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  1. Just watched today’s episode at youtube! I was shocked to see how fast IS knew MR is her daughter. I really thought the writer would drag their plot for the next couple of episodes. But anyway i’m happy to see my puppy TJ held MR’s hand!! Cant wait for tomorrow when the subbed is up! And to all Muslims around the world, happy Ramadhan & happy fasting.
  2. this is my first KBS family drama where i hate the supporting couples. i used to love supporting couples more than the main lead. for example in Wolgyesu tailor, i love Cha In Pyo x Ra Mi Ran, in Five others, Sung hoon x Hye Sun, in my father is strange, lee yoo ri x ryu soo young, in what happens to my family, Kim Sang Kyung x Kim Hyun Joo. However in this drama, i love the main lead. I love MR x TJ. TJ is so cute and clueless. in this drama, i skipped mostly MH parts. I hate her whining and her childish attitude. i cant stand her. For his elder sister MS, i dont know but i feel bad to see how she used her mother. I know the mother is willing to do anything, but still you cannot rely on your mother taking care of your child. she is old enough and she has shop to take care of. I couldnt wait to see next episodes. i know its gonna be a roller coaster of emotions but i will stay for our main couple- MR x TJ.
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