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  1. Yup i have been following all your english works on AO3. Unfortunately i dont understand chinese at all, so i cant go to lofter even if i wanted to. Mostly on ao3 the fanfic for HSDS are also in chinese. Im seriously thinking of studying chinese so that i can read all the fanfics. Or im hoping more english hsds fanfics come to ao3. Big thanks to all of you who have created such an interesting story for us fans to read and imagine of WJ/MM pairing. Especially for the english writers, hopefully you all continue making it and i will surely be your loyal reader.
  2. M back ro rewatch my fav eps of WJ & MM and those eps are 38, 43, 44, 45, 49, and 50. Ming sects betrayal still hit hard on me. If i was WJ, i definitely would have gone with MM right away. But WJ is too nice and too righteous to leave. In my opinion, MM can accept WJ back because deep down she didnt blame WJ for her father's death but she definitely angry at WJ for keep on defending his ming sects and his reason to protect people more than her. I think She was only afraid that WJ will surely become blinded and pushed around by the cunning people around him to accept the throne and forgets about her. So when years later WJ came to find her in Mongol, she was just so surprised but relieved that WJ does have the same feeling as her and keep his words. That's the main reason as to why she can accept WJ back so fast, besides time also heal all wounds of course. Anyway, are there any updates on WJ - MM fanfic? I really misses our OTP so bad.
  3. I enjoyed ur gifs so much.. I just realized that WJ had a really fierce face and determination in protecting MM. He cant bare to see anyone hurt her yet he threatens to kill her a few times but whenever he tried, he jst cant do it. Can anybody make a gif on WJ facial expression whn trying to kill MM? Maybe we can disect more of his feelings by looking at it. Hehe. Thanks in advance.
  4. I love this. Please continue writing. I want to read more of this story. It got me hooked already.
  5. I agree the Ming sect hit jackpot with WJ.. the once ruined reputation of Ming sect, can be restored bcoz of WJ's fame.. They want to bring glory to Ming sect through WJ.. to the extend of making WJ the bew emperor.. hence MM are only obstacles on achieving their goal.. WJ's happiness and aspirations are not important to them.. they tried to incorporate and accepted MM in ZJZ's life though by making her as a pawn in their game not bcoz they truly care about WJ.. And i think in the end WJ understands and acknowledge that their Ming sect brothers are only using him and wht MM said was true all along, so he finally leave them and go to MM..
  6. Yeah.. WJ totally checking her out.. his eyes cant left her even when he's already turn his body to leave.. his eyes glued on her.. its like he would love to just stare at her and drop his head there, rather than go with his body.. haha
  7. To me it will be : 1. Zhao Min 2. Yang Bu Hui 3. Xiao Zhao 4. Zhou Zi Ruo 5. Yin Li and i finally found a word to describe ZM beauty.. and it's "Refreshing" beauty! Her beauty is the kind of beauty that is not dull, charming, and seeing her i always feel fresh.. refreshing.. clean/clear kind of beauty.. like if you are having a bad day looking at her face will not bore you.. you will feel refreshed..
  8. Thank you for translating this.. it's the content we've been waiting for.. MM please stop resisting and start embracing..
  9. Ah ok thanks guys.. i guess i missed this scene.. i might have skipped it in order to go to other WJ - MM scenes.. the scenes after breakup scene in the river are too painful to watch so i mostly skip it until MM get rescued by FY haha..
  10. Recently i rewatched HSDS again from the moment MM appear (dont know how many times i rewatched it, lost count ) Im jst wondering in ep 38 when MM suddenly came to Kaypang meeting after came back from snake island. ZYZ was also in the room and captured. But WJ came helping MM only but not ZYZ. Why is that? I jst found it weird and a bit funny that WJ forgot abt ZYZ and rescue MM only.
  11. I love this too.. they looked like a power couple of wulin.. so compatible.. and well match.. in the last gif WJ bring MM in with so much pride and happiness on his face.. so handsome
  12. I like this.. if only there is english sub too so i can understand.. Anyway, what are everyone top 5 fave scenes of WJ and MM? Mine are : 1. When MM interupted WJ's wedding (she's so beautiful and fearless. I love the way WJ stand up for her in front of everybody although she just ruined his wedding) 2. The Kiss scene (i just love how WJ seemed to pour out his love for MM through that kiss) 3. The cave scene when WJ keep MM company after snake island and then met his wudang uncles 4. In the snake island where MM use suicidal move to save WJ (so badass and fearless!) 5. When MM helped WJ put on his clothes in front of his wudang uncles and YX after she helped him put some ointment to WJ's back (a real strong statement of who WJ loves) I would love to know you guys fave scenes of WJ and MM
  13. My take is WJ closed his eyes bcoz he overwhelmed by his feelings for MM. With MM in his arms and so close to his heart, he's worried that he can't resist and contained his love and affection anymore. MM's fragrance probably intoxicate him and he has to control the urge to kiss her right there. If im not mistaken, in the novel, it described that WJ had an impure thoughts about MM when she is still unconcious and injured from ZZR's claw. CMIIW.
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