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  1. Good observation! I noticed that she was singled out twice in the intro theme song which makes me think she's definitely important. They even play a chime when she's on screen the second time, as if she's "special" or "angelic". Song Won is different from the other mistresses in some way but we don't know why.
  2. It's food safe glitter! You don't taste it at all and it's just SO pretty. I use the Edible Flash Dust Glitter by NFD (I have gold, blue, purple, and pink!) and you just have to dip the cookie ball in before baking. It's been a hit amongst all my friends!
  3. I dropped this drama on episode 26 and now I'm glad I didn't waste my time. Catching up on here, wow what a mess. I feel bad for Seo Ha Jun. After his scandal, he hasn't been able to find any decent dramas to star in. He's got so much potential and it's being wasted on these shows.
  4. Thanks for the potluck invite! I love our community so much I'm bringing some sweet treats to the potluck, these are my new favourite things to bake lately, glitter crinkle cookies! I've been baking up a storm during this difficult period of time and there's nothing better than a sparkly and sweet chocolate cookies. They certainly brighten up my day and I hope you'll like them too! Recipe is from Sugar Geek Show (google Sparkly Glitter Crinkle Cookies) in case you guys also want to make it someday, it's very simple and definitely fun to drop off to friend
  5. Yup, that's my assumption. You can use formal with anyone, doesn't only have to be someone above in age or rank. I still speak slightly formal with my fiancé (despite us being same in age), it's just a courtship thing with some couples. Either Lee Sunbae is an actual Lee Sunbae or it's a way for him to be contacting his lover pre-reveal.
  6. We know that Ah Mi was very involved in being with a married man knowingly, Ga Bin also seems to be aware since she was texting the 50s husband about if he told his wife yet or not but I wonder if Song Won knew that Sa Hyun was married or not. AM and GB are dirty mistresses who are consciously ruining someones family and home but does Song Won know? In the intro song, AM and GB are standing with the producer but SW is seen standing separately, dressed in white and a sound effect with chimes is played (to show as if she's special or shining) so I wonder why she's been s
  7. @confusedheart326 @joccu I found what the 40s husband said to his daughter after he came back really interesting: "Think at least three times whether you really need them or not. If you start buying things just for the sake of it, not only will you be wasting your money but it was also overwhelm you" I felt like this is his way of justifying cheating. He doesn't openly cheat and sleep around, he thinks about it a few times and if he truly still feels like he wants to continue, he goes for it. That's what he did with Ah Mi and that's what he's doing now with his step-mom
  8. On a lighter note Did you guys notice that the personal trainer that the 30s husband uses is actually Sung Hoon's real life trainer? It was a pleasant surprise to see him make a cameo!
  9. People have speculated that perhaps she is but there's no confirmation of it. It would only be possible if he got Yoon Hee pregnant, left without knowing and then got Seo Jin pregnant in the same year but we don't know anything about that yet. Kim So Yeon is a QUEEN! She really makes you believe that Seo Jin is a real and horrible person. Kim So Yeon was the female lead of the very first drama I ever watched (Beating Again) and she's come so far! I'm always in awe of her presence.
  10. I'm sorry that whatever you've gone through has hardened you and I'm not sure what your situation is but violence of any kind isn't normal nor okay so if you ever need help, please don't hesitate to reach out or talk to someone you trust.
  11. Yoon Hee and Yoon Chul dated when they were young and were in love but Seo Jin was jealous of them so once Yoon Hee was accused of attacking Seo Jin and lost her voice, Yoon Chul jumped ship and broke up with Yoon Hee for the sake of Seo Jin and a more successful future cause she offered him all the connections to become a part of the Cheong Ah hospital.
  12. Parental abuse is a thing too. That's a whole other thing though and is very common so some people think it's okay and some don't. I don't for sure, discipline and physical abuse are two very different things. Hitting your child with golf clubs is abuse. Also, just cause she's smaller than him means she can't abuse him? Are we watching the same show? By that logic women can't rape men cause they're smaller? About 14.9% of all men experience domestic abuse by their partners, mostly women who are smaller than them in size and strength.
  13. Yeah, if he hit, raped her or physically abused her in some other way and then she hit him, go girl. You're just picking at my words now, you know what I'm referring to.
  14. It's called being mature and handling things with a clear mind. No matter what situation you're in, it doesn't excuse your actions. If I'm homeless and hungry, it doesn't justify me stealing from a kid walking on the street. If I'm a poor person in a third world country, it doesn't justify becoming a spam caller and stealing money from grandmas. Actions have consequences. The consequence of cheating is having your relationship fall apart/end. Not being beat up. Humans aren't perfect but violence is not the answer for ANYTHING in my book. Same, I cried, screamed, then pick
  15. We've seen in previous episodes that she berates his physical appearance, she smack-talks him in front of all her friends AND him, she infantilizes him by tattling to his parents whenever he does anything, refuses to give into any of her stances in how their collective lives are gonna run (all signs of emotional/mental abuse), and then after finding out about the cheating she slaps him publicly, hits him with a foreign object till he bleeds, almost throws water on him while sleeping (this itself is considered abuse and is an action used in many violent situations), she continues to slaps him w
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