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  1. I still think SW ex boyfriend is gay , in 2010 SBS aired a family drama that had a gay couple ..they had some controversy but the drama had good rating they even increased the number of the ep cause of it ... it was a great drama I really enjoyed it if SBS were okay doing that 10 years ago Im sure they may try it again since Koreans views might've changed a bit during this period
  2. why does it seems that most members here are okay with YS being in a relationship with her father figure?? he raised her since she was a little kid its wrong no matter how u look at it
  3. they are pushing away their real daughter /grand daughter that they raised for years in favor of a kid they only knew off a month ago just cause he is a boy .. I will have no sympathy for them when they find out the kid isn't theirs
  4. yeah , she was a member of " T-ARA "a kpop group this is currently my fav drama , its just have fun watching every episode
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