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  1. Whoah! I stopped at Page 173 / 174 and waited until I've finished watching Ep 14 (subbed) this afternoon before coming here again. I have 20+ pages to catch up now! You guys are fast!
  2. I think so too for the two staff! -- curious how they are going to seal the deal As for Si-an and Sindy, I'm in twos actually. A part of me thought it'd be kinda cute (esp since they have a movie together which is coming out soon) but then, how is it going to happen within these 4 episodes ?
  3. @gemini1990_stv *cough cough* Wondering if anyone from HPL -- be it the PD / writer / crew -- had been reading the same article while doing research for the drama
  4. I didn't know he's a rapper either, didn't even know he existed before (also an ahjumma here) I was actually first drawn to this drama because it's about fangirling, mentioned about it to my dear daughter (a fan of KPop) and showed her the trailer and clips from the drama. She was so excited to see ONE was to be in it and proceeded to tell me about him. Apparently one of her best friends is a big fan of ONE.
  5. About Cindy and Shi An -- did you know that ONE (Shi An) and Kim Bo Ra (Cindy) have a movie together which is coming out this year called "Goodbye Summer" ? I think it was shot before HPL and they had this red carpet thingy about 2 weeks ago. P/S : The waiter's name is Joo Hyuk. Can't remember the two co-workers names though
  6. Age-restricted here as well, but my age is wayyyy above that, so all is good
  7. I think CIndy is grateful to RG for 'bailing' her out (from her mum) at the apartment's parking lot. I also enjoy Director Eom's character - she's fun to watch (except when she slapped Deok Mi -- I was shocked!) Poor Secretary Kim -- he's caught in the middle between those two mother and daughter
  8. @NaYouSabi? your post is a riot! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for such a bright start to my day. Need to get myself ready for work now - but will try to take a peek into this forum later.
  9. 100 pages! Whoah, you guys are killing me! You're all on supersonic jet while I'm chugging behind with my choo choo train I'm like 10 pages behind now - was it really 90 pages this morning ... and now ? I need to catch up after watching episode 10 some time tomorrow (our local time). Need to get my beauty sleep now.
  10. @Sky8lue Oh I totally forgot to swipe to the next pic -- didn't realise it's part of the filming But hey, we can analyse all we want, right ? That's part of the fun - to see if our theory is correct! Btw, this thread is moving fast but I'm enjoying myself reading all those insightful comments and views!
  11. @Sky8lue I was thinking -- that's probably his own car ?
  12. You've made it 52! Hi everyone! I'm new here and this is the first time in forever that I'm following a Kdrama. I usually wait for the dramas to finish airing first before starting to watch them (and it's usually based on recommendations and reviews) but this one has become an exception.
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