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  1. BGM's are listed too? I think I see the list for the OST but no idea about the BGM titles. And why do they use another show's BGM? I will understand if the drama is from the same channel but Father I'll Take Care of You is from MBC.
  2. Hi guys, on my first post here I asked if anyone knew the BGM at episode 4 on this scene: I first found the song from Just Between Lover's OST
  3. Hi! May I know if anyone can tell which drama the BGM from this scene on episode 4 came from? The scene where Deok Mi is looking at the framed picture of Si An she took as Si Na Gil. https://imgur.com/uBZzsMP I know I've heard the exact same BGM somewhere but I only found the BGM from Just Between Lovers titled Bus Stop (버스 정류장) sadly they are not the same BGM.
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