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  1. i am so sad pd nim..why u only teasing us with the kiss..i just cant brain big issues already end..why cant u make them a married couple n going to their honeymoon..but on the way they meet many dirtbags..soo hyun want to works but sok joo just want to enjoy thier honeymoon!!! why cant u do that???!!!! anyway congrats everyone..big issues really entertaint us..rest well..and may many good projects for you guys in the future!!! fighting!!!
  2. its just not about the rating chinggu the page also slower than the sloth
  3. i cant wait to watch tonite episode!!! plz save co-ceo ji soo hyun!! oh chae rin damn u!!! i knew the newspaper old man is the mastermind!!! whenener SH-SJ together it alwiz give me butterflies..i love their chemistry!!!!
  4. sound so promising!!!! cant wait to watch straight 2 episodes!!! everyone, fighting!!!!
  5. i keep fast forward all the scene especially sunja daughters except MR-TJ..i love their scene so much..and TJ character is so melting
  6. thats the reality in entertainment industry
  7. big issues page became lower than the sloth come on guys lets party at this page
  8. i cant wait to watch tonite episode..love to watch their sarcastic flirting..rewatch the kiss scene my stomach still full with butterflies
  9. ep 12..speechless..finale just around the corner
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