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  1. I became her 'instant fan' when I saw her in Bad Love. But when I saw her in QSD I fell in love with her beauty and performance there, that's when I became her big fan. My top 5: 1. Queen Seondeok 2. 49 Days 3. Avengers Social Club 4. Ms. Temper 5. Surgeon Bong Dal-hee
  2. Yep I'm also looking for something unexpected, something different. Actually I will not be surprised if in the end Fukuda or Miki or both of them are the real enemies of YJ and WB. @Theo tragic and sad endings are the most memorable ones. Queen Seondeok and 49 Days endings are the best examples. I also like realistic happy endings.
  3. Don't worry Theo, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Being a male fan of LYW is not a crime I admire those men who are not afraid to show and admit that they are kdrama addicts and a fan of K actresses, or even K actors. For me, they are the real men.
  4. @vaiduakhu welcome back! I hope Different Dreams has a plot twist at the final episode. I'm always looking for an unexpected twist but it has to be realistic and sensible. I don't mind a tragic ending as long as they wrap everything up well and make sense.
  5. That scene is well-executed. I don't know but I love that scene (YJ pointing a gun at Fukuda) I really felt the tension between them. She had no choice but to point the gun at him but after that incident, you're right she did feel bad and Fukuda was more heartbroken than angry. And I don't remember anything that Fukuda did something that might hurt her even he's on the enemy's side. And in the end he chose to be on YJ's side.
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