about the naming thing on happy together back then, so I'm not surprised anymore. This means JS have been dating a few girls these past 10 years right? JS on Mom's Diary - My ugly Duckling apart from those already shared: He mentioned that he moves every 2-4 years because he rents. Sometimes it's tiring because he has to bring his shoe racks and even window blinds along even if they don't fit anymore (He orders the blinds custom fit to the window). He gets attached to the window blinds so he brings it along and try to see if it fits in the new place or cut it if its too long. He ends up with too many window blinds "Those who like shoes love shoes so much" - commenting on Sangmin's amt of shoes at home. (I guess JS love shoes too) shared that his parents ask him how he's doing from time to time and they worried about him during the time Top Star Yoo Baek was airing because Sky Castle has a rating of 20% and tries not to mention about sky castle in front of him.
  13. Thank you so much joonminfan! Ji Suk with a makeup artist. Guess the finger he broken in the shower hasn't recovered.. Also sharing this because it's hilarious every time I watch it. Brings back memories of Another Oh Hae Young~
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