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  1. Hello everyone! @nancy131 i am so happy to see the movie posters! Can’t wait for the trailer!
  2. @nancy131 yes me too! I hope Haha will influence her to guest in running man.
  3. @drakelaw thanks for taking back KNG on the list! Haha! But more than my love for KNG (), i really think they are a good match in terms of acting (drama and action).. so no doubt it will be a hit project. Agree, she has her own path. I think she has friends in the industry but not to the point of hanging out with them regularly. From what i noticed, in her free time, she tends to spend it learning new things — like playing the piano, candle making, travel.. so i guess it is quite hard to do that with other celebrity friends due to sched conflicts. Do you guys know when will be the release of chocolate? Is it on november?
  4. Waah! Poor KNG. Haha! But i agree, he seemed so pissed then.. but @strwbrry is right, we cant judge right away. So there is still hope for their collab. I haven’t seen her hanging out with celeb friends.. maybe because she’s very much focused to her staff and family.
  5. Yaaas! Kim Nam Gil is good in drama and action. He was nominated in baeksang awards for his role in “feiry priest.” But if ever he will work with queen hjw, pls dont kill his character. Lol.
  6. @strwbrry wow! I love dear my friends!!!! It was well written and the director is also good. Who will be her leading man for each genre? Melodrama, lee sang yoon? Suspense and thriller, or saguek, kim nam gil? i really hope she will again be awarded as best actress for her next project.
  7. I don’t have a least favorite character of HJW. I admire her for bravely taking some roles that are not her forte. It only shows she is versatile and one who wants to explore her options. Some roles were not be appreciated by many, but then she was willing to take risk and learned from the new experience. My favorite? All — seung nyang, kim hang ah, oh hana, gil ra im (including the movies as one, chronicles of blood merchant, closer to heaven). These characters have shown that despite all the hardships, they never gave up. They did everything they could for their love one and family. And even though they are a woman (which in korean culture seems to be weaker than man), they showed courage and strength. That’s why i love hjw. She makes sure that her roles can inspire woman to be strong and empowered. I am excited to see “chocolate.” I wonder what would be the twist in her character.
  8. Hello! How’s everyone? Good news! AJ will be one of the MC’s for a new entertainment show in Jtbc. Can’t wait!
  9. @strwbrry haha! But the guy whom she asked if it’s okay to show his face in her YT channel is her fan. I love how simple and humble hjw is!
  10. And check her bag. I remember in her recent Q&A vid, there was a question “why would your bag is always keep opened when she goes to the airport?” Look at it now. Lol.
  11. @strwbrry I’m done watching Secret Garden and TTWWNIL. SG, i watched it before EK, then TTWWNIL, watched it in between EK. You are right, i need some light drama after EK. Maybe i should watch again SG or Oh ha na. Haha! Okay i will definitely check her bangs and eyebrows in WHIB! I hope she will work again with jo in sung (my love! Haha)
  12. @drakelaw noted, thanks! Because of HJW, i think my POV on historical drama has changed. She is so good in EK! But howcome she didn’t win at baeksang? Anyways, i think it will be hard for me to move on. Haha! Okay, i’ll go for K2H.
  13. @drakelaw love her agency too! And i agree, most probably it’s her idea. The black suit is also beautiful but i agree with the stylist, it should be worn some other time. Fuchsia gown is more appropriate for the spring vibe. And indeed, she was outstanding that night! (Almost all wore black/white dresses). Just to share, i am down to last two episodes for Empress Ki! Omg, I made it! so what do you suggest i’ll watch next? King 2 hearts? Hwang jini? Damo? Something happened in bali? I appreciate your reco. Maraming salamat! (Thank you!)
  14. @andra3 Indeed, she is an amazing boss! She cares for her staff and treat them like family. Her laugh is so contagious.
  15. @andra3 ah that guy is the one in “Encounter” with song hye kyo. Anyways, i am so happy with all the promos for her new drama. We get to see her more often. That would be a must-watch if HJW will get to work with woo sung! Btw, i am now at episode 33 (empress ki). The story is so thrilling and exciting already! She is sooooo good here in Empress Ki — from action to drama!
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