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  1. I am curious too ... can somebody answer? I also have a question, after their marriage in demon realm, after they reconciled, before the war there was a scene where Jinmi fell asleep. Did they consummate their marriage?
  2. yeah after YR dies, the script went down the drain. Plus the actor who potrayed Qin Shi Huang did a bad job
  3. LOL. I like the series mainly becuase LBW, YR, XC, BZ and some other of the supporting casts carried the drama well. However, I do agree Haolan was weakly written. Supposedly smart but not so smart at times. Annoying .... yes at times but not as much as Princess Ya. She's like a fly, you keep swatting her and she's still around. She's even more annoying than HL and she has so much screen time. I like the entire story arc and concept, just that plot lines and characters are not that well written and inconsistent.
  4. Yeah i think so too they ended up together. He would have pursued her or last resort kidnap her again. Anyway, if he did not have a downfall, don't think XC will be with him at all for all that arrogance and domineering personality. After his redemption, there is at least worth in him for her to be with him. On a side note, do think that she is a bit contradicting at the earlier stages. For all her hatred of BZ, but somehow she no longer has intent to kill him and have been following him around, taking care of his sis and staying at his house (weird how she can tolerate living there) and allowing him to boss her around. If her mission is to save more patients, there are many other ways to go about. She doesn't need to live with him. And when HL asked her about him she said there's nothing to mention, but she's ok for all the gossips to go about. Do you guys think she has feelings for him before? When he confronted her she did not directly say no but just brush it off. Of cos her love for HL is greater than anyone, but did she?
  5. Maybe. The whole drama highlight was HL-BW or HL-YR. However, I don't know why they bother to build up XC-BZ relationship when there is no ending for them. They started out really hating each other but over time they grow close together. BZ made it clear he has a thing for XC. As for XC, had he not been on the wrong path or not so arrogant she may have been with him too. I think she does not realise she also has affections for him as she's a strong woman with no intention of marrying and her lifelong pursuit is to heal many people. If there is nothing, their relationship should have ended when he rebelled, but the show continued to tease with him confessing his longing for her, turning over a new leaf and aiding HL, plus their last scene together they also have longing looks with some backgroud music. And after that no ending. XC is a strong supporting characters, there should be a storyline closure for her. They even bothered with story closure for the dowagers, but not her. What's your thoughts?
  6. I find xiaochun and bai zhong relationship quite intriguing. The spent episodes building them up and even till the last episode they have to have a moment together. I wonder what happened to them.
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