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  1. rating ep5 is not good (5,7%) because many Koreans down to their street to support U20. I can understand why the rating is decrease but when I read Knet comment, many of them say the plot is too slow, the characters and the time aren't matched,.... some say it is interesting. Actually, I am a fan of Korean films for a long time but it is the first time i see the controversy in the comment although it is ep5 now.
  2. I search her name on Google and even the TV episode you said but there are no information about this. I want to watch her previous drama to know if her script is good or not. I also consider about the script, too. Have you watched her drama before? Is it good?
  3. New Good data survey: Most Buzzworthy actors/actresses: 1. #JungHaeIn 2. #HanJiMin 3. #SongJoongKi Most Buzzworthy dramas: 1. #ArthdalChronicles 2. #OneSpringNight 3. #SearchWWW Arthdal fighting
  4. After watching ep4, anyone think that Tagon will fall in love with Tanya in the future? I don't know why I have this thought during watching ep 4
  5. guys, episode today is so goodddddd, full emotion. hope the rating will increase. for me, the drama with big investigation, A actors and good director like Arthadal, the rating isn't satisfied me.
  6. there are too many characters so I can't remember them just after watching 2 episodes. It is difficult for me to enjoy the third episode and ep3's circuit is so slow. hope ep 4 will appear something special. However, I want to see Taealha more, eveytime she appears my eyes can't take away from her. I wonder that 4 characters are all the main or just SJK and KJW
  7. And these trash comments that @gigivillaceran mentioned are about her coming up drama? What did they say? Why they always hurt our Kyo?
  8. what's up guys? Do I miss something? what are the hostile rumors about? rumor about her divorce? The rumor has appeared for recent months but why until now UAA starts to punish these anti fans?
  9. this is the rumor that I read on YAI fanclub: " According to analysis of financial statements, to maintain payroll in UAA, YAI needs to comeback soon with Kyo after Hyung Sik joins the military to " nourish company". UAA is just the small company so there must have one or two actors work to guarantee the company have enough money to pay for their staffs. For this reason, YAI comeback with the movie and Kyo has been really active in recent months. Besides, you're right, mrs park is one of the executive of UAA
  10. the previous rumor about the finance of UAA is true. YAI is coming back with the movie and ontop 1 naver with this new :). I think the percentage of possibility that Kyo accepts this drama is so high. Let's wait for the good new. Omg, whenever I think about her new drama, I go crazy. Ahihiiiiiii
  11. I'm so suprised with Knet's reaction. For me, I'm impressed with the CGI and the acting skill of all characters except the actor who leads young Tagon. He can't express the power or anything that must have about Tagon. however, he just appears in few minutes so it doesn't affect the quality. Besides, when I see Kim Ok Bin, I say "Wtf, so beautiful" immediately :)). Knet apprently don't like this episode but don't nervous, it is just 1st episode, let's wait the next one and I think they will change their mind.
  12. actually, this is the second time I have an interest in her script after The winter wind blows, this script is soooo amazing, I really hope she will accept this project. And Joo Ji Hyun, his acting skill has nothing to doubt.
  13. oh, I read it too, so suprise. but I remember that she talked in the interview that she will not accept any project this year. wait for Uaa
  14. guys, have you read this news yet? I think we have something at the end of this year. http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/article.php?aid=55121558624. let's wait for comfirming from our beauty
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